Thursday 31 January 2013

Remember to File Your Tax Return

Can we say the same for the CofE?

The truths of the Anglican Church.

Founded by King Henry VIII, subject to the whims of the State, God not present and substantially worshipped, rewrote and distorted Sacred Scripture, cannot trace its line of shepherds to Apostles, fails to guard truth regarding it as subject to change in different times, doesn't believe in Salvation.

Courtesy of the excellent Catholic Memes:

"Mother! Is that you?!"

Bolivia has declared 'Mother Earth' has rights.

To read about the inalienable rights of Mother Earth, click here.

Then say a Hail Mary to the Mother so sacred that it is a worthwhile pursuit in endeavouring to please her.

Just to confirm, that'll be the Blessed Mother of God, Mary Most Holy.

Psychological Assessment and Review

As yet, I believe nobody in the Catholic press has reviewed what Russell Brand would describe as my 'booky-wook', not even Damian Thompson who is, I presume, too busy promoting his own. That's probably a good thing, because of its adult content and the style of the book itself. If I were a Catholic journalist, an ambition that is now further away than ever it was, I wouldn't want to touch it with a barge pole.

However, one person, at least (though it is likely that one commenter has 'multiple personalities') has already suggested that ten years ago, when the book was written, that I was 'nuts' or that I still am 'nuts'. I should like to tell this commentator that I have not written any such thing in any such style before the writing of '33' nor ever since this writing episode, ten years ago and nor do I have any intention to do so. I believe that to do so could be spiritually dangerous. For evidence of this, see Vassula Ryden.

For his benefit, if for nobody else's, I would like to make a defence not of the book itself but of the format of it, since this is what disturbs at least one reader and his multiple personalities the most. I have not made the claim, nor asserted in any way, that this book is definitively a conversation with Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is for others to decide. Let us imagine, however, that I did assert this. How would such a claim stand up to objective scrutiny?

The first objection to be raised is that a writing event that took place ten years ago is more likely to be evidence of some form of mental illness. It so happens that at the time of writing I was taking anti-depressives and was in a state of deep depression. So the vulnerable mental condition of the author cannot be disputed.

The writer, there is no doubt, at an early stage of his writing endeavour, believes he is having a conversation with some 'being' other than himself. However, just because the writer believes this, does not make it objectively true. The writer could, for instance, be totally deluded or indulging some kind of fantasy. This is, indeed, the most likely cause of the style which is known as 'automatic writing'. Therefore, the writer, it should be assumed, is undergoing, at the age of 25, some form of 'madness'.

What form of madness would this be? Has the writer developed a friendly alter-ego which he has developed and called 'G' which we presume stands for that which we call 'God'? The objection to the writer's claim - unless he is writing fiction deliberately - is that he is 'nuts'. The first mental illness we would investigate would be some form of schizophrenia. Indeed, there are multiple personalities evident in the work.

In order to determine the veracity of this claim - that the author is experiencing the effects of schizophrenia, we need to assert that there exists a psychological state which is to be known as 'the norm' or 'normal'. Can this be done? To suggest that there exists a 'norm' would suggest there exists a psychological state which is objective, stable and fixed, despite the vicissitudes of a person's life - their worries, anxieties and personal flaws. Since we need, in order to diagnose some form of acute madness or personality disorder, we cannot make an arbitrary decision. A diagnosis must be made on objective grounds.

Of the two characters or personalities that are manifested in the work, it appears that one, 'L', is unhappy with the tension that exists in his life between his sexual orientation and his religious faith. He is also unhappy because he is grieving the loss of a woman with whom he separated at University. His emotional state is storm-tossed and his behaviour highly erratic. It is evident that he masturbates a great deal and is deeply unhappy, isolated and feels terribly alone. 'L' is looking for answers to the fundamental issues affecting his life. In 'G', he discovers answers that enable him to resolve some incredibly deep rooted conflicts that are evident in his life.

For his part, of the two personalities expressed in the work, the personality 'G' claims divinity. This personality says, 'I am God'. This personality also identifies himself as the 'Conscience' of the writer. In contrast to the erratic, psychologically distressed, 'L', personality 'G' exhibits notable signs of compassion for personality 'L'. Personality 'G' also, however, takes personality 'L' to task on some very serious moral failing evident in personality 'L'. 'L' accepts the truth of his moral failings following the accusation of 'G' of betrayal and selfishness. While these accusations are blunt, 'G's assertions of moral failure by 'L' are followed by and preceded by words of consolation, understanding and love - a pattern that runs throughout the document.

'L', on the other hand, does not claim divinity. 'G' tells 'L' categorically that 'L' is a prolific 'sinner', but reassures him of the constant love that 'G' has for 'L'. 'L' accepts his moral failure and decides to place trust in the personality 'G', believing this personality to be divine, and seeks further help from 'G'.

If we put to one side the personality 'G's claim of divinity, because we are approaching this matter with objective scepticism, personality 'G' consistently provides 'L' with sound advice and a degree of wisdom that 'L' lacks. This dialogue between 'L' and 'G' enables the 'L' to work through some deep emotional wounds which he had previously been unable to resolve, which, if it could be summarised, amounts to the need for 'L' to lay down his life, forget himself and serve others. Insodoing, 'L' is promised happiness. These kinds of teachings are evident in the holy texts to which the author has been exposed since his conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2001.

Therefore, we now reconvene with, not an objection but a question. Since we view this book from the experience of one who does not believe in the supernatural, but one who works in the psychological field, it cannot be stated positively or negatively that this is an encounter between the author and God. Of the two personalities that are manifested in the work, however, it can be objectively stated that one personality 'L', is deeply flawed and extremely disturbed - at times - even hysterical. The other personality manifested in the book, 'G', on the other hand, appears, despite the assertion that he is divine, to be benign, caring, loving, peaceful, compassionate an at times incredibly tender towards the personality 'L'.

Of the 'split personality' disorders, can we discover a disorder in which one personality is 'all at sea', whereas another personality manifests some form of virtue or wisdom that strikes the other as being alien to it, if welcome? Is what we are seeing here a 'Dr Jeckal and Mr Hyde' disorder?

