The Greater Principle... the Salvation of souls!

My musical contribution to celebrations of 10 years of Summorum Pontificum. Nothing could be a greater antidote to the liturgical and doctrinal chaos envisaged by the St Gall mafia, than Summorum Pontificum. No wonder they fear and loathe it so much!

Long live Benedict XVI, the great, the good!


Julia OSullivan said…
UTTERLY SPLENDID!!!!!!! Full of joy, happiness, goodness, humor, creativity and more and more and more and more!! God bless you, YOU ROCK!!! I'm smiling a mile wide and this is going out to just about everybody I know. :)

Mary Kay said…
Thank you! I haven't heard the original song for a long time, but I just heard it on my drive home from work. What fun to hear you rework it into a cheery celebration of the Tridentine Mass. I like it. :-) said…
Around 1960 I was an altar boy at St. Pius X Church in Glasgow, and I attended primary and senior schools named in honour of Pius X.
We attended Mass with our Missals which provided a clear translation of the Latin rite. Inside the Missals we had pictures of the saints to help us in our devotions.
At the close of Mass there was a prayer, in English, to Michael the Archangel, asking Michael to pray to God to prevent 'the ruin of souls'.
I am reading a short book by Fr. Michael Hollings on St. Therese of Lisieux.
The Eucharist was at the heart of her life in Christ.
A photograph of Therese at the age of eight is on the cover, reminding me of Christ's words.
Unless we become like little children, we shall not enter the Kingdom of God.

J Haggerty
Anonymous said…
Bravo from across the pond (and across the USA)! Thank you, Bones! You keep us on track. Don't quit!
viterbo said…
All was said and done according to salvation around 1958. Since then the all that's said and the all that's done under the title 'Catholic' comes from the satanic squatters to the detriment of every seeking soul. But 'mess' is how the heresiarchs like it.

I reckon the heresiarchs would not dislike this 'said and done'
viterbo said…
PS. Of course the Swedes never discuss religion or politics. Truth is, Sweden is the post-Christian pole vault for Voltaire's dream (and every protestants') come true. Ask a Swede, however...

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