Pope Francis Has Definitely Responded to Petitions and Letters from Concerned Catholics

The Holy Name of Mary
So if an army of Bishops and Cardinals could rise up in one voice and oppose this as soon as possible, that would be just great.

The USA has just commemorated September 11th.

Have we just had our September 12th?


Pray to God & Leave the Den of Thieves said…
It's the VC2 "catholic thing" to close off comments:


VC2's been playing this game since its inception. Don't let no gloom or doom sayers speak. Cut off Cardinal Ottaviani's microphone. Replace Sr. Lucia w/a double. Teach black is white. Contradict Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. But still (self-called) 'faithful catholic' sheep keep following Satan off the cliff...




Where did it come from:



Here's the June 2014 Archdiocese of Washington policy presented by that traditional, conservative 1962 latin mass Judas priest all the (self-proclaimed) 'faithful catholics' like to quote: "Baptize but Be Discreet: On the Catholic Baptism of children presented by homosexual and other irregular parents"

Here's the Archdiocese of Baltimore's policy (call Newsweek!!!!!):

And yet I hear SSPX may be joining VC2--guess both Fellay and Francis agree that there's no other interpretation possible except 'valid' sacraments for grave sinners who have no intention of loving or serving God--who in fact serve the devil, from 'validly ordained' priests who learned about the holiness of God by sleeping w/each other, dressing like women and pulling each other's dresses off, frequenting 'gay' dating sites, bullying those who wouldn't be sodomized and being pimped to the hierarchy.



Guess there's no other interpretation of what kind of seminaries are needed since both JP2 and Benedict have already investigated, and investigated, and investigated again and still the seminaries are cesspools of vice--just like the VC2 College of Cardinals and the bishops.
Nicolas Bellord said…
Well the fact that Vatican Radio is now reporting on this puts paid to the idea that this letter of 5th September 2016 from the Pope was other than authentic. The Vatican Radio report speaks of "sacraments" being made available to the divorced and remarried. Pope Francis's letter endorses completely the 'Basic Criteria' written by certain of the Buenos Aires Bishops and the Pope says there is no other interpretation of Amoris Laetitia then this one. The Basic Criteria states that the process of accompaniment of the divorced and remarried opens the door to access to Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Clause 6 of the Basic Criteria makes it clear that such access is available for those couples who cannot manage to be continent.

The documents can be read at:


It is difficult to see this as other than material heresy.

It is said that the BA Bishops have said their Basic Criteria are merely a draft as some have disagreed with the content. We will see.
Basto said…

Not only responded, but also confirmed the authenticity of his scandalous letter and gave it a global application validity by publishing it in the Vatican’s official media (Vaticano, News.VA, L’Osservatore Romano). This is a truly apocalyptic scene. God help us, we are just arriving right into the eye of the storm.

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