Hear the Cry of the Earth!

I figured if Churchmen are going to give to the Earth some kind of personality (does the Earth need therapy too, I wonder?) which reacts to man's interference of the environment, then let's make the 'cry of the Earth' a Catholic cry, rather than a pagan one. I have also put this Catholic cry to music in a rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' should you wish to listen.

Like many, I am shocked and deeply distressed as well as saddened by the death of Cardinal Caffara. May the Lord bring his valiant soul to his eternal reward in Heaven. May his soul rest in peace and may he rest forever from his courageous apostolic labours and arrive quickly to his place from which he may intercede for us who must continue his public witness in defence of the Truth for the salvation of souls. May he see the vision of God for which he was created, for which we long!

We cannot be signatories to the dubia signed by those Cardinals, only two of whom now remain on Earth, but we can cry out, yea, even with Creation itself, that the Pope do his duty to God, to the Church and to mankind and answer that which has been submitted to him and clarify, for all the world to hear, that Truth does not change and cannot change and that this is the Truth delivered by Christ to His Apostles, not simply as an ideal, be it realistic or unrealistic in human terms, but the Truth which is for our eternal salvation.

Eternal rest grant unto Him, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon your servant. May his soul and the soul of Cardinal Meisner and all the Faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


John Vasc said…
As the Catholic Herald innocently notes: " He is the second 'dubia' cardinal to die in the space of two months. "


In a less craven atmosphere, two other cardinals from the College would step boldly forward to replace them. But stoutheartedness does not seem to be a characteristic of most of the current crop.
Unknown said…
Maybe Burke and Brandmuller should employ food tasters.

Seattle kim
TLM said…
Just maybe the two of them should MOVE on this formal correction, and get something going in that direction.......before one of them, or both get 'FREDO ED', umm like 'Fredo' who was offed by Michael in the Godfather? (excuse for the plagiarizing of another block post I read) I mean, please your Eminences, wonder if we could maybe make it a priority?

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