Monday, 1 December 2008

Orange Bibs for Young Offenders

Click here for the full article from Times Online.

'Tens of thousands of criminals sentenced to community punishment are to be forced from next week to wear high visibility orange bibs identifying them as offenders.

The fluorescent orange clothing will bear the words “community payback” on the back and front so that the public knows they are offenders doing physical work as part of their community sentence.'

Incredible isn't it? The secular age prides itself on some strange kind of 'progress' that we've made from say, medieval times and sees the Church as a dark, medieval instrument trapped in an ignorant age before the 'Age of Reason' and the Enlightenment.

Yet the 'Age of Reason' and Enlightenment are now showing their true colours. Their colours are visible in Government policy largely absent of any sense of true justice or morality. It was the Enlightenment that ushered in the bloodbath of the French Revolution, proclaiming Liberty, Egality and Fraternity to all, unless you were aristocratic or a practicing Catholic priest, monk or nun.

Why is it that humanism, something which sounds so positive, deprives us so often of our humanity? Why do humanists always forget our dignity? Why does the secular agenda always end up by stripping human beings of their God-given rights?

Why? I'll tell you why! It's because they do not believe in Absolute Truth. Because Government policy is absent from any notion of Truth, the rights of all of us will be trampled upon by a fierce and barbaric executive, which has no concept of Truth, no concept of Beauty and no concept of Justice.

This Government, by its very policies which mankind has to endure from the womb to the tomb, by its flagrant disregard for the individual, is making now and will continue to make all the same mistakes in the 21st century that with horror were witnessed in the 20th in the form of Nazism and Communism. Becuase the UK Government has rejected God, a fact reflected in a whole raft of measures, of which this article highlights only the latest, it will reap the bitter fruits of the 'Age of Reason'.

You do not have to be a criminal psychologist to know that humiliating offenders will serve only to make certain people in society feel better about themselves and pour scorn and embarrassment and pain on the poor young adults who will have to suffer the indignation of vicious mobs. Clearly, what PM Gordon Brown wants to do, now that it looks like Guantanamo Bay will finally be closed, is to move it over here to every town and city across the land, a land that once believe in Truth and Justice as proclaimed by the Church. England remains Our Lady's Dowry, but by God, you'd never know it!

Faith without reason is not true faith. Reason without faith is not true reason.

It just makes you hanker after a benign Sovereign (there must have been a few in history) who may not have believed in the sham of a 'democracy' which we suffer now, but someone who believed in Absolute Truth, Justice, Mercy, Goodness and the correct dispensation of temporal justice.

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