Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Graffiti Just Outside My House

I just popped out for my first cigarette of the day and suddenly recognised the dark grey wall just to the right of my flat has been daubed with graffiti. The wall as far as I know, has never been used for this so this must count as something of a first for my street. The culprit has put a rather large and very rude message up for the residents of the neighbourhood to admire. Basically it depicts a huge penis with semen coming out of it. It is a great shame that someone's property has been defaced like this and also that the 'artist' who goes by the name of 'stupid youth productions' has gone in for the crudest imagery possible.

I don't however, harbour real resentment of those who commit the crime of defacing walls or facias with graffiti. It seems to be an aggressive outlet for young people who were failed by the education system to express a talent to a society that gave up on them long, long ago. It is the cry of those whose voices are seldom heard. It says, "Look at me! Pay me some attention! Nobody cares about me or my views or my talents and this is what I have been reduced to!"

Doubtless if the young person who did this is caught he will receive a fine and community service removing graffiti, either his own or other people's, but will his enthusiasm for art ever be channelled into something life-giving which recognises his talent? I would imagine that this is very rare. Barnados released a report recently which suggested that the British people are 'scared' of children who are seen as 'feral'. Children may be becoming more out of control, as a result of broken families, poverty and a lack of love having been shown them by society, but none are truly 'feral'. We seem to lack a Christian understanding in this country for those who are trying to express their utter frustration with their own lives, with how society has rejected them and how the education system has left them without hope. It would be better, when young adults or children are found doing graffiti that following the obvious 'slap on the wrist' they were involved in projects which tried to develop their talents in a more positive way. But that would take serious funding and serious love, wouldn't it?

Update: The Council have come and cleaned it up already. If only they were so efficient at housing the homeless. See article above.

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