Friday 30 May 2014

Bishop Athanasius Speaks

I found this on Gloria TV. I think the interview could be quite old. He speaks very beautifully on the matter of Holy Communion.

That Awkward Moment...

When you're Pectoral Cross falls into a 'hiding place' the exact moment when you are in an 'interfaith' setting. This is an embarrassment that many Bishops can attest to.

It clearly took His Holiness a long time to realise that his Pectoral Cross had accidentally been hidden.

Why did nobody point it out to the Holy Father?

 Why does it always happen at just the wrong moment! Thankfully, we can rest assured that this was not a 'gesture', authentic or otherwise, and that these things just happen, because it seems obvious to me that any Bishop who hides Christ meeting anyone is some kind of, well, I am not sure quite what!

The mysterious disapperance of the Cross was also a phenomenom that affected others in attendance.

Ah well, there's always next time, Your Holiness. An unplanned gesture that could happen to anyone, or, even, everyone! Quick, put your Crosses away lads, its only polite!

The Father of Zionism

Apparently Theodore Herzl, the 'Father of Zionism' - though I am quite sure the true 'daddy' is the Rothschild dynasty - wrote the following in his treatise calling for an establishment of a Jewish State - one gesture that was certainly planned. More can be read about this here. Sounds like a lovely guy. I can't see why St Pius X refused his requests...what was he thinking?

Pope Francis was walking a tightrope in the Holy Land and decided to stay on the tightrope in his interview on the return, but yet another article hints that despite an unfortunately 'hidden Cross' and a laying of a floral wreath at the grave of the 'Father of Zionism', several Jewish figures remain unimpressed.

You can be all things to all men, but you can't please everyone. So important therefore, that Our Lord gets a 'look in'. Then, at least you know you've done your best to please one Person!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

This image is beautiful. It sends out a clear signal - and I believe it is an authentic gesture - more authentic than your average authentic gesture - that the Pope can carry and does carry a black bag. I don't know about you but I respect anyone who carries a bag. Yet, I do wonder whether this black bag lark is a little 'outdated'.

The Supreme Pontiff, in making a clear gesture that he is one of the ordinary folk who walk on a red carpet, need not use a black, leather bag. The red carpet, obviously, isn't anything fancy for Pope Francis himself, but symbolises the Blood of Christ that trailed through the street in that land made Holy by His Life, Death and Resurrection. For the Pope to give a sign of Our Lord's Passion and Death, as well as the blood of the martyrs is just beautiful. Beautiful.

So much more versatile

Why a black bag though? Why not something like a Sainsbury's bag, or a 'bag for life' Sainbury's bag at that, or the Italian equivalent. This would send a clear and uncontrived signal out to the masses that the Pope is a man of the people, just like Nigel Farage and other figures who wish to send a clear signal that they are men of the people. Perhaps if His Holiness visits the United Kingdom, he could be photographed having an authentic pint of ale with Nigel, even if Nigel can be a little bit 'traditional' in his sense of Britishness.

Another beautiful image this, of the Vicar of Christ humbling himself by reversing the protocol of what happens when you meet the Pope.

If a Catholic met the Pope, by virtue of the authority and office he holds, a Catholic would kiss the papal ring and show deference to the Vicar of Christ, a profound and tangible link with his Lord, but this protocol is astonishingly sent into reversal when meeting a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Yet it need not be a Jewish Holocaust survivor, for it could, indeed, be a priest advocating homosexual unions and their attending acts. Obviously, if you think there is anything a little odd about such behaviour, you are either a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying anti-Semite or a homosexual-hating, sexual freedom denying, oppressor of gays and a homophobe. Take your pick!

Such overtures and authentic gestures of authentic spontaneity are so beautiful and remind us that the Pope is humble and wonderful, different to his predecessors and vastly more charitable to everyone.

Here is another picture of a Pontiff sending out a clear and uncontrived message to the Church of his unswerving support for the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate who are about to have some serious charity visited upon them by those acting on behalf of the Pope. So important that Pontiffs are seen to be in support of those ignored by authorities and persecuted for their fidelity to Christ and His Saints.

Why is he hanging out with these types? Bishop Athansius Schneider
I did say a Pontiff. It is so important that Pontiffs are seen to support causes not taken up by the politicians. It is important that Pontiffs lend their support to people who are powerless in the face of the mighty, like Latin Mass-attending Catholics. 

We certainly have a charismatic Pope and this event promises to be something else. Charismatic events can be so spontaneous that people in attendance have we known to combust.

Authentic Gestures

Courtesy of The Catholic Herald...

Regarding his dramatic gestures during the visit, when he prayed at the controversial Israeli-built separation barrier in the West Bank and kissed the hands of Holocaust survivors, the Pope said the....

“...most authentic gestures are those you don’t think about… mine were not planned gestures, it just occurs to me to do something spontaneously that way.”


Is it just me, or is the Holy Father suggesting that there are times, even as Pope, in which His Holiness has engaged in what could be called 'inauthentic gestures' but that these 'unplanned' authentic gestures in the Holy Land were 'genuinely authentic'?

Or is His Holiness saying that 'the most authentic gestures' are those that people in general do not think about? It is very kind of His Holiness to explain to us what differentiates an authentic gesture from a 'less authentic gesture'.

Are there degrees of authenticity in gestures? The 'most' authentic gestures? Surely a gesture would either be authentic or inauthentic. It cannot be 'relatively authentic'?

One could be forgiven for wondering if His Holiness is saying, 'Oh no, those were very authentic gestures. Of all the authentic gestures that I have made, those were among the most authentic.'

It must be interesting walking around the Vatican Museums with the Holy Father...

'Ah yes! This has to be