Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pink Paper Hosts MP's Student Question Time in Brighton

Hot off the pink press. Hang on, I thought Matthew Parris worked for The Times...

I was dropping a friend off at a chemists today when I noticed in St James's Street, the street which hosts a big parade on Gay Pride Day in Brighton, that the Pink Paper is hosting a student event in Brighton on 6th March 2010, 4.30 - 6pm at Oceana, a large nightclub off West Street.

I could make out faces but not names in the poster of the shop window of MPs. It looks like Brighton's gay student community and those leading them will be able to ask a select few of our MPs questions on how well their elected representatives are furthering the LGBT cause. From LGBT Greens website, a PDF is available for you to view the seemingly massive event of 'the fifth National Student Pride in association with the NUS LGBT Campaign and hosted by the Universities of Brighton & Sussex, celebrating diversity at university.'

If you thought that the LGBT agenda of 'social change' started at the workplace, or even started at University you'd be very much mistaken. An explicitly, overtly aggressive, political agenda is now clearly marked indelibly like a stick of Brighton rock from primary school through to academia. It is prevalent at all major institutions and major employers, from local county councils to large private corporations.

According to their snazzy brochure...

'National Student Pride 2009 was a huge success and was covered by all the gay press, the BBC and the Independent (I love the way the BBC and the Independent are named alongside the term, 'gay press', seemingly almost 'inclusively'). Over 1,500 students travelled from all over the country, with as many as 3 Scottish Universities represented and a whole host of celebrities, journalists & MP’s. Moving the event to a Saturday for 2010 will further increase the success and reach students from all over the UK.'
We are pleased to be able to invite you (What? Me? Oh, how fabulous, darling!) to speak alongside other notable guests on our Question Time Panel at National Student Pride 2010 to an audience of students from all over the UK and the gay and national media.

This year we are pleased to welcome our 2009 panellist, Dan Gillespie Sells as our Patron and our panel Chair from 2009, The President of NUS, Wes Streeting, as our Honorary President.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document and I do hope you are available in March.

In Pride (rather than 'In Christ', obviously...)

Tom Guy

Chair National Student Pride • • t: 07861226906

So, just in case you were wondering who our MPs enjoy meeting and discussing politics with, there is a little clue. Why is it, I wonder, that the Catholic Church, or Christian churches in general, or the blandly-titled 'faith communities' seem to enjoy less favour with our elected officials? When I find out the names of the MPs involved I will let you know. I think the poster in the shop as gay as a window mentioned something about Peter Tatchell possibly being a 'TBC' speaker as well. Now there's a surprise. No doubt he'll get a standing ovation for his latest victory over 'intolerance' and his joy at CES having bowed down to the goddess Diversity, too long shall she reign over us.

If our MPs gave this much time, tender love and affection to the Legion of Mary, I think the press would be up in arms. Is it me, or is the whole gay political movement so entrenched, militant and so very, very influential and powerful in modern British politics, that democracy itself has now actually been subverted? I guess if we want to know the answer to that question, a quick glance at the posts below will suffice. Let us not be bashful here, Stonewall has this country by the 'Balls'. There's no conspiracy here, of course, just years of political lobbying finally paying dividends with the gay movement's endgame of having access to the minds of all the nations' children, including the Catholic ones, coming to fruition.

The other great lobbying power with the aim of silencing and crushing the influence of Holy Mother Church, of course, is Marie Stopes International, the arch eugenicist's group who managed to swing Parliament around to the Abortion Act (1967) and influence Parliament over every vote on matters of life and death ever since. Parliament is corrupt. We knew that anyway, didn't we? I am, however, getting pretty sick of politicians trying to convince the nation that everything they are doing is for the good of the nation's children or even for their sexual health and well-being.

Our politicians are essentially door to door salesmen, who, let's face it, are almost always conmen and women. They don't work for us, neither do they speak for us and they certainly won't repay us for our vote as the last decade has taught us only too well. The last 48 hours have shown us once again that our MPs work very hard for two organisations intent on a 'new social order'. Those two organisations are Marie Stopes International and Stonewall. Well funded organisations, I hear, but then, hey, so is Parliament...


Ronan said...

On the other hand, gays don't get their heads kicked in as much as they used to, which is one of the few good things achieved by Blair.

berenike said...

Ronan - yes, a good thing :)

Don't know if it's tolerance, though. After all, tolerance is Putting Up With Something, and if you accept or like or don't mind something, there's not much Putting Up going on. If I was deaf, it would be no great effort of tolerance on my part if I did not complain or become irritated by my upstairs neighbours' rowdy parties.

What I wanted to say was - I don't think the Legion of Mary organises many large bashes to which they invite MPs. If they did, I expect some MPs would come, just as some are coming to whatever this thing is in Brighton.

Ronan said...

Berenike, I'm not really sure what you mean, but that's probably me being dense. I think its important orthodox christians be allowed to disapprove of gay sex, or anything else. Not being that bothered about it myself, I do wonder why some make such a big deal out of it, particularly when there's a lot more the faith has to offer to these people than an argument over their sexual orientation. What was it Ss Paul and Aiden said about giving the milk before the more solid food?

I think you have a point about lobbying MPs. How about Catholic bloggers forming a lobby group and inviting some pols to a meal?

Physiocrat said...

Listening to scumbag MPs at a question time isn't my idea of a gay event. Unless it was a beauty contest for the title of Mr Gay MP, perhaps?

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