Doctors of the Law

'Hi, I'm a Lutheran who wants to receive Holy Communion in a Catholic Church. May I do so?'

Pope Francis: 'Basically do what you feel, don't ask me, ask God and move forward. I best say no more, if you catch my drift.'

'Hi, I'm divorced and remarried. May I receive Holy Communion? I hear that the teaching may be relaxed.'

Pope Francis: 'I can say yes, basically, things have changed. Talk to Cardinal Schonborn. He's such a great theologian.'

'Hi, did you alter the Church's law on this by virtue of a single footnote?'

Pope Francis: 'Footnote? What footnote?'

'Hi, what's the situation about how politicians should vote in Italy regarding the same-sex unions? Didn't the CDF say something about that? In a document?'

Pope Francis: 'Well, I heard the something but...I must have missed that. These politicians should just follow their conscience.'

Cardinal Sarah: 'Dear clergy, have you ever considered celebrating Mass facing East, towards the Lord who will come again at the Last Day?'

Pope Francis: 'I'd like to refer you to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, a useful guide to Church law and practise, custom and jurisprudence. I refer you to page...'

Doctors of the law and the GIRM: 
So useful when you suddenly need them in a bout of  massive control freakery!

Amazing how quickly and efficiently the Vatican clear up confusion at the bidding of the Pope
when the Pope wants confusion cleared up and the message to get through, isn't it?


Romulus said…
And I, my lords, embody the law.
Anonymous said…
L'etat c'est moi.

Anthony said…
Yes, this is all very depressing for those of us who foolishly harboured hopes that Francis was going to be worth it. The great Cardinal Sarah has been slapped down publicly and humiliatingly, though I trust he will bear all of that as a badge of honour. The dreary intervention of Vincent the Banal arrived in double quick time; what a toxic mediocrity he is, how vigilantly he guards the Vat II derogation from beauty in worship and the wilful subversion of Sacrosanctum Concilium.
viterbo said…
VII is the 'matrix' in which blokes in white cloaks get away with hoaxing Catholicism.

Ask (refer to) Pius 1 to 12.
JTLiuzza said…
To quote Maximus from that movie Gladiator, "the days of honoring yourself will soon be over."
Anonymous said…
At my signal unleash the hell, said Georgus Maximus, and that's what it is.
viterbo said…
The 'General Instruction of the Roman Missal,' became the general instruction of random modernism in the Montini era.

One day, one day true seekers of Christ will know that His Blood was abandoned in the summers of love. Perhaps for protestants, Roman corruption meets their corruption as an excuse.

For the recognise and resist the 'pope' is the problem.

As for the wise in Christ, the Pope - true Vicar of Christ- is the solution. Conclusion = sedevacantism. Which means understanding the difference between a pretender and 'he who hears you hears Me'.

The Holy Ghost is the sound non-contradiction voice of Catholic affirmation.

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