Throughout the writing encounter, as well as personalities being manfested in 'L' and 'G', there appears to be some form of 'battle of wills' going on. The will of personality 'G' is for personality 'L' to become more like 'G'. Personality 'G' identifies himself as Saviour, God, Love, Compassion, Incarnate Wisdom, Goodness Itself and Jesus Christ and describes the result of the dialogue taking place between the two personalities as being the result of a state of 'perpetual prayer'.

The author is obviously one who already prays, but the nature of the dialogue between the two personalities is notably intense. In fact, the two personalities, who at first appear as strangers, grow in relationship with one another. Between personality 'G' and personality 'L' a steadfast bond appears to grow that strikes the reader as being one of trust, friendship, intimacy and even perhaps some kind of 'love affair'. 'G', having described 'L' as the 'apple of his eye' and making notable exclamations of love for 'L', appears to draw from 'L' such exclamations as 'my Lord and my God!' and 'my God and my love'.

Therefore, we find in the author's claim that this is a divine encounter a curious element which is unusual in the field of psychology. The result of the dialogue that takes place between the two personalities are manifestly and evidently positive. From the personality discourse, the personality 'L' receives consolation and almost consistent love and support from the personality 'G'. From reading the manuscript, the psychological conflicts caused by painful separation between 'L' and his lost love 'Beatrice' appear to be healed by the realisation of 'L' that he has failed to put her needs above his own. Yet, in his moral failure to 'let her go' and wish her good, he finds in the personality 'G' a sudden, transforming and overwhelming joy and embrace, to the point that he exclaims personality 'G' to be the 'Messiah' and 'Saviour' of the World.

A new pledge of loyalty is made by 'L' to personality 'G' in a serous of exclamations that suggest that the personality 'L', so grateful for the help of personality 'G', wishes to serve 'G' alone and be possessed entirely by 'G'. Very soon after this 'crescendo', personality 'L' ends the book and writing ceases entirely indicating that something has been resolved in the mind of the author.

It becomes evident in the book that personality 'G' has taught, personally, 'L' the true meaning of love and its self-sacrificial nature. Personality 'G' is gladdened by the affection and generous response of personality 'L', implicitly promising a renewed hope of happiness and eternal reward for 'L'.

Despite the fact that throughout the dialogue between the two personalities, both personality 'G' and personality 'L' confirm the sexual orientation of the author to be homosexual, there is, if not what one would describe as a 'curing' of the 'condition' of homosexuality, some kind of healing in the author - not necessarily in terms of his sexual orientation, but in terms his view of the sexual expression of love.

This must be in some sense the case, because ten years after the writing episode, the author of the book maintains a three year relationship with a woman with whom he confidently asserts he will marry in the summer of 2013.

It appears from the outcome of this 'spiritual writing exercise' that the author has laid several 'demons' to rest and has, since writing the book, undergone some kind of personal liberation from his deeply conflicted psychological state, through the advice and encouragement, support and love of personality 'G'. The author, who was for a time seeing psychiatrists, a fact made evident in the work, was on substantially powerful anti-depressives. It is also true that he had undergone a period of cognitive behavioural therapy in London prior to the writing of this work. The author maintains that he stopped taking anti-depressives following the dialogue and no longer needs any form of counselling or cognitive therapy. He now appears to be living a far more stable, loving and emotionally healthy lifestyle, supported, regularly by his Catholic Faith.

It appears, too, that the author has gained vocationally, if not financially, from the writing experience, since in 2008, he began a blog which receives a not unsubstantial number of 'hits' a day. The author, or 'patient' maintains that writing this blog brings him a sense of fulfillment and meaning that was hitherto lacking. It is impossible to attribute the author's evident love for the Catholic Faith and for evangelizing through the new media to the writing episode he has named '33', but it is difficult to imagine the personality 'L' writing and communicating the Catholic Faith as passionately as he does going by the mental state of his personality at the time of writing the document, since the personality of 'L' appears to be timid and even afraid.

In my limited experience and knowledge of psychology, I know of few or no such cases in which a schizophrenic or multiple personality patient, nor even of one engaging in paranoid fantasies has benefited so much mentally, spiritually, emotionally or vocationally from the effects of his own psychiatric condition or disorder.

I would therefore assert that this is a hitherto unknown multiple personality event and that it cannot be immediately explained, for there is no explanation to hand for this dramatic account. The possibility of some form of supernatural event, or process taking place outside of the natural order cannot therefore be ruled out. The author's assertion therefore should not be immediately dismissed and the document remains mysterious.

I realise that people who talk about themselves in the third person are considered to be mad, but in order to give as an objective account as possible to the document by the person who wrote it, this assessment had to be done in such a style.

To readers already bored by this kind of self-indulgence, I apologise, but if someone calls me 'nuts', I feel strangely compelled to respond as best I can.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Gruffalo Scandal

Behold, readers, the horned Beast of the Apocalypse.

Bring back the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Children should not be indoctrinated with this kind of diabolical storytelling.

Isn't it obvious who the Gruffalo really is? For how long will we allow this horned beast with yellow eyes to haunt and seduce the minds of young children?

Someone get me Bishop Williamson. He needs to know about this scandal.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Do read the excellent Gentlemind blog raising awareness of the forthcoming Mega-Bill and of the urgent need for legislators and British people to wake up and recognise the sleight of hand being played by Her Majesty's Government in its claim that this proposal merely 'extends' marriage.

Fifty Shades of Grayling

"Shocking, specious, treadmill, graphic, violent and grippingly tedious. You'll never think of secularists in the same way again."  ~ Washington Post


War is peace and there's gold reserves in Mali.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

ASBO Nation

Bills Within Bills

A leaked HM Government document disclosed this evening suggests that fears of marriage defenders over various and diverse implications of the 'same-sex marriage' proposals are not entirely unfounded.

The document lays out the various bills that will not have to be brought before the House of Commons for discussion, since all have been catered for under the proposal for 'same-sex marriage'.

