Thursday, 10 January 2013

Forced Abortion UK?

I'm horrified but not terribly surprised that there is not more concern, more comment and more opinion in our beloved British press over the Court of Protection and a bid to put a woman through an abortion against her will.

The judge, thankfully, ruled refusing to allow doctors to enact a forced abortion on a woman with sickle cell disease. The NHS said the abortion was "urgent" because the woman's life was in danger. So "urgent" was the abortion that the woman's wishes were discarded. Pray for the woman, we do not know her name and for her unborn child. The fact that this is under discussion in our Courts is very, very concerning. Presumably, a different judge - a different result?


blondpidge said...

Oh thank God the judge made the right ruling.

It is thought that at least 15% pregnant women suffer from Ante Natal Depression (AND) as a direct result of their pregnancy. I suffered from it myself in pregnancy and at times it made life very difficult and to think straight.

In addition, I was repeatedly advised to abort on medical grounds, it was thought that physically 3 babies in 3 years would be too arduous and delivery was deemed high risk.

What got me through all of it was sticking to the simple conviction that it would be a terrible and wicked thing to abort my unborn baby.

I could see myself in a similar situation to the lady above if I ever conceived another child and this must be an issue of concern for women everywhere. What constitutes unable to make decisions? I thought of some silly options. What constitutes serious risk?

Truly frightening when a woman's baby can be forcibly aborted.

Lynda said...

And of course, killing the baby of a woman with significant intellectual retardation means that woman could not have "consented" to the killing of her child, nor to having sexual intercourse. Ditto for those who have not reached the age of adulthood. Abortion is often "forced" to one degree or another, even where the mother is of normal intelligence and an adult. It is always forced on the child who is brutally killed. And often, the baby is killed against the desire of his father, grandparents, siblings, and many more of his fellow men.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Whilst one welcomes the Judge's decision one wonders where these doctors who wanted to do this came from? Is this just another example of the Culture of Death infecting the medical profession?

Anonymous said...

So what about the UK. Plently of young girls & women.who.are forced by ex bf, boyfriends family.even.their own family to have an abortion. Some even blackmail & treatened to keep it secret. And the worst is when the health professional allow the bf or bf/family to sign the papers without Asking THE WOMAN HERSELF IN PRIVATE BY HERSELF IF ITS REALLY WHAT SHE WANTS. Some may speak up & some may not.

But if you never ask you never know.

Simple question to ask a women who is carrying the child.

Why do you want an abortion in the 1st place & if we could help you,would you still want to progress with the pregancy?

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