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I just watched the BBC's programme on Comet ISON. I'm not a science boffin, but I like this Comet from the start because it reminded me of Our Lady - all that blue and white. I also like the fact that after so much investigation scientists cannot work out this Comet. It's 'unpredictable'. Not too unpredictable I hope!

If it has survived, which is seems to have in some shape or form, it might be perfect timing for the procession St Mary Magdalen Church is having on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Brighton. Do come if you are in the region. If I can remember, I'm going to try and invite some Coptic newsagents and Kebab shop owners. They love Our Lady even though most of these newsagents still sell porn and condoms in their shops.

The latest news on it is here. It seems to have scientists baffled. That's good. I love the fact they still aren't sure how water got here. We Catholics, we love a bit of mystery. Wow. That's pretty amazing footag…

Our Eucharistic Faith

Since Jesus knew that his disciples were murmuring about this, he said to them, "Does this shock you? What if you were to see the Son of Man ascending to where he was before? It is the spirit that gives life, while the flesh is of no avail. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and life. But there are some of you who do not believe." Jesus knew from the beginning the ones who would not believe and the one who would betray him. And he said, "For this reason I have told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by my Father." 

As a result of this, many of his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him. Jesus then said to the Twelve, "Do you also want to leave?" Simon Peter answered him, "Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."
The Gospel seem to present the Eucharistic discourse in St John in quite stark terms. Jesus spoke and taught with great clarity - especially on the…

Final Roll Call for Guild Meeting

Come to the Guild Meeting.
Email me at and Fr Tim Finigan at to confirm your attendance.

My Boss and Capitalism

Tim Stanley has today written a neat little piece on Pope Francis's exhortation. Well worth reading. I don't have a big axe to grind against capitalism.

I work in a cafe in Brighton. My boss pays me not very much an hour. I think its just above the national minimum wage. I have no formal contract, so I cannot even speak of a 'zero hours contract'. There are no formal contracts for any of his employees.

He doesn't give sick pay to any of his employees. He doesn't give holiday pay to any of his employees and I guess if one of them needed it, there would be no maternity pay either. I am employed to work when he wants me or the cafe needs extra assistance. I am on a rota, but if the weather is bad they call me up and say, 'We don't need you today'. Well, I never know what the weather's really going to do, so I'm really his slave.

Meanwhile, he makes a lot of money, so I hear. Apparently, he's doing really well.

I ask you: Is the problem with…

The Promethean Great Comet of 2013: Is it a Pelagian?

Space Station: "Houston. I think we have a Promethan Neo-Pelagian here. What do you make of it? Over."

Houston: "What the heck is a Promethean Neo-Pelagian? Over."

Space Station: "I don't know but it looks like we're about to find out. For the time being, check out this blog for an exploration of the subject. Over."

Bones of Contention

Damian Thompson writes today on questions raised from His Holiness's latest Exhortation. Yes there are many. Here are a few of mine...

Question 1. Does the holder of the Office of the Papacy own it? Is it his possession or is he custodian and guardian of both the Office and the Deposit of Faith?

Question 2. The Lord Jesus Christ, Victorious Head of the Church, His Bride, calls every Pope to conversion and indeed all human beings to conversion. We are called as Catholics to continual conversion of life. The Office of the Papacy is not a human being, so what does the Pope mean?

Question 3. What would a 'conversion' of the Papacy look like? It's not a loft.

Question 4. Does Our Lord Jesus Christ get any say in this at all or is it something His Holiness would like to do since His Holiness is asking conversion of others? Has Our Lord been consulted? Has St Peter? My my, Your Holiness. Going by your words it would appear that you are ambitious, indeed!

A reader has also sent m…

We Have Seen the Humility...Now for the Ambition

They say that some people try to impress others by saying they have read a book, such as 1984, or Brave New World, when in fact they have not. People even claim to read books because they believe people will be more likely to sleep with them if they say so. Well, no such temptations will arise with this 'little papal book'!

Comment and opinion has already been fired into the world wide web concerning the Holy Father's exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. How did they read it so quickly? This new document is not easy to read at all and it is a confusingly long 'manifesto'. I am known to walk into a few cul-de-sacs when I write and sometimes suffer from what they call a 'butterfly mind'. Sometimes what I write just goes on and on. At such times, I think its most likely my 'ego' taking over. We Catholics know it as intellectual Pride.

Today, I spoke to someone who has written a piece on it having read the document (and this person was telling the truth). Th…

Christmas is coming...Buy the Holy Father a Gift

Littlewoods are selling these delightful slippers for those cold winter months.

Buy the Holy Father a present for just £25.00.

The Theology of the Pottery Chalice When Applied to Church Architecture

Cheap, functional, humble, simple, in keeping with the poor, humble, simple Nazarene, with no need for flying buttresses. Honestly. Flying buttresses! Whatever were they thinking?! Would the humble, simple, poor Nazarene recognise such extravagance?!

I've been having a debate about  the evil pottery chalice on Facebook. In order to join it you'll have to go to my Facebook page. By all means offer your thoughts.

Meanwhile there is a BBC report that the Pope has put me on display in Rome. Don't worry, readers, Deo volente, I am safe and well here in Brighton, Deo gratias!
'Pope puts bones on public display'

Sunday Quiz

Leave a comment to guess.
Then find out the answer here.
The winner gets to admonish an Archbishop on the internet.

I understand the modern age presents many of us with difficulties, but I expect these are not all entirely unique to this age and I would have thought an Archbishop might issue a rallying cry to fidelity to Jesus Christ and the Magisterium. It would appear not on this occasion.

His Holiness Pope Francis despite some media splutters, is not swanning around advocating dissent (as can be read here). Despite his popularity with Bishops, I am not sure many Bishops understand His Holiness's vision. When was the last time you heard of a Bishop promoting the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Holy Rosary and Confession within days of each other?

There is a way to rouse the faithful out of complacency and it starts with Bishops teaching the Faith without 'but's. To be Christian in the modern age is extremely counter-cultural, we may even stumble along the way, but we are call…

Pope Francis: A Hard Act to Follow

So, how is it going? We live in different times. People now associate the Church with the sex abuse crisis perhaps less than they did and due to the great media buzz surrounding Pope Francis, we are experiencing a more positive response from those outside the Church towards Catholicism.

I must say, however, that I am finding imitating Pope Francis quite difficult. How is your kissing mission going? I would have thought by now that the general public would have seen so much kissing by the Pope in the media that they would react to my kissing the general public the same way, but something's not quite right.

If I go up to ladies and ask them for their children so that I may kiss them, not only are they not interested, but they say they are going to call the police. I go up to ugly or disfigured people, start touching them and kissing them and pointing to the sky and they tell me to "f*** off" or to "get away from me, you maniac". Pope Francis? What am I doing wr…

New Movie: Chesterton

The life of GK Chesterton is to be made into a Hollywood motion picture. 'Chesterton: The Movie' is to hit screens in late 2014. We've been given a sneak preview of the script and I think you'll agree that its set to be an action packed adventure which will give Russell Crowe's Noah a run for its money...

Act 1, Part III
GK Chesteron's wife walks into the study while the genius is hard at work at another Father Brown story.
"Would you like a cup of tea, dear?" she says.
"Thank you, that would be lovely," replied Chesterton.
"Any plans for the day, dear?" says his wife.
"Yes, I'm meeting Hilaire for a pint. He's working on an essay and wants to discuss it with me. I was thinking, shall we go to Brighton next weekend?" said Chesterton. "That would be nice, dear." replied his wife.

Gripping stuff, I think you'll agree. I can't wait!

Guild Meeting Announcement: Calling Catholic Bloggers

Preparations are under way for a meeting of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma (TGOBTB), the coalition of Catholic bloggers using the new media to spread the Catholic Faith. This group is not to be confused with A Call to Action That Leads to Schism (ACTATLTS) and it is impossible to be a member of both. You cannot serve God's Church and schism. You'll love one and hate the other. Got it?

So, this is a call to those Catholic bloggers out there within the Guild, as well as those bloggers not in the bosom of the Guild, as well as those who comment on blogs or use Twitter (etc) who uphold and defend the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church.

I can now confirm that the Guild will be given a talk entitled, 'Medical Aspects of Miracles: Drawing us Towards Faith' by Dr Adrian Treloar FRCP, MRCPsych, MRCGP. Dr Adrian will discuss some miracles that have happened in Lourdes an explore what we can learn from them. Dr Treloar is a Consultant Senior Lecturer in Old Age Psychiat…

Terrible as an army set in array...

And then there's just terrible, as Elvis ditches Gregorian Chant for secular music.

Long live Christ the King! Viva Christo Rey! May the Virgin of virgins intercede for us on this Feast of the Presentation of Our Blessed Lady.

There...that's better!

'While the king was reposing, my spikenard yielded the odour of sweetness.'

Preparing for the Feast of Christ the King

Preparing for the Feast of Christ the King? Feast your eyes on then on Quas Primas, the encyclical of Pius XI. It's not popular with the UN or many Governments on Earth, but it is a worthwhile read for all.

16. Christ as our Redeemer purchased the Church at the price of his own blood; as priest he offered himself, and continues to offer himself as a victim for our sins. Is it not evident, then, that his kingly dignity partakes in a manner of both these offices?  17. It would be a grave error, on the other hand, to say that Christ has no authority whatever in civil affairs, since, by virtue of the absolute empire over all creatures committed to him by the Father, all things are in his power. Nevertheless, during his life on earth he refrained from the exercise of such authority, and although he himself disdained to possess or to care for earthly goods, he did not, nor does he today, interfere with those who possess them. Non eripit mortalia qui regna dat caelestia.[27] 18. Thus the…

More 'Signs and Wonders'

Within weeks of each other, two cosmic events are to take place in close succession. The Sun's magnetic fields are about to flip, according to scientists. While the Sun's poles do this every 11 years, apparently, according to scientists, coronal mass ejections are said to be likely. That could be bad news for bloggers and everyone else if electrical power grids are shafted.

The other event is a Comet, ISON, that will shine as bright as the moon to onlookers, which is hurtling towards the direction of the Sun. Perhaps both of these events will pass of peacefully and we'll just see a spectacular light show, but I think these events may fall under the bracket, 'Fearful the heavens'.

In the 'bad old days' people considered such things to be omens, portents, warnings and were filled with foreboding. In the Middle Ages people would flock to Churches to repent and to pray. These days, we've 'moved on' from that kind of thing. Perhaps we hav…

Planet Earth! You Got Mail!

'Who is she that cometh forth, bright as the sunfair as the moon, terrible as an army set in array?'
I don't take this MDM lady terribly seriously (can you really take a 'PR consultant' prophetess seriously?) but I have to concede she has a gift for reading the 'signs of the times'. It is, as the Holy Father warned me against, something I sometimes look at out of a sense of 'curiosity'.

Is she right about the Comet and the Warning? Time will tell. Forewarned is, well, forewarned. I mean, its not as if she's the first 'prophetess' to suggest such things.

Revisiting BBC Hardtalk Interview with Archbishop Vincent Nichols

I thought it was worthwhile revisiting this now infamous interview with BBC's HARDtalk in the light of the survey on how Humanae Vitae has been received by the laity, since Bishops decided to stop teaching it in 1968.
S. And yet you and the Pope are sticking to a deeply traditional, small "conservative" line. Therefore the disconnect between the general population and the Roman Catholic church appears to be getting wider. Does that not worry you?

N. Well no, what would worry me more frankly is to try and refashion a message simply to suit a time. I think there is if you like a critical distance to be held between how the church struggles to understand a revealed truth and how a society is moving. If they're too close there's no light. If they're too far apart there's no light.

S. There's no church. If they're too far apart frankly there's no church.

N. There might be no church. That's true.

S. There'll be nobody in the pews.


Healing the World

Cardinal Maradiaga's Dallas speech - not to be confused with JR Ewing's Dallas speech, has been analysed posthumously above by the late Michael Jackson and Michael Voris below. It would be lovely to think that one day Subway will give out free food for the homeless between 3pm and 5pm every Friday, but unless a deeply committed Catholic (or Buddhist/Hindu/atheist) obtains a franchise - it probably is never going to happen. Even then, if he did, he'd have to ensure he didn't tell the Head Office.

Regardless of my deep distrust of Latin American liberation theology, because it has a tendency to remove our need for Christ's Passion, Death and Resurrection from the Church's mission of Salvation, I do love the idea of the Catholic Church humanising capitalism and encouraging everyone to love and give to the poor.

It's a lovely thing - the whole idea of it. The sad thing is that the enthusiasm generated from speeches like that of the Cardinal tend not to actuall…

High Praise, Indeed, from President to Pope

H/T Rorate Caeli
In a jaw-dropping statement, the President of Italy thanked the Successor of St Peter, otherwise known as THE POPE, His Holiness Pope Francis, for introducing elements of "doubt" and "uncertainty" in communicating the Catholic faith and applauded His Holiness's reluctance to promote unpopular teachings of the Faith, noting the "absence of all dogmatism"  in the Holy See's "dialogue" with the World.
'Pope Francis made the first state visit of his pontificate today, traveling two miles from Vatican City to Italy’s presidential palace, where he voiced the church’s solidarity with the nation in facing social challenges that included immigration, unemployment and the well-being of families. Pope Francis said: “There are so many questions on which we share common concerns, and where our responses can converge,” the Pope said in his address to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, following their private half-hour me…

'Mad-Dog' Maradiaga Lays Out the Next Decade of Disaster

A friend of mine alerted me to what is being touted byRocco Palmo as the 'programme' under the papacy of Franciscus coming from his inner circle and frankly, if you don't mind me saying, this speech is a foreboding one to say the least.

You might think a tabloid style header including the words,'Mad-Dog Maradiaga', is a little bit disrepectful to a Prince of the Church and you'd be dead right, but I can imagine that when Michael Voris's beady eyes get sight of the Cardinal's recent speech in the US, he's going to hit the roof. And then some! Why? Because this agenda is insanity!

I'm becoming something of an acolyte of Michael Voris undoubtedly because in the near absence of Bishops teaching the fullness of the Catholic faith, and with a small, if vocal, minority of priests doing so, hey, where do you turn for the message of Eternal Life? The man, as they say, tells it like it is and to the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Truth, cl…

Poll Results In

Yes. Of course He is.   27 (60%) No. He is entirely Other.   4 (8%) Yes. He was Jewish but, oh its complicated. At least He showed no interest in Mormonism. Deo gratias!   2 (4%) Yes, if Mary is Catholic, then her Son is, her Son is God, therefore God is Catholic.   2  (4%) Yes. If the visible Head of the Church is Catholic, then the Invisible Head is, since the visible head is Vicar of Christ.   10 (22%) Okay, now you've really spun me out. Your telling me God is a Jewish Convert to the Catholic Faith?   0 (0%) Christ is wedded to His Church. His Church is Catholic, Christ is God, therefore God is Catholic.   11 (24%) Just chill out. It's a Mystery.   3 (6%) No, I will not chill out. Jesus Christ is Lord, Second Person of the Trinity. He founded the Catholic Church. The Divine Founder is not indifferent to His Church. In fact, it is His Bride!   11 (24%) Yes, but does that answer whether God is 'a Catholic God'?   1 (2%) Jesus said, 'I am the Vine, you are the branches.' If t…