Tuesday, 2 February 2010

German Homeschoolers Win Political Asylum in US

"Hmm...Germany again. I'm noticing a trend here."

Joke! A cheap one at that. Of course, Germany gave up fascism when Hitler blew his possessed brains out once he realised the Third Reich had come straight from Hell and the not to be mentioned could not be won.

But, alas, history has a habit of repeating itself and while Godless ideologies abound and all your neighbours are potential terrorists in need of a good old full body scanning outside Tesco's, there is always the risk of our political masters mounting an assault on the very freedoms for which many fought and died. Here's one. Homeschooling. Read Gerald Warner's excellent analysis on the current situation.

Of course, I'd like to boast that our Government, one by one, would rather be dropped by helicopter and impaled on Big Ben than allow such a fundamental liberty be sacrificed at the high altar of the All-Powerful State. Unfortunately, Ed Balls is flying the chopper and it is child-locked from the inside so sorry Germans, it was a cheap jibe. I'm not a xenophobe. I guess I'm just naffed off that the Fourth Reich will cover all of Europe and that it will probably be even worse than the Third.

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