He's Playing with Your Mind


Lepanto said…
'Got that atheist guy, Scrofula on the phone, the one who always misquotes you and causes all the trouble.'
'Putta him onna'. 'Hey Eugenio, you wanna know abouta da Synod, OK. We keepa da traditional discipline an changa nothing, yeah? no es posible 'Now I unnerstan that you are very old and very stupida but coulda you try to get it righta THIS time?'
'Will do Francisco, unfortunately forgot my pen and forgot what you said' 'Oh, no, not again, I don believe thisa! Neither will anyone else, when will I ever learna?
'Hey Lombardi, yeah it happen again. Don usa bad wordsa, please! Jus issue usual denial'
Anonymous said…
Manipulator of brains, you are a dreams twister, oh oh joker man, oh joker man, sang B.D. Hagan siempre lìo, vamonos portenos....
Liam Ronan said…
Messing with our minds? 'Dream twister'? Sit back and enjoy the musical narcotic of the Synod and the siren-song of its' heretics.


(1976)'Dream Weaver' by Gary Wright

Jacobi said…
It's all becoming a bit of a joke. I mean if this were a branch of the Government or a company in the City, or even one of those odd international bodies based in New York, or somewhere over there, heads would be rolling.

But not to worry. Its just the jolly old Catholic Church.

All so very interesting!
Unknown said…
I trust Scalfari more than Francis. If I could have lunch with either, I choose the ethical atheist over the compromising theologian.
Maybe Scalfari will have a deathbed conversion. Maybe Francis will too. 8 - )

Seattle kim
Anonymous said…
Deathbed conversion? Mmmm, maybe old Eugenio, not too sure about Jorge, theologian isn't the real word to define him, PR for a short time, just to destroy the RCC, soon it will be the NWOC, one for all and all for one. God bless+
Anonymous said…
Hmm, these would-be theologians probably deduced that, since the spirit of VII worked out so well for so many heretics for fifty years of gradual erosion, there could now be a confirmation that God's law was ripe for undermining in the words of the Synod and those faithful remaining were ripe for victimizing. May the next decades find the spiritually starving young discover goodness and thirst for Godliness in the mysterious Catholic Church of the ages.
Lynda said…
Preceded by - Francis: "Get Scrofula on the phone, pronto!"

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