These dramatic and revolutionary hidden bills are as follows:

Church of England Get With the Programme Bill
Royal Family Get With the Programme Bill
Age of Consent Reduction Bill (otherwise known as Tatchell and Harman's Law)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Bill (aka When Two Tribes Go to War Bill)
Renaming of STIs and new NHS Dictionary Bill
Official Clothing Assessment Bill (aka Okay, So Who is Wearing the Trousers Here? Bill) 
Get with the Programme Assistance for Teachers, Clergy, Parents, Public Sector Workers Bill
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd Family Law Bill
LGBTQUABI Whatever Floats Your Boat Literature Dominated Public Libraries Bill 
Isle of Wight Re-Education Centres Bill
Foreign Immigrants Marriage Views Screening Bill
Religious Pathology Investigation Bureau Bill
Re-naming of Parents Bill
Ministry for Scripture Interpretation and Truth Bill
Re-Parenting of Children Bill
Child Removal for LGBT Placement Bill
Philosophy, History, Literature and Culture Rewriting Bill
Graphic Pornography for Minors and Encouragement to Dabble Bill 
Reappraisal of Shakespeare's Works Bill
LGBT History Revision Bill (aka Wilde's Law)
Theatre and Entertainment Revision Bill (aka, Julian Clary's Law)
Domestic BBC Psychological Warfare Against Unarmed Combatants Bill (aka Tavistock Bill)
Reproductive Farming and Human Cloning Bill 
Mass Media Government Conformity Bill
Domestic Defence and New Media Monitoring Bill (aka Turing's Law)
Telegraph Blogs Screening and Censoring Bill (aka Comment is Free as a Slave Bill)
Charitable Organisation Tax Exemption Exclusion Get With the Programme Bill
Male Breast-Feeding Pill Bill
Multi-Marriage Incest, Bigamy, Horse Marriages Bill 
Military Establishment and HM Prisons Marital Bunk Bed Bill
Linguistic Monitoring Unit Bill
Works of Dante Burning Bill (aka Fry's Law)
Official Government Dictionary Bill
Dangerous Thoughts, More Dangerous than Dangerous Dogs Bill
Same-Sex Wedding Songs Re-writing Bill
Anti-Social Bigoted Behaviour Bill
Abolition of Adultery Bill
Consummation: Who Needs It? Just Get With the Programme Bill
Road Closures for Social Engineering Works Ahead Bill
Gender Equality, Sexes Sameness, All Much of a Muchness Bill
Menacing Persons, Marriage Terrorists and Non-Compliants Bill
Marriage Licences Bill
Military War on Russia to Defeat Homophobic People's Bill
Licence to Breathe Bill
Year Zero Population Strategy Bill 
Abolition of Death, See We Can Do Anything Bill
Here's More or Less What's Down the Road, Archbishop Take Note Bill 

Unbelievably, this was only page one of the seven page document, as only the first page was disclosed. One campaigner, who wished to remain anonymous in case anyone should learn of aspects of his personal life spoke of the revelation while hanging out some dirty linen, "Not content with destroying the word 'Gay', now they want to destroy the word 'Marriage'.This is incredible. If they tried to introduce any one of these bills, it would be slung out and people would be in uproar, but because its all under one 'mega-bill', they think they can get away with it."

A Small Homeless Survey in Brighton

I attended, last night, the memorial Mass of a Polish man, aged 28, who committed suicide in the wake of losing his job in Brighton.

Pray for his soul and the countless friends who turned up for a memorial Mass. His body has been sent back to his parents in Poland and his friends are understandably devastated.

Some general and anonymous info from the Homeless Nightshelter project which may interest readers. What stunned me was the proportion of men who are from Eastern Europe who do not want to claim benefits because they want to work.

14 men: no drug addicts or people with substance or alcohol issues.

Polish male: Left homeless accommodation in Brighton, was unhappy there, now homeless.

British male: Left homeless accommodation, was unhappy there.

British male: Lost flat in another town. Came to Brighton. Was made to 'go back' by Rough Sleepers Team, but didn't work. Had mental breakdown, came back.

British male: Broke up with partner. Lived with girlfriend. Was not his tenancy - made homeless.

British male: Unable to access hostel support. Told he does not have 'significant issues'. Was in London hostel, lack of funding so left.

British male: Harrassment from neighbour and anti-social behaviour in other city. Left to come to Brighton.

Polish male: Lost job and lost housing in London. Now rough sleeping in Brighton.

Polish male: Lost job and lost housing in London. Now rough sleeping in Brighton.

British male: Couldn't afford rent, last rented in other county, could not afford it.

Slovakian male: Was in temporary hostel in London, but placement was temporary.

British male: Nowhere to stay in Brighton. Left supported accommodation in another town to be close to family and partner in Brighton.

Czech male:  Came to look for work. Was with Aunt in Czech Republic.

British male: Fleeing assault and violence in hostel in other part of country, so came to Brighton.

Australisian Male: People staying with moved, last july shared a house in Brighton, lived in Caravan, but now homeless.  

Cheery stuff, eh? They're all men, so tonight I'll let them know that if Cameron changes the definition of marriage, the door will be open for them to all get married to each other with a year or two. That'll help them. Isn't all this 'equality' stuff just so inspiring?

The Past is a Foreign Country

With Our Lord Jesus Christ, the past is a foreign country, but no ordinary foreign country. It is a country washed away, as if by a torrent of Blood and Water which gushed forth from His side for our redemption. When we go to Confession and receive Absolution, making us worthy to receive Him in the Holy Eucharist, our sins are like Atlantis, erased from the memory of God and man. As far as the East is from the West, that is how far God has removed our sins from us. Every time we go to Confession, every time we receive Holy Communion, we learn again that Christ makes all things new, for the 'former things have passed away'.

Monday 28 January 2013

33: A New Publication For Your Perusal

Patron of this blog: St Jude Thaddeus
Dear readers,

We stand on the verge of the redefinition of the institution of marriage by Her Majesty's Government. As Catholics, we know that the defeat of this proposal is extremely unlikely. We are praying for reason and sense to prevail and for the light of Faith to dawn once more in the hearts of our legislators.

