It is worthy of note that the last time in human history the Government classified people along the lines of their sexuality, a great many homosexuals ended up getting exterminated by the Government, along with people classified according to their job, political affiliation and religion. They couldn't have done it without the help of IBM, of course.

Thank God that IBM - as an information technology company with reams of information on nearly everyone and with ongoing contracts with every kind of Government department around the globe - are no longer a force to be reckoned with. Such a company, I suppose, would in modern times have the ability to be something of an 'all-seeing eye'. Thankfully we've left that terrible period of history long behind. Oh, no wait...

I suppose that as long as Government is at the service of people, rather than people at the service of the State, IBM are a force for good 'service delivery' in the World. The problem seems to be that history tells us they don't mind doing business with Government when the State sees at least a proportion of its own citizens as expendable or in some way unhelpful to the Government's 'agenda'.

Do people really think that the absurdly powerful movers in this World, The Royal Society - along with those eugenicists at work within it - see homosexual persons as persons with an innate dignity that comes from being made in the image and likeness of God? Exactly where do homosexuals and lesbians fit in with the Human Genome Project? Are the rights of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people really cared for by Government and industry, or will all who sign up to this social engineering project and to being 'classified' be viewed in history as 'useful idiots'?

People must surely realise that the goal of the eugenicists at work in powerful groups in Government and industry is for total State control over human reproduction.

This can only be achieved by the complete destruction of marriage and the complete severing in the public consciousness of the link between sexual intercourse and procreation. Did not the brother of Julian Huxley, Aldous, warn us of what was to come if we did not wake up? 

If people at the top of the most powerful institutions around the World are basically Nazi in their outlook, are not homosexuals and lesbians going to be among the first groups to be lined up against the wall once the takeover of all of society is complete?

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish, but it seems obvious to me that the UK Government holds its own citizens in contempt. A Government that presides over the deliberate killing of its unborn citizens and of its elderly can in no way be relied upon to defend the rights of those in between these stages of life. What makes people so convinced it really cares for 'gay rights' when, in the grassroots gay community itself, there is such little call for 'gay marriage'? Can we be absolutely sure that what is 'down the road' is not just persecution of the Church, but the gas chambers for those who refuse to bow down to State-dictated morality and State-led tyranny?

If, as is regularly seen in Parliament, the people are ruled by a band of thieves and robbers, if Government is happy to kill its unborn and elderly citizens already, if Government lies to its people consistently and lies about its motives for 'foreign excursions', then in what way is the State trustworthy to deliver any service to the people that does not deserve the utmost scrutiny?

In what sense can we, as citizens of this country, accept a Government that sees itself as so powerful and so beyond the reach of natural justice that it believes a human institution such as marriage belongs to it and that the same Government can alter its inherent meaning, purpose and definition. Any society that allows its Government that kind of totalitarian power, knowing well the real possibility of the criminalization of those who disagree with its actions that will follow in the wake of its legislation, is a society that is literally asking for the terrible history of the 20th century to repeat itself in the 21st.

You might say that you can't imagine Cameron and Clegg endorsing anything seen in the 20th century (anything, that is, short of endorsing the killing of the unborn as a 'human right'). Fine. I would quite agree. However, what if we currently have, in the United Kingdom, not simply a State, but a State within the State in which Government personnel simply come and go? The way policy is developed and forced on the people today, without real reference to public opinion, along with the way in which public opinion is manipulated with the power of propaganda, it is not impossible that this is the State in which we now live.


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"I've got a little list...and they'd none of them be missed!" (With apologies to W.S. Gilbert.)