Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Catholic Hierachy and Hitler

The Catholic hierarchy's 'negotiations' with the present Labour Government are akin to the Chamberlain's 'appeasement' of Hitler.

It didn't work then. It won't work now.

Give these fascists and inch and they will invade, bringing with them their murderous ideology, their fanaticism, their hatred for all that is sacred and holy and their Culture of Death.

Discuss...if, indeed there is anything to discuss...


Yep...thought our amoral MPs would go with it. Still, given those spineless expenses fraudsters have no problem with ripping off the taxpayer, what ever made us think they'd have a problem ripping out of the heart of our Catholic schools and handing the nation's children to Stonewall and Marie Stopes.

The amendment to the Destruction of Children, Schools and Families Bill was passed by a majority of 345 in the Commons. The full, 'amended', bill was passed by a Commons majority of 91 and now goes to the House of Lords.

At least, according to Damian Thompson, Edinburgh Cardinal Keith O'Brien is not afraid to tell it as it really is.

Meanwhile, this Times article, revealing the embarassing and much fore-warned failure of the Government's multi-million pound strategy to combat teen pregnancy over the past ten years, suggests we can expect more of the same. That is, more abortions, more teenage pregnancy, more sexually active children, and, when this latest effort to 'educate' children in sex and relationships has failed, more sex and relationships legislation in the future.

Still, at least Stonewall and Marie Stopes clinics will be breaking open the champagne tonight, their expensive lobbying having paid dividends. Enjoy it while it lasts guys and drink it down to the dregs, for the true Victory shall be Eternal.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps this photograph would be more appropriate....

Then again, given that you support an archaic institution that has failed to respond to inumerable palpable moral challenges throught its history (Nazism, child abuse, failure to care for those it has been entrusted to protect) I suppose it is easier to just keep banging on about the rights of individuals against the State. Which of course has nothing to do with the fact that you are a minority presence in a country that, basically, couldn't give a toss about your bitter old lady's belief system

Anonymous said...

Agreed, nice photo!. Or how about these ones of the, 'ahem', moral authority you take your orders from:




Jesus, talk about giving yourself enough rope! You really ought not to mention the words 'Nazi' and 'Catholic' in a post again! (p.s. your blog also now links to some rather dubious websites, from whence I was referred during the course of my research)

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