I knew, in 2003, when this publication was written that I would one day be called upon to bear witness to the Catholic Faith in a particular way and at a particular time. The particular way is by means of the publication of the book entitled '33' that now appears at the top of this blog. The particular time is now.

This book, to me, is a frank exchange between my soul and my Creator and Redeemer, but to you it is simply something a man has written. It is entirely up to readers to make up their own mind what it is. I can make no objective claim upon it regarding authenticity. It has been seen by a few people with a mixed response over whether it is suitable for publication. I know, however, that the ultimate decision on publication falls upon me.

I am not under the illusion that this book can save marriage in the United Kingdom. The protection and rescuing of the institution of marriage is the responsibility that falls upon legislators and also the Monarch who will be asked to give Royal Assent to the bill if it is successful in the Houses of Parliament.

Pray for Her Majesty the Queen
Whatever people make of it, I hope that it will serve as a stepping stone to those who might see in it some evidence of the sure hope that is within us of salvation and may also serve to awaken, within men, love for God, curiosity and interest in the Catholic Faith and that it may serve to overcome prejudices many have within and without the Catholic Church regarding the issue of homosexuality present within its pages.

I understand and fully take responsibility for the fact that this book will not be universally greeted, nor universally welcomed. I am prepared to lose friendships over its publication, since I understand that not all can bear to read a man's interior struggles, sins and anxieties. I offer this humiliation and whatever sufferings I endure to the Lord and accept whatever He sends me for my salvation and the salvation of others.

I am, as readers know, no Apostle, but an epistle. I am Laurence England, of Brighton, East Sussex; a poor sinner, yet servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother; a humble servant of the Pope, Benedict XVI, who is Successor of St Peter; the Bishops, who are Successors to the Apostles and of the Clergy and consider myself to be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is not entirely impossible that the controversial nature of this publication, despite the fact that I make no claim over it other than what it means to me, personally, could bring me into some kind of official disrepute, since I presume not to forecast its reception. I endeavour to remain faithful, in spite of my sins, weaknesses and failings, to Our Lord Jesus Christ, since it is to Him that I must ultimately render an account of my life and, in particular, an account of whether I used the talents He has given me for His Eternal Glory.

I believe, too, that as long as we both shall live, I will have the understanding, love, loyalty and support of my fiancee from Acton, who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, without whose love, companionship and support I am a ship-wreak to make St Paul wince. I pray for all who will read '33' and especially for those who fear the Church's teachings on human sexuality and marriage, that this small and humble offering may serve to alleviate their concerns, so that their entrance into the Ark of Truth and of Salvation may not be encumbered by fear.

I wondered for a deal of time whether this book would ever be published and especially whether it would be published after my death. I now understand, however, that the nature of the State in which all citizens of the United Kingdom live and that which, if trends continue, is to come calls for the publication of this rather odd book. With the redefinition of marriage around the corner and with all that this could entail, there is a very real danger that any book that examines the issue of homosexuality from a Catholic perspective could be branded offensive and dangerous. This is the logical outcome of the redefinition of marriage because of the new status that will be afforded to 'same-sex marriage', at the expense of true and natural marriage.

What to me is the incomplete story of my soul, but to you may well be the ravings of a total and utter fruitcake, I therefore present to readers. I hope also that it serves to raise the profile of all Catholic bloggers, as well as the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, who write in defence of the Most Holy Faith and who are, at this time, doing all they can, alongside Bishops and Priests, to defend the institution from redefinition by an overarching State which sees fit to alter and destroy not just the institutions upon which every society is founded and built, but the very meaning of words themselves. God's judgment, as millions of Catholics know, can be so embarrassing, but whether we are 'straight' or 'gay', whatever inclinations or sins afflict us, no matter what we go through in this vale of tears, here is a phrase we can rely on: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today and forever. Nobody has to believe in this book, since it is just a book, but I am personally entitled believe in miracles and answers to prayer, whatever Richard Dawkins thinks of them.

I submit this publication to readers and ask that if this publication contains any error or heresy whatsoever, to bring it to my attention. If there is a Bishop who would like to give this publication an Imprimatur, then I have just one question. Have you lost your mind, my Lord?

I await the response of readers with utter trepidation.

St Jude Thaddeus, pray for us.
Blessed Titus Brandsma, pray for us.
Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.

Defend the Holy Faith. Defend Marriage. Defend our Holy Mother the Church. Defend freedom. Fight the good fight, pray for our legislators, Queen Elizabeth II and for our dear country. Let us defend marriage and the Truth even unto the shedding of our blood for Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Happy Feast Day

A very happy Feast of St Thomas Aquinas to all readers.

Pray for us St Thomas Aquinas,
that those with the gift of Faith may seek understanding,
that those with the gift of understanding
may give counsel to those who doubt
and that those who doubt may believe and understand,
recognising in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,
the Eternal Word, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
the King of Eternal Glory,
Whom the Eternal Father sent into the World,
born of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
our Immaculate and sinless Queen
for the Salvation of sinners.

If a man wants to compose a little prayer to St Thomas does he need an Imprimatur? I do hope not!

Why not listen to St Thomas's Pange Lingua Gloriosi, which went straight to the top of the Church's hit parade around 1517 and stayed in the top ten for all the centuries up to the present, and most likely, until the End of Time.

Seriously, though, please help us, St Thomas, to defend Marriage from the attacks it is now under, in our country with arguments grounded in reason, yet inspired by Faith.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway Prayer Released

Official NHS Prayer released this year
An official NHS prayer has been released for those in the care of Primary Care Trusts up and down the land, in order to give spiritual comfort to those waiting to be starved and dehydrated to death under morphine:

'O God, save me in thy name: and judge me in thy strength. O Lord, hear my prayer: and hearken to the words of my mouth.
For strangers have risen up against me, and the mighty have sought after my soul: and they have not set God before their eyes.
Behold, God is my helper: and the Lord upholdeth my soul. Turn back the evil upon mine enemies: and destroy them in thy truth.
Freely will I sacrifice unto thee: and will praise thy good name, O Lord, for it is good. For thou has delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath looked down upon mine enemies.' 

