A Look Back at Covington...

...in the style of Glen Campbell RIP.


umblepie said…

Thanks Laurence.
Spot on regarding the excommunication of these pro-abortion so-called 'Catholic' leaders.
Unknown said…
Satire and parody are my favorite forms of comedy. And they're powerful forms of discourse in both the political and religious arenas. Our adversaries (both secular and clerical) go absolutely ape when they realize we're laughing at them!

Well done, Sir!
John Haggerty said…
Jimmy Webb's song 'Galveston' was a hit for Glen Campbell in 1969 as I well remember - that was the year I left school for university.
The United States was in turmoil with the war and heavy bombing of Vietnam, rioting on American campuses and the Counter Culture scaring Middle America.

So the song with its allusion to Galveston, Texas, became associated with young American men going off to war and very possible death.
What the song's status was with the Woodstock generation and the draft resisters is another story.
The hippies and yippies thought Glen Campbell pretty un-hippy but his artistic honesty was beyond doubt.

I have just started reading Max Hasting's monumental history of Vietnam so the memory of 'Galveston' is all the more haunting.

Who then could have predicted the America of today?
Who could have foreseen the crashing of liberal elites?
Who could have predicted all the poor angry Americans who have turned against what Bishop Robert Barron calls 'the cultural elite' (watch Bishop Barron's YouTube talk on Edward Kennedy) and embraced populist politics?

Reflecting on the political, economic and cultural uncertainty of our times, I enjoyed watching three YouTube talks.

1) Jordan Peterson finally asked about the Catholic faith (Patrick Coffin Media) February
6 2019.
2) Douglas Murray in conversation with Jordan Peterson (UnHerd) 4 September 2018.
3) Jordan Peterson - There was plenty of motivation to take me out! It Just Didn't Work. (British GQ) 30 October 2018.

Mr. Peterson is highly strung and allows himself to be wrung out like a thespian in crisis.
Yet he reminds me of the excitement I once felt (in very different times) on reading R.D. Laing, Paul Goodman, James Baldwin, Susan Sontag and Mary McCarthy.
Here at last is a man of sonar depth and lightning intellect ready to address both the public and private turmoils.
And he doesn't care two cents what the chattering P.C. crowd think.

Like G.K. Chesterton Mr. Peterson knows that the worst of all fates is to be a child of one's time.
John Haggerty said…
Recommended to all who visit this place:

YouTube: Mercy - Saint Faustina's Lifestyle, Evenings with the Merciful Jesus (Saint John Paul II National Shrine) June 1 2018.

Sister Gaudia Skass speaks about Saint Faustina's prayer life.
John Haggerty said…
Two YouTube meditations from the good sisters of the Merciful Jesus:

In His Will is our Happiness: Evenings with the Merciful Jesus (St. John Paul II National Shrine) with Sister Inga Kvassayova. 16 January 2018.

The Wound We Are Born With: Evenings with the Merciful Jesus.
With Sister Gaudia Skass. September 5 2015.

An article by Jonathan Meades in the February edition of 'Standpoint' magazine talks about the moral and social 'balkanisation' of the West.
Pastoral moral teaching from Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed and liberal Christians is going to be of vital importance in offering people an alternative to racism, despair, poverty and social collapse.

Lectures on YouTube by Os Guinness deal with such grave issues.
Mr. Guinness is a professor of sociology (he studied under Peter Berger) and a committed Christian.
His first book, The Dust of Death, dealt with the crisis of the early 1970s when the war in Vietnam was escalating and industrial and social unrest was everywhere.
John Haggerty said…
Watch Paul Auster, a serious American writer.
He said that the slogan Make America Great Again really means 'make America white again'.

See on YouTube: 'I am scared out of my wits' - Paul Auster on U.S. Elections BBC Newsnight.

John Haggerty said…
Please watch on YouTube:

The Vortex - Burning at the Stake? Church Militant.

Premiered just a few hours ago.

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