Brighton & Hove Council Holds Interview for Admin Staff at Hilton

Well, that was an economic way of using public funds. I had my interview at the Metropole Hilton in Brighton. Three rooms were hired, a holding room for the interviewees, a testing room for Word and Excel skills and a separate interview room for the actual interview. Quite why they couldn't have done this at Kings House where the HR department resides is beyond me. A Hilton lunch for the Council staff was on the house. Your house.


Physiocrat said…
If you don't get the job write to the Argus. What a fucking disgrace. Hasn't the council get any other spaces to use for interviews? Kings House, as you say. Hove Town Hall? Or less expensive venues like Brighthelm.

Lunch on the house is a good idea as it saves subsistence claims by candidates and allows people to get a look at each other in an informal situation so people can tell if they would get on. But it doesn't need to be at the Hilton, surely? Somewhere like Donatellos should do nicely.

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