Brave New Brighton?

The Argus, Brighton's local newspaper, had a weird headline yesterday:

Police demand DNA from men with historic convictions for being gay

'Police turned up on the doorsteps of men and ordered them to hand over their DNA – for being gay. Officers went to the homes of three men and demanded they be allowed to collect samples from them in case they were guilty of unsolved crimes.

The men were picked out because they had been convicted of the outdated offence of gross indecency. And those who refused faced being arrested and taken to a police station for questioning. The tactic was used by officers as part of Operation Nutmeg, the force’s move to solve old crimes by collecting DNA samples from rapists, murderers and child sex abusers in case they were responsible but never caught.

But those convicted solely of gross indecency were also grouped in the directive and received a knock on the door – despite national guidelines saying they should not be. Two of the men were so concerned by the incident they called the Brighton LGBT Switchboard to see how it affected their legal rights. The historic anti-homosexuality offence of gross indecency, which was famously used to convict Oscar Wilde, was repealed in 2003...'

For full article click here. Best comment on The Argus's website:

"Well they're all undesirables aren't they? Walking the streets or cruising around in their cars, eyeing you up and just making you feel uncomfortable. This story just re-enforces my views. Not that I'm prejudiced mind, after all, some of my best friends are policemen ..."

Friday 25 January 2013

Know Mary, Know Jesus

Horsing Around

Marriage Care

I can confirm that Marriage Care are happy to offer relationship counselling to people in civil partnerships.

I know because I've seen the form in which it asks whether you are 'married', 'single', 'divorced' or in a 'civil partnership'. So, James Preece was right on Marriage Care and if 'same-sex marriage' goes through they'll presumably be happy to do the same for all 'married couples'.


Do You Remember Voting for This Guy?

International financial rapist of nation states tells UK Prime Minister what to do on Europe.

Soros has helped to fund:

Campaign for 'gay marriage', LGBT movement
Pro-Euthanasia campaigns
Campaign for legalisation of all drugs
Artificial contraception and much, much more...

If Cameron is taking orders from Soros, Cameron needs to be arrested for treason.

We voted for corrupt politicians. Not corrupt billionaires in New York. He has a sense of irony, though. His mega-foundation is called 'Open Society'.


There are men in the World and even Catholic Church today who consider themselves to be modern day Oscar Wildes.

Most of them forget that not only was Wilde married to a woman who he loved (and with whom he had children), but was repentant over his 'gay lifestyle' when he was received into the Catholic Church on his death bed.

Since his conversion at any other time would have caused scandal to the Faithful, were he unrepentant, he would not have been received.

Marriage Morning Must Read

Courtesy of The Telegraph

'The Education Secretary issued formal reassurances that teachers and other staff who hold traditional views on marriage should not be punished for refusing to promote same-sex marriage at work.

 But a senior source in Mr Gove's department said the UK was not “in control” and that the ultimate decision might “inevitably” be taken at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

 It comes as the Coalition prepares to publish a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry. David Cameron believes that gay marriage is a fundamental issue of equality and is determined to make it law.

But he is facing a backlash from within his own party and churches who believe it would undermine the institution of marriage by redefining it.'

Click here for full article. As often as you can, pray for the defeat of this 'proposal'.

To read the Same-Sex Marriage Bill 2012-2013, click here.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Child Abuse

In the absence of natural parentage, it is child abuse to deny a child the right to a father and a mother. It is to neglect a child's welfare and best interests. Children require and deserve paternal love and a male role model as well as maternal love and role model for their personal development in order to grow up with a healthy attitude towards love and relationships. To adopt or 'buy' children in order to fulfill the personal desire of the adopter, rather than the needs of a child for a loving mother and father figure, is to turn the child into a product or a commodity.

Westminster: The seat of abused power
A Government that enshrines onto statute legislation that seeks to undermine or destroy those adoption charities who truly seek the welfare of children to be served, rather than the personal desires of potential adopters is a Government that no longer shows care or concern towards its young citizens, nor the institutions of marriage and the family that bind the society together.

A Government that deliberately legislates to penalise those who seek the best interests of children to be served is a Government worthy only of the scorn and contempt of its population. Such a Government has lost all legitimacy. Such a Government should be removed, since if it cannot be trusted to care for the welfare of children, it cannot be trusted to protect or defend the welfare or interests of any of its citizens.


It is worthy of note that the last time in human history the Government classified people along the lines of their sexuality, a great many homosexuals ended up getting exterminated by the Government, along with people classified according to their job, political affiliation and religion. They couldn't have done it without the help of IBM, of course.

Thank God that IBM - as an information technology company with reams of information on nearly everyone and with ongoing contracts with every kind of Government department around the globe - are no longer a force to be reckoned with. Such a company, I suppose, would in modern times have the ability to be something of an 'all-seeing eye'. Thankfully we've left that terrible period of history long behind. Oh, no wait...

I suppose that as long as Government is at the service of people, rather than people at the service of the State, IBM are a force for good 'service delivery' in the World. The problem seems to be that history tells us they don't mind doing business with Government when the State sees at least a proportion of its own citizens as expendable or in some way unhelpful to the Government's 'agenda'.

Do people really think that the absurdly powerful movers in this World, The Royal Society - along with those eugenicists at work within it - see homosexual persons as persons with an innate dignity that comes from being made in the image and likeness of God? Exactly where do homosexuals and lesbians fit in with the Human Genome Project? Are the rights of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people really cared for by Government and industry, or will all who sign up to this social engineering project and to being 'classified' be viewed in history as 'useful idiots'?

People must surely realise that the goal of the eugenicists at work in powerful groups in Government and industry is for total State control over human reproduction.

This can only be achieved by the complete destruction of marriage and the complete severing in the public consciousness of the link between sexual intercourse and procreation. Did not the brother of Julian Huxley, Aldous, warn us of what was to come if we did not wake up? 

