Monday 25 December 2017

Thursday 21 December 2017

Day of Anguish, Day of Terror

I have seen that those Meddling Catholics, hot on the heels of their popular You Tube hit 'World Over' (it isn't yet, but I sometimes get the feeling Francis is taking us there) interview with Pope Francis, have produced a very amusing version of 'White Christmas' with Raymond Arroyo and Francis performing a duet of the popular festive tune.

Today was the Curia's 'dressing down' day, a day not to be mistaken with Crib figures flinging their clothes off to lay down naked near the scene of the birth of our Salvation, it is that day when the Curia are debriefed and their hidden faults are laid bare, as they bathe in the glorious light that radiates from our  'Dictator Pope', still retailing at just £7.12 on Amazon Kindle.

I had forgotten that I had a while ago recorded a version of Sir Cliff's 'Mistletoe and Wine', a mini-musical monument, a little sing-a-long obelisk to the annual verbal massacre that is the Pope's Christmas address to the Curia, a festivity immortalised when he informed the Curia of their 'fifteen diseases' in, I believe it was, 2014.

This year the Pope has not disappointed those people who were looking for some really nasty insulting words towards his staff. There aren't many of those people and surely very few in the Curia. Here are some of those choice words...

This year the Pope again delivered some stern criticisms of his staff, and appeared to make reference to recent public controversies.
The Pope denounced an “unbalanced and debased mindset of plots and small cliques that in fact represent – for all their self-justification and good intentions – a cancer leading to a self-centredness”.
He also referred to former officials who left after being “corrupted by ambition or vainglory. Then, when they are quietly sidelined, they wrongly declare themselves martyrs of the system, of a “Pope kept in the dark”, of the “old guard”…, rather than reciting a mea culpa.”

Hmm...who could he be talking about? The St Gall Mafia? The clique of militant homosexuals once hiding in the woodwork and now marauding around Rome and elsewhere? The still powerful and bemusingly appointable Jesuits? Cardinal Maradiaga? Or Cardinal Muller and the CDF and CDW talent dismissed for no specific reason who might just feel a little aggrieved?

Again, 'mystery' surrounds the intended audience for the latest stinging rebuke. Presumably, should his words be believed, the Pope is well-informed and does not deem himself to be kept 'in the dark' by anyone about anything, which is a shame really, because Pod-casting men of goodwill in this season of goodwill are still cutting Pope Francis some serious slack despite his poorly camouflaged intention to nullify the Word of God by means of Jesuitical sorcery.

These generous souls remain determined to present a hypothesis that the Pope is being played like a naive schoolboy at the mercy of the 'wrong crowd' who just happen to all be his friends and with whom he agrees. Surely, he is not one of them! Surely not! It has reached a stage where I fear that such dewy-eyed hopefulness is the final stage in what they call in the psychological field 'denial' and that it serves those who still present the hypothesis for the duration of this papacy because they know the people of God are defenceless in the face of a monster Pope. I don't blame these people. We all need coping mechanisms! Personally, I find singing cathartic.

It seems incredible in the truest sense of the word to hear Francis criticising those who betray trust placed in them, when so many loyal Catholics feel betrayed on a daily basis by the direction of this pontificate, but nonetheless, according to this Crux report...

Francis decried the “betrayers of trust, or those who profit from the maternity of the Church,” meaning, he said, people who “don’t understand the lofty nature of their responsibility.” He also said the process of reform requires “patience, dedication and delicacy.”

Perhaps after 'The Dictator Pope' has been well and truly digested by the Church and Francis has gone to his eternal rewards only and been canonized anyway just because that's what happens to Popes, His Holiness's Feast Day could be somewhere around 21st December, that day on which he really says what he thinks to people he doesn't feel are entitled to respect, because, you know, forthright honesty and fraternal correction is a mark of sanctity, right? You feeling that FrancisMercy? No? Well at least Christmas is near!

If you missed 'Misanthropic Swine', my rendition of the festive song at which many an Englishman says, 'I think I'll go and put the kettle on', I post it for your enjoyment below. I know there have been quite a few songs recently, but today is 'Curia Address Day', a day in which the Vatican annually quakes and tremors are felt beyond the walls of the City. It simply cannot be allowed to go unmarked.

If I don't blog beforehand, may all readers of this blog have a very happy, blessed, holy and joyful Christmas. Let no man destroy your joy in Christmastide!  The Lord has foretold and warned us in advance of those days when it will appear that the wicked are triumphant. Remain in the Truth of Christ, stay faithful, evil is not triumphant in the Church of God and never can be, despite what you see.

The Lord wins, the Lord will win in the end. What joy and what celebration there shall be for those who trust in Him and take Him for their refuge now. May you and I be numbered among those for whom purest and sweetest joy shall come! In the twinkling of an eye, the Lord's enemies will cringe at His feet! What a dressing down tha shall be! Still, come, Lord Jesus!

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Ding Dong! Everybody's High!

Here is a musical interpretation of the inglorious Vatican crib which continues to be controversial. Vocals are ropey, but hope it gives readers a laugh.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Truly Soviet

I don't know who runs the Twitter account, @Pope_news, but clearly the account holder was a little upset that the Catholic Herald ran a story on the book, The Dictator Pope. @Pope_news, a character just as anonymous as the author of the stunning new release, claimed that the revelations within the book and news of the books arrival itself have caused no stir in Rome at all and included within the tweet the image above of the adorable Pope cuddling a young couple in an adorable manner in what can only be described as a frantic attempt to portray the 'dear leader' as both invincible and inviolate. 'How could any of these accounts of the Franciscan pontificate be true!? Look! He's so cuddly and fluffy!'

Quite honestly, I don't know what I find more distressing - the picture of the character of Jorge Mario Bergoglio that emerges from within the pages that I have read of 'The Dictator Pope', or the race by the Vatican's PR men to close ranks and protect the image of "Juan Perón in ecclesiastical translation”.

What is more distressing and destructive? A Pope who runs the Vatican like a mafia boss or a Vatican inner court that has no interest in allegations of corruption and manipulation and that continues saying that everything in the garden is rosy when it knows that everything in the garden has been ravaged by beasts?

The above picture shows that the communication organs of the Vatican are now behaving like Soviet propaganda arms and little more, but then we have been used to this for five years. The only thing that matters is the image of the Pope - nothing else!

Truth, lies, heresy, corruption, fabrication, brutality, isolation and discrediting of 'enemies', manipulation, deceit on a hitherto unprecedented scale? None of that matters! Folks, all that matters is that the leader is wonderful and to prove it, 'Look, here he being wonderful! How could anyone think otherwise!'

However, it looks rather like The Dictator Pope is causing enough of a stir to prompt such preposterous defensive tactics by @Pope_news. A clear sign that he who must be pleased is more than a little displeased!

The Pope Who Won't Be Buried

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