Thursday, 26 February 2015

Watch out for those horse's heads!

Stolen post, eh?

What next, horses heads in the beds of Cardinals and Bishops?

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Pelerin said...

Apologies for being completely off topic although there is a 'head' connection.

Today's Daily Mail has the horrific news that an Italian surgeon is gearing up to do a human head transplant, He claims it could be done in just two years time. He apparently already has what he describes as a long list of potential patients and hopes to be able to do it in London. I'm not sure why he wishes it to be done in London unless it is because in England today anything seems to be accepted as the norm and the powers that be will probably not see anything wrong with it.

Whilst some of us oldies might welcome a few replacements, a new body attached to our head is surely too horrific to contemplate.

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