If people at the top of the most powerful institutions around the World are basically Nazi in their outlook, are not homosexuals and lesbians going to be among the first groups to be lined up against the wall once the takeover of all of society is complete?

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish, but it seems obvious to me that the UK Government holds its own citizens in contempt. A Government that presides over the deliberate killing of its unborn citizens and of its elderly can in no way be relied upon to defend the rights of those in between these stages of life. What makes people so convinced it really cares for 'gay rights' when, in the grassroots gay community itself, there is such little call for 'gay marriage'? Can we be absolutely sure that what is 'down the road' is not just persecution of the Church, but the gas chambers for those who refuse to bow down to State-dictated morality and State-led tyranny?

If, as is regularly seen in Parliament, the people are ruled by a band of thieves and robbers, if Government is happy to kill its unborn and elderly citizens already, if Government lies to its people consistently and lies about its motives for 'foreign excursions', then in what way is the State trustworthy to deliver any service to the people that does not deserve the utmost scrutiny?

In what sense can we, as citizens of this country, accept a Government that sees itself as so powerful and so beyond the reach of natural justice that it believes a human institution such as marriage belongs to it and that the same Government can alter its inherent meaning, purpose and definition. Any society that allows its Government that kind of totalitarian power, knowing well the real possibility of the criminalization of those who disagree with its actions that will follow in the wake of its legislation, is a society that is literally asking for the terrible history of the 20th century to repeat itself in the 21st.

You might say that you can't imagine Cameron and Clegg endorsing anything seen in the 20th century (anything, that is, short of endorsing the killing of the unborn as a 'human right'). Fine. I would quite agree. However, what if we currently have, in the United Kingdom, not simply a State, but a State within the State in which Government personnel simply come and go? The way policy is developed and forced on the people today, without real reference to public opinion, along with the way in which public opinion is manipulated with the power of propaganda, it is not impossible that this is the State in which we now live.

The Most Threatening Thing to Stonewall

Schools and Same-Sex Marriage

The SPUC Anthony Ozimic's apperance on This Morning has caused a stir in the marriage debate, both within Catholic new media circles and doubtless in the so called "equal marriage" camp. Generally, I think Anthony did very well in a heated debate which left him facing three opponents, instead of the one opponent discussion which was meant to be overseen by two impartial television presenters.

Opinion appears divided over the approach that Anthony took on the range of issues forcefully and emotionally presented to him. Some commentators have described Anthony's approach to the issue as the right one, while one Catholic commentator on Twitter described the debate as a 'train crash'. This is somewhat unfair, I think, and given that Anthony single-handedly, against three opponents, reduced public support in the live opinion poll for same-sex marriage to be taught in school by 20%, quite untrue.

This debate is highly charged - since we are now such a highly charged and hyper-sexualised country - and the language being used is so emotionally loaded. Anthony was accused, in what is now the most consistently employed gay lobby truth missile defense system, of 'homophobia'.

Is Anthony 'homophobic'? I really doubt it, but, that said, one Catholic I know who has same-sex attraction reacted very angrily to the interview yesterday. As well as mounting a 'homophobic' attack on 'gay marriage' and it being taught in schools, Anthony's crime appears to be one of 'pathologising' homosexuality. I personally found Anthony's approach to the issue refreshing precisely because he refused to buy into or accept any part of the LGBT campaign's propaganda.

In refusing to do this - by asserting that there is something 'not normal' or disordered or even unhealthy about homosexuality, Anthony was able to do the one thing that people at home who are uncomfortable with the LGBT agenda feel unable to do - that is - he spoke his mind. He refused to take this issue on the terms presented by the media and also refused to publicly accept the sacred cows so cherished by the LGBT brigade.

Assessing homosexuality as something that is plausibly linked to issues grounded in childhood development, environment and psychology, rather than genetic or necessarily 'chromosomal' factors, may be an avenue that Anthony did not have to explore, nor perhaps the particular angle from which the Church comes from, or even an argument grounded in natural law.

Anthony's defense, however, was a defence mounted in defence of children. The Catholic Church states quite clearly that homosexuality is a disorder of the natural sexual state. Why should we not explore the possible reasons as to why a child may grow up into an adult with a disorder of the natural sexual state and find himself only able to form sexual relationships with members of the same-sex? Are we saying that there is a whole field of psychological enquiry which has been closed off? Who closed it off? Was it closed off by 'Peer Review'? Are 'Peer Reviews' infallible documents or could it b,e that on the subject of homosexuality, enquiry into this was called off because the liberal, taboo-smashing orthodoxy requires consensus of psychiactric opinion?

Personal experience

I'll be quite frank. I continue to live a life with what the Church, more helpfully and dispassionately describes as 'same-sex attraction'. This, I whole heartedly accept to be a disorder. The very phrase, 'same-sex attraction' itself is more helpful to understanding ourselves than 'gay' - a term which was robbed by the 'gay community' from the English dictionary and distorted to fit their political and frankly Marxist agenda.

My experience of homosexuality or same-sex attraction is that it developed in childhood. My first sexual experience was with another boy at about the age of 9, though I cannot recall the exact age. This person shall of course remain nameless. This experience, however, was initiated by him. It then came to pass that an older boy of around 14, known to me and the boy, took me to a wood and got me to hold his private parts and do things 'for him'. Looking back, this was some kind of abuse encounter. I was very young and impressionable.

Secondly, I found it difficult to form a strong relationship with my father. At the same time, I had a very close relationship with my mother. It so happens that most homosexuals I have encountered, in which I mean 'met', as well as myself, have had distinct 'father' issues. One I know, actively despises his own father. Another clearly never had one. Another cannot forgive his father for what his father did to his mother. Another, his father was never at home because he was always at work and meetings. Whenever I have met a homosexual, I have picked up the distinct impression that this individual has either no bond or a severed bond or only partial bond with father. I don't have a psychology degree, but just looking at my own sexual formation and that of others I know, does it not make perfect rational sense for a child with no father bond to seek bonding with a man he is perpetually searching for?

