Invitation to Oxford Newman Society

The President of the Oxford Newman Society  who happens to read this blog, has invited me to be on a panel possibly speaking about the issue of homosexuality in the context of the teaching of the Church or maybe something on the Church's social teaching. Details are sketchy at the moment, but will update when I know more...

If anyone read the original draft of this post, they will find the revision of it to be very amusing indeed...


Anonymous said…
And they invited you why Laurence? Is it because you are gay? or Gay and Catholic?
Well, I would assume it is because he has read what I've wrote on the blog and thinks it is worth saying out loud.
Aren't you an inquisitive creature?
Basil said…
Having read your posts on these issues I think you will do an excellent job.
Catholic Taliban watch said…
We will be there to raise strong objections to what you say. We have a file with qoutes you have made on this topic which is contradiction to church teachings on sexuality. We have noted the many good Catholics which you have accused of heresy even though you have no right or authority to do so. Bring it on!!!!
What with banners and everything?
Don't quote me, quote the Catechism.
Felicity said…
It is highly unlikely that Laurence is gay because no self-respecting gay man would persist in displaying that photo in the side bar. He is actually quite good-looking and not middle-aged though you would never believe it from the photo.
Conversely, he may be leaving it there to put off the women.
Laurence, pleeeeeeze change it! Why won't you?
Anonymous said…
Well, here's to hoping you do well.
Philip P said…
What is the painting heading your blog, left hand side? It worries me because the right side man looks like the old style stereotypical gay man, shaven head, big moustache. Is this intentional? Good luck with your visit to Oxford.
Bored Brian said…
When you go can you raise something of social importance as well please. One in twenty doesn't justify the amount of attention given to homosexuality. There are plenty of homeless in Oxford and, in summer, Cambridge is a magnet because of the tourists.
Excellent news.

You'll be a very good and worthy spokesman for the Church. The fact that you try and live by the truth, and chose God over ego, is a great witness - especially to a world where wants and desires dictate morality.
Just noticed a post by someone called "Catholic Taliban watch"!

Oh dear, the Tabletistas really are desperate... Not long now until they become a shadow of a memory no-longer worth contemplating!

"The Gates of Hell shall not prevail..."
You will shine!!!

If you speak the truth just remember it won't be you speaking - you'll be a conduit for everything that makes us who we are....


Get yourself a mirror - gather your 'linguistic soundbite' ammo; read as much Chesterton as you can...

This is a beginning...remember if that Taliban Watch see you as a force for concern - YOU ARE!!! [but don't forget to say a little prayer for her ]

Will be praying hard for you x
The picture is called The Prodigal Son. That's why I chose it. I like it, personally, sorry you don't.
Hugh B said…
@ "Side of the Angels" and "Reluctant Sinner"
What's with this "Tabletista" remark in response to the Catholic Taliban Watch comment.
I AM THE HOLDER OF THE FILE and I am very much an alpha male (or so I have been told).
Blessed John Henry reminds you
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap".
The holder of the file! What a grand title. Are you sending it to the CDF?
Catholic Taliban watch said…
''What with banners and everything?''

yes banners and hot pants!!!
Catholic Taliban watch supporter said…
''Don't quote me, quote the Catechism.''

we will qoute you because you claim to be a higher authority than the cathecism, indeed you claim to be the church's teaching magesterium.

Be careful what you say because we will be recording the debate and if you make unsubstantiated assertions unsupported by the catecism then we will make a complaint of hate speach to the police and rightful bishops of this country. Be warned!
Catholic Taliban watch said…
''Oh dear, the Tabletistas really are desperate... Not long now until they become a shadow of a memory no-longer worth contemplating!''

We are not the tabletinistas, we are average catholics with a better understanding of the nuances of catholic teaching than Mr England.
Hugh B said…
''The holder of the file! What a grand title. Are you sending it to the CDF?''

No not the CDF, your local Bishop who has the canonical right to make a judgement against you!
Brian said…
Your blog "Fame at Last" July 2009 reveals your sexuality as just about as complicated as the rest of the population.
Forget the labels (and Oxford). Your stuff can be really good.
I've never asserted myself as a higher authority than the Magisterium. Don't be silly. I've just re-presented it to readers. The Church's teaching offends you, which is sad, if you are a Catholic.
Anonymous said…
I thought you had banned hecklers? Now I see they're creeping back in.... Well, it does push up your average reader response rate!
Banners and hot pants. That's quite an image. Are you in the lobby that dare not speak its name?
Or are you in the Church?

Or are you in both?
Jenny said…
Oxford University Newman Society, the Catholic student speaker group. Meets 20:30 on Tuesdays during term time.
Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy, Rose Place, St Aldates
01865 276993
Hugh B said…
Sorry mate. I don't even remember last night's comment!
Someone in the SCR spiked my drink knowing full well my stomach was empty, of meat at least!
Seriously, the group is real. They are unlikely to wear hot pants when they are outside so they can blend with the crowd.
We blokes don't like the girls showing off their charms for publicity but they do have some serious axes to grind.
If you haven't done your homework you will be slaughtered in debate.
Look out for my girlfriend Alice formerly known as "Malice in Wonderland". She knows the Cathecism backwards.
laus et iubilatio said…

Excellent news! Am looking forward to your visit to Oxford. I had the good fortune to meet you in London during the Papal Visit and Rosary Crusade.

You seem to have some rather unhinged characters posting in your comments thread, but rest assured that you'll receive a warm welcome from the Catholic community here if/when you visit.
Basil said…
What extraordinary comments.
Alice said…
Quoting Newman at Hyde Park, Pope Benedict said:

“I want a laity, not arrogant, not rash in speech, not disputatious, but men [sic?] who know their religion, who enter into it, who know just where they stand, who know what they hold and what they do not, who know their creed so well that they can give an account of it, who know so much of history that they can defend it”.

Bring your Catechism. (or you can borrow mine). Do you have a date yet?
Sofia said…
Hugh B - 'Look out for my girlfriend Alice formerly known as "malice in wonderland" she knows the catechism backwards'

She sounds hot mate!

I don't get what the Taliban's problem is with Laurence? You guys keep employing rap battle diction repeatedly enticing him to bring 'it' or 'the catechism' but what exactly is he saying that's so un-Catholic, specifically?

You may be not of the world but you still have to be in it guys, and right now you sound like a bunch of insular Catholics who spend too much time reading the Catechism and forget how to communicate with their brethren because they're too busy repeating the Pope's and Newman's words to speak from their heart.