Mass Protests Erupt: "This Vote Ruined My Life!"

Boomtown Rat: The people's protester, Bob Geldof, has finally had enough...

London, United Kingdom: Another weekend of angry mass protests broke out in the light of a recent vote that has left citizens beleaguered, desperate and literally begging those in authority to overturn the result.

The sudden and unexpected uprising of people, both young and old, demanding the immediate overturning of the voting result and a second ballot to take place brought traffic to a standstill in the cosmopolitan capital.

Pope Francis maintains that the first ballot stands. There will be no second vote.

The mass protests have taken the authorities by surprise, with Londoners demanding that the ballot of 13 March 2013 that voted in the heir apparent and chief nominee of the 'St Gallen Mafia', relativist and authoritarian Peronist, Jorge Bergoglio as Pope be overturned.

Protesters, led by a man who continually asks for help in explaining why he doesn't like the first day of the working week, were interviewed by media agencies over the weekend. Reasons for their presence at the protest were varied, but one thing united the protesters in their desire for a second vote. Said one protester...

"I converted to Catholicism from Protestantism, but this new Pope is clearly Protestant in his thinking. I want the Pope to be Catholic, to talk about Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Is that too much to ask?" ~ James Hinchthorpe, 20, from Barnet

Some protesters were more fierce in their criticism of the result with their words expressing palpable anger.

"What do I want? I want a real conclave! When do I want it? Three years ago!" ~ Sandra Gillespe, 28, from Putney

 "I am sick of this Pope's self-adulation. I am sick of the insults. I am sick of his interviews. I am sick of his manipulation of the Church, his willingness to sacrifice everything and everyone - those in the Church and those outside of it - to his false god. I want a real Pope and that real Pontifex is on his way! God will not be mocked forever! Is there nobody this lunatic would not give Holy Communion to?" ~ Sebastian Whitstable, 15, of Earl's Court

Others, visibly upset and scandalised by three years of mixed messages, confusing signs and the recent exhortation that has been described as a 'dossier even dodgier than that which took us to war in Iraq' spoke of their pain at the decision made by the Cardinals in 2013...

"This result of this vote was made by old people. Basically, these old people have taken us back 40 years. My eternal salvation and that of my friends has now been thrown into jeopardy by these old people. I'd like to say to those people: You've stolen my future! Yes! You've ruined my life! You've ruined Eternal Life for everyone!" ~ Ralph Clarridge, 18, of Crystal Palace

Cardinals under fire from the young: 'You ruined my life! You stole my future!'

Some even openly questioned whether people who voted for Bergoglio should be entitled to have a vote.

"This is what happens when you let uneducated people with no brains vote in something as important as a conclave! My 4-year-old daughter can tell you that of all the people to vote for to be Pope, an elderly Latin American Jesuit is THE LAST MAN ON EARTH for whom you should vote!" ~ Gerald Sinister, 32, of Elephant and Castle

The Cardinals of the Church are stung by such criticism. It is true that by an overwhelming margin, the participants in the conclave that voted in, on a 52/48 percentage, the ultra-modernist Jorge Bergoglio were, for the main part, over 60 years of age. Therefore, the charge that the old have robbed the young of an eternal future has some traction in Rome, where the mass protests have been observed with great concern.

Vatican officials are publicly indifferent to the protests, saying that these protests make no difference to the result, which - despite claims of vote canvassing - was, according to the competent authorities, conducted according to the normal rules of the Church. However, privately, some Cardinals are questioning their choice of Successor of St Peter and have sympathy with the crowd. One member of the Sacred Hierarchy, who did not wish to give his name said...

"We would be wise to heed the voice of the younger generation crying out for those in authority to teach the Catholic Faith whole and entire. When it is not, they are justified in their anger that the teachings which will lead them to the Eternal Life  - their rightful inheritance - are not being given to them and we must listen to their heartfelt cry. We can apologise to the whole world if we want, but ultimately it is to Jesus Christ Himself, that we Cardinals shall have to give an answer. For these souls, yes, we shall have to answer."


Liam Ronan said…
Bravo, Bones! The voters were mis-informed. Time for a redo of 2013!

Recall this 12 March 2013 news article in The Guardian regarding the unexpected 'misfortune' of top contender for the papacy, Angelo Cardinal Scola, the day before Begolio appeared with Daneels on the papal balcony and the god of surprises first showed his face(s).

Papal conclave: anti-mafia police raid offices in diocese of frontrunner

So anticipated was Scola's election that the Italian Bishops' Conference publicly announced it and then retracted it. As the god of surprises would have it, the tip upon which the anti-mafia police acted was incorrect but the cardinals knew of the explosice charge while entering the conclave.

Reconvene the conclave. Scola for Pope!
viterbo said…
Fifty years ago...

The devil's greatest trick is fooling folks that he doesn't exist, said the French poet. The Novus Ordo's greatest trick is fooling people that Catholicism doesn't exist.
Andrew said…
David Icke talks about the "problem reaction solution" mechanism that power structures use to ensure that they get through what they need and want to get through.

I've never believed that the UK, or any other country, would leave the EU. And I don't think this "leave" vote matters one jot.

I expect a "problem" to foment in the near future, and for the "reaction solution" to be Britain needing to remain in the European Union. In fact, if I was George Soros, I'd put money on it. A lot of money.....
viterbo said…
@Andrew. "Problem-reaction-solution" is a political formula taught in Universities in your first year of 'Popliteal Studies'. David Icke is an 'interesting' public figure, but has about as much to do with Catholicism as VII-Roncalli through Bergoglio.

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