Monday, 14 January 2013

The Enemies of the Church Will Not Be Victors

The atheists and others perhaps believe that the Holy Faith will 'die out'. In every age, these people are always are met with disappointment.

Were the numerous and varied enemies of the Church to extinguish the Faith and put to death all believers, the Catholic Faith would only rise again.

Many forces now coalesce in an effort to ensnare the Church, but we should recall that nobody, be they personnel in the British State, or those who seek Her silence on issues concerning marriage, life and human sexuality - none of these - will be beneficiaries of a society that rejects the message of the Gospel and which wishes to eradicate it from the public sphere.

The only beneficiary of such a situation will be the Devil. He knows he has to work hard and fast, for his time is short. He wants to crush the Church, destroy families and take as many souls as he can with him down to Hell.

Yet the Devil will not be truly victorious in the battle over 'gay marriage', come what may. His victories are short-lived.

The Devil can try and claim souls, successfully perhaps, can try and crush the Church and erase Her, but ultimately he has already lost. He is already vanquished. Those who serve him, knowingly or unknowingly, whatever the outcome of the 'marriage debate', will not be winners. The only victors in the battle that lays ahead will be Christ and those who He crowns in the coming persecution.


philipjohnson said...

brilliant piece of writing .god bless .philip johnson.

Anonymous said...

brilliant piece of writing .god bless.philip johnson.

The Bones said...

Come back in five years and we'll talk about it.

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