Church United 1 - 0 Harman Rovers...

Don't worry...Our Pope is no Chris Waddle! Looks like the Holy Father's comments on Labour have buried the 'Equality' outrage, for the time being at least.
The Times reports...

Harriet Harman has backed away from a confrontation with religious leaders over who they can employ, making clear that she will not force contentious amendments to the Equality Bill through Parliament.

Ministers were astonished on Monday when the Pope said that the Bill violated “natural justice” and urged bishops to fight it. But that attack, along with the strength of opposition in the Lords and the limited time left to get Bills passed before the election, has sapped the Government’s enthusiasm to continue the fight.

Ms Harman, the Equalities Minister, has been engaged in a long dispute with churches and religious organisations over their exemption from anti-discrimination employment law, and how it affects “non-religious” posts.

The dispute led to a government defeat on a key amendment to the Bill last week in the Lords, but it was expected that Ms Harman would reintroduce the measure, or one similar.

I won't celebrate too early since the season is long and we're only in February. But, for the moment, "Yes! Get in!"


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