If the World followed Jesus...

If the World followed Jesus and His teachings, families would be happier and stronger. There would be no divorce, nor adultery. Marriage would thrive and society would therefore also thrive. The elderly and sick would be treated compassionately and the unborn would be welcomed into this World as our brothers and sisters.

We would no longer see those around us as objects for our exploitation and sexual gratification, but their value as children of God.

Instead of funding abortion, the rich would fund provision for the poor for shelter and see to their practical needs. The rich would fund hospitals and give alms gladly for the sake of their souls and for Jesus. Religious orders and monasteries would thrive. There would be no war, nations would no longer fight and send their sons to die in pointless conflict. There would be no pornography. Women and men would be equally respected and society would value men and women not on what they produce but for their gifts. The poor would be fed and treated as kings and queens.

If the whole World followed Jesus it would be a happier World full of promise and hope. Unfortunately, we always think we have a better way. We cannot ask the World to follow a path we are not prepared to walk ourselves and our King reigns from a stable as an infant. Our King reigns from a Cross.