Census 2011

As a supplement to Fr Ray's post on the 2011 Lockheed Martin Census. Click on the image to enlarge.

H/T UK Indymedia


Barbara said…
Complete the form but raise objections with the Government, MPs, Civil Service. This is disgusting! The Arms trade will be the death of us. I like your additions but we do need the Census info for our future (if we have one the way things are going)
1569 Rising said…
Thank you, Bones, for alerting me to the assorted lefty loonies who are behind UK Indymedia. You have encouraged me to gladly fill in the census form, which I will now do with great relish.

Incidentally, have you REALLY examined the gang behind Indymedia, because I am sure you would not wish to be associated with most of what they are getting up to.

Fill in the Census, and do your civic duty.

Terry Middleton
Even 'lefty loonies' have good things to say, 1569, about social justice. Sorry to hear you don't really mind about the nature of the company in charge of the census.
AndrewWS said…
Though laudable, the effect is marred by the misspelling of "supplementary".

Indymedia are indeed a dubious bunch, but then so are Lockheed Martin.
media alert said…
flash mob at ash wed mass:

Thank you.

I have no objections to a simple form - like the ones they used to have. But, most of the questions they have on this census form are unnecessary.

Whilst researching my family history it was quite a joy to see the names of great-great grandparents on a form. The only information they had to provide was Name, Age, Address, Occupation, Place of Birth and whether or not they were ill or disabled. Why do we now have to fill in personal details about the building we live in and whether or not we were looking for work in the past 4 weeks!? I'm sure our great-grandchildren won't want to know about that!

Looks like Big Society has become Big State once more... with a little help from arms dealers!

"How can there ever be a future of peace when investments are still made in production of arms and in research developing new ones?" Pope Benedict XVI, World Day of Peace 2006.
sanabituranima said…
Due to the dates of university easter vacations, all the people in my halls of residence were asked to complete the census early. I have already handed it in. Otherwise, I would consider refusing (although I don't know how I would cope with a £1000 fine.)
Caroline said…
Things to consider:

1. Lockheed Martin won the bid fairly. http://www.ons.gov.uk/census/2011-census/collecting-info/suppliers/press-release.pdf

2. The questions look fairly tame to me. I expect much more damning information could be gleaned from google.

3. Lockheed Martin UK employs about 1,500 people in the UK. I have no idea how much it pays in UK taxes.

4. Lockheed, a predecessor company, manufactured more than 20,000 aircraft for the Allies during WWII. The Martin Company also provided planes to the Allies. Without Lockheed Martin fighter planes and bombers the RAF might well have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle. And I think Fr. Blake might be filling out a Third Reich census form.... Hang on...maybe not. Dachau had a special priest block for Catholic priests that spoke out against the government.....
Anonymous said…
I fail to see why Fr. Ray would make a stand on this. The Census is necessary. It give us an insight to the entire population at a certain point in time. The data is invaluable and will determine how government money is distributed to vital services across the country.
If like myself you are into genealogy then the Census is a necessary tool, that information will be there on record for generations to come.
I will happily fill in my form, it is my duty and I can't see that the points Fr. Ray put across form a viable objection.
Sometimes in the world of Catholic bloggers it is easy to get carried away. Our new Nuncio was welcomed at a Mass in Westminster yesterday. A post on that would have been of more interest.