Thirdly, if there is one psychological disorder prevalent in the gay community (indeed rampant throughout society), it is the psychological disorder of narcissism. I'll be frank, I have this disorder too. Anyone who blogs as much as me must think rather highly of himself that his thoughts are so valuable they must be posted extremely regularly. Indeed, the age in which we live (Facebook, Twitter, fashion, trends etc) actively encourages this most pernicious of disorders.

Self-glorification, self-worship, even, is elevated to an astonishing degree, to the detriment of the health of family, society and indeed the individual. It is a "me, me, me" age. The brazen selfishness and self-obsession of the political gay lobby, indeed, is the very reason why all of society is now being ordered to usher in an age and a Brave New World at that in which the family is to be re-ordered so that their unjustified wrath may be appeased and the unnatural unit of two men and a baby is to be seen as equal to the natural family unit of man and woman and children.

The Rainbow: Policy is being made through an LGBT Prism

This is what, in fact, lies at the heart of the marriage debate - a debate taking place only because the LGBT community have launched an astonishing attack on the institution of marriage by insisting that, by some intrinsic right created out of nowhere, this institution that comes about through the union of man and woman belongs equally also to them. The truth of course is that it belongs to the whole society and uniquely to those who enter into it in order to unite two complementary, but uniquely different, genders. Man and woman. Nobody is excluded by the institution of marriage. Men and women are both catered for. The only people not catered for by the institution of marriage are those who refuse, either willingly or unwillingly, to unite with a person of the opposite sex for the procreation of children.

Public policy is now being made through an LGBT prism. That's why there are rainbows everwhere. Everything in the LGBT world is seen through a prism of self - even a prison of self - that ignores, holds in contempt or esteems as of trifling importance those natural bonds of love that every civilization has valued.

Marriage is one of these natural bonds, for marriage is a natural institution. Another is motherhood - a widely disparaged vocation. Another is fatherhood and the bond between father and son. Another is grand-parenthood and the role of extended family.

The LGBT lobby, in truth, will never be happy - another word for 'gay' - even if society, Church and State should bend over backwards to give it all that this voracious lobby requires. Why? Because the truth is that the LGBT lobby present to the nation, to families and to children a philosophy regarding sexuality in which slavery is promoted. What is this slavery? It is the slavery of sin and the slavery of the self and of the fulfillment of selfish desires that refuse to respect the role and purpose of sexuality and sexual expression for children, for family and and society.

In truth, this vision of sex for purely pleasurable and selfish reasons in terms of homosexuality is merely an extension of what is already taught widely in schools - that sex has no objective moral dimension or purpose - and that neither does marriage. This is what Anthony Ozimic was talking about in terms of giving children an education that respects the authentic and only good vision of human sexuality, life and love. Marriage is about liberty - not licence. The family is about liberty - not licence. Love is about liberty - not licence. Those who distort the meanings of love, family and marriage do so in order to suit their own licentious ends and end up making prisoners of themselves and, in turn, the rest of the society who refuses to be slaves to their own disordered sexual desires.

Real slavery is the slavery of the self

The Divine Founder of the Catholic Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ, said, 'The truth will set you free'. What is the Truth? The Truth is Jesus Christ, the Way and the Truth and the Life. What is 'free'? To be free is to be free from the tyranny of selfishness, the prison of self-love or even self-worship, in order to love God, to love your neighbour, to love Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother and His Church even unto the shedding of your own blood. To be a slave of Jesus Christ is to be free. To be a slave or a hostage to sin and to the Devil is to be forever in chains.

The primary reason why children should not be taught about same-sex marriage in schools is that it is not primarily the responsibiliy of the State to give children the moral formation and moral education that is the duty and right of parents. It is not to the State to indoctrinate children with a new and wholly untested vision of human sexuality, love and marriage.

It is not to the State to indoctrinate children with its own vision of such matters which run entirely contrary to the natural law. This is the duty and right of parents. It is not just the rights of children to be given an authentic vision of human sexuality and love in school that are under attack. It is the rights of parents and, in particular, any parent who objects to this kind of education.

Indeed, at one point in the discussion, the presenter asks Anthony to descibe the 'lifestyles' and 'practices' of homosexuality. For some reason, Anthony felt unable to do this. Is this, perhaps, because the practices and lifestyles associated with homosexuality are not suitable subject matter for daytime TV? Perhaps Anthony should have mentioned fisting, mutual masturbation, rimming, sodomy and the rest and just let the complaints from those at home fly in. Then he could have said, "....and this is what Stonewall and the Terrence Higgins Trust want to be taught in your child's school. Oh, but don't worry, because all such behaviours are perfectly 'normal' and 'healthy', despite the fact that HIV claims many gay men's lives and rates of HPV are so bad in gay men that there are calls for 'vaccinations'.

My own experience of being a man with same-sex attraction may have been heavily influenced by being exposed to homosexuality at a very tender age. The event with an older boy was deeply distressing and its something I rather not think about because I realise that it was, fundamentally, child abuse. Teaching about homosexuality in schools is a recipe for the exact same events to be promoted and replayed in every school up and down the land.

Do parents want this kind of education for their children?

So, I ask parents of the United Kingdom:
  1. Is this what you want for your child?
  2. Do you want your 8-year-old son to be abused by an older child, having been encouraged to sexually experiment by the teachers you thought were there for your child's education and protection?
  3. Do you want your impressionable cherub experimenting sexually with any other children?
  4. Do you want the State to be the moral educator of your children or would you rather do this yourself?
  5. If much of what consists of gay literature is so offensive that it cannot be discussed on daytime TV, then in what sense is it suitable for your child in a school setting? 

Before you make up your mind, do have a look at the substance, if not the precise material, of what the Terrence Higgins Trust actually wish to promote in schools.

If it is not what you want for your child and you do not want your Government to enshrine into legislation law that will promote child abuse, wake up, get off the fence, stop pandering to the dogma of political correctness and do everything you can to oppose the Government's redefinition of marriage, because time is short and the Devil never sleeps.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Survival of the Fittest

David Attenborough's views helped us to abandon our homeless project
I volunteered last night for a homeless shelter project in Brighton. With three other Catholics, I manned a night shift at a night shelter scheme in conjunction with other Brighton and Hove Churches.

We were flicking through the newspapers and read the David Attenborough article about population, climate change and poverty.

Having read the Royal Society fellow's analysis of the world's problems, we soon thought better of our so called 'charitable' work of sheltering the homeless and decided it best we throw them out onto the street and into the snow.

I mean, what is the point in making provision and sacrificing personal time and sleep in order just to preserve these people's lives? It's not rational to intervene in nature and defend them, is it? Why not just let nature take its course, surely? These people are not economically productive. They don't work, do they? What are they contributing to society? Are they paying taxes? There are so many homeless and economically 'unfit' people in Brighton, one wonders whether they are some kind of plague upon Brighton and Hove. It's anti-Darwinian after all and surely against reason to care for them. What is their purpose?
After the homeless vacated the building, the games began!
So, we told them all to sling their hooks, kicked them into the street and stayed up until late playing poker in the cosy and warm. One of them left his fags behind, but that was his fault, so we smoked them all. I do hope nobody gives him any money to buy more because he'll only spend it on drugs and drink. But don't worry, readers. Before we threw them out into the snow, we temporarily sterilised them while they were sleeping in order to limit population. Some people say what we did was "mean" or "heartless", some even "downright evil", but Attenborough's view of the world helped to change our view on matters of population, climate change and especially poverty.

For a while, we talked about 'What would Jesus and Mary do?' in this situation, but in the end there were enough heretics in the team of volunteers to decide that Jesus would do whatever a successful and wealthy nature documentary maker and climate activist would do, because the man Jesus was just a really nice guy who cared about animals, population growth and the environment - just like St Francis of Assisi.

So thank you, David Attenborough, for helping us to see what a drain on the economy and on natural resources these feckless homeless people were. We would like to have gone one step further and shot each one of them in the head so that we reduced the number of homeless in Brighton - a sure shot way of reducing poverty - but obviously that would have got us into trouble with the law.

David mixes with some furry fellow friends at the Royal Society
In the end, thanks to David's clear and concise analysis of global poverty and population, we have abandoned the homeless night shelter and left the homeless men we were sheltering to die of exposure in freezing temperatures due to Council indifference.

Part of me thinks what we have done is 'wrong' - a feeling I can't quite shake - but I know the man who hangs around with monkeys and other ape friends, especially at the Royal Society, has to be right, because, after all, he's on the telly. The reduction in carbon emissions due to our humane intervention could just save an ice shelf in the Antarctic. I mean - well - it could if everyone made a combined effort to rid the world of homelessness once and for all and a sustainable distribution of food and resources were made a priority for those who truly deserve them - those who can afford them and who contribute to society.

We were going to give them a nice fry up and some tea and coffee in the morning, but thought best that we eat all the food ourselves and throw anything we didn't use in the compost for recycling. We've since abandoned the Catholic Faith and are seeking Richard Dawkin's approval in order to join the National Secular Society.
"Frightening": Homeless men wander Brighton's streets at night

With renewed vigour and zeal, the team are drawing up a radical proposal to send to all the Churches of Brighton and Hove currently involved in the night shelter scheme for the "frightening" homeless community.

The population of homeless has "exploded" in the last few years, so we will be making several recommendations to other Churches taking part in the project. We've called it 'Agenda 24(h)'. These recommendations are as follows:

i. Provide round the clock sex education to homeless people.

ii. Coercive artificial contraception measures to be enacted in their regard.

iii. Take steps towards ensuring that despite the fact that there is loads of food in shops, encourage at all nightshelters a progressive policy to keep the homeless community of Brighton in a state of perpetual famine - just as the British Empire did with Africa and other colonies.

iv. Lend a fiver to the homeless men everyday. Set the interest rate at 4059% per day that they have not repaid the debt. If they cannot repay the money then give them another loan at an interest rate of 8098% until they pay back the first loan on the express agreement that each and every man accepts an action plan on reducing their population in Brighton and Hove.

Brighton and Hove City Council have welcomed our environmentally friendly, anti-poverty, population measures and are now considering funding the initiative until 2029. Already the UN has shown an interest in the policy proposal and David Rockefeller has very kindly donated $3 billion to the progressive, environmentally sound, anti-poverty population reduction initiative. Thank you, Mr Rockefeller, you really are a Saint who consistently puts his money where his mouth is.

Monday 21 January 2013

Pope's First Latin Tweet

Click the link above for the translation for His Holiness's answer to a question on Christian Unity and how it is to be achieved.

Obama's First Miracle

Tim Stanley has a good piece on the liberal mUSsiah today. I'm waiting, also, for the likely account of the unemployed blue collar worker who wanted to see Obama so much that he was lowered through the debt ceiling.

Catholic Snow Sculpture Tradition Returns to England

One Catholic puts the finishing touches on David's head
After centuries of persecution, Catholics have returned once more to the traditional practice of Christian snow sculpture, bringing the Christian Faith into the public square with beauty, glorifying the Lord with snow.

While Protestants and atheists continue the violence manifested by snowball fighting - a tradition born out of anti-Catholic sentiment following the Reformation - Catholics are returning to the tradition of sculpting famous works of Christian art through the means of snow.

While not every Catholic is so gifted as the great Catholic snow artists, especially those at the time of the Renaissance, other Catholics have been bearing witness to the Faith by giving their unique snow sculptures some pious accessories.

Speaking of the re-emergence of Catholic snow art, one eminent historian said, "It is such a Pieta that this beautiful tradition was lost for centuries, but it is wonderful that this snowledge has not been lost to previous generations and the tradition has been preserved, as if discovered in due season at the back of one's freezer."

Asked whether King David was English, one Protestant said, "Naturally. I mean, the psalms in my Bible are in English, so I can't see how King David could have been anything else but English."

Papal Bull in a China Shop

Have you spotted it yet?

Apostolicae Curae is not just any old Bull.

The Pope Who Won't Be Buried

It has been a long time since I have put finger to keyboard to write about our holy Catholic Faith, something I regret, but which I put larg...