Friday, 5 February 2010

The Truth About 'Assisted Suicide'

Help the aged. Assist the aged. Tell them that far from being a burden they are an inspiration. A model of courage in adversity. Learn from their wisdom. Do not cast them off in the strength of your youth.

Don't 'help' them to die. Far from showing them your love for them, assisting their suicide is showing them that you do not see their value.

Will Heaven (Pretty apt name for a practising Catholic!) has written a blog post opposing Terry Pratchett's promotion of assisted suicide.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph has reported that 'the BBC has been accused of promoting euthanasia by a cross-party group of MPs who called on ministers to threaten to cut off the supply of public money to the broadcaster.' So there are a few just men in Parliament after all. Thank God!

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Kate said...

Thanks for this post.It's good to be reminded that there are a few just men in parliament. Since the introduction of Emily's List, I am less sure about the women!

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