33 Book Introduction

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
O my God, please help me to write a book abut You and homosexuality.
I ask this through Christ our Lord.

St Jude Thaddeus, pray for it.
St Francis of Assisi, pray for it.
St Valentine, pray for it.


'The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing' ~ Blaise Pascal

'He lays upon everyone he longs to bring into bliss something that is no blame in His sight, but for which they are blamed and despised in this world - scorned, mocked and cast out. He does this to offset the harm they should otherwise have from the pomp and vainglory of this earthly life, and to make the road to Him easier, and to bring them higher in His joy without end.' ~ St Julian of Norwich

'And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.' ~ Gospel of St John 8:32


Scott Woltze said…
I've enjoyed checking in on your blog over the last several years, but apparently I didn't visit often enough because I just now saw your book. It's fascinating, deep and took real guts to write. The Church needs thousands of more "fools for Christ" just like you. Now I'm going to read your book more slowly--I read it so fast the first time I wasn't sure if Beatrice was a real woman or a literary device! BTW--you have the best-named Catholic blog--love that Psalm.
Andy said…
Your book is the greatest load of egocentric self pitying nonsense I have ever read. Rather than seeing that your purpose in life should be to love and serve God by following Christ you just indulge yourself, and imagine Christ wants to go along with it.

Heterosexuals, married or otherwise, trying to follow Christ have a far harder road to tread than than a single man with homosexual tendencies. Get a grip and get on with what you have been dealt. In other words be a man, not a total wimp. Oh and keep your crazy (sinful even) thoughts and behaviour to yourself, rather than spray them around and scandalise others.
Sally said…
Pahahaha, that's great. Just read the first bit, I assume (hope) it was intended as a very good joke. It amazing 'cos some people do actually write books like this!! You're a genius Laurence. It's got everything: lack of plot, lack of style, bad grammar, frustratingly poorly written, written from the perspective of an idiot, completely irreligious, delightfully irritating twunt of a narrator who thinks about buggery all day long, sits on his fat ass, ruins the lives of his friends, then tries to come over all preachy about it!! Such a riot.

I think you could turn this into a proper book somehow - maybe something a bit like Confederacy of Dunces (you know how the 'hero' is a loser Catholic who sits writing insane prophecies all day long while not doing anything about anything). You could have a book where the 'hero' is an unemployed loser who writes 33 and thinks it will catapult him to literary fame. Then sits on his ass all day thinking about buggery and complaining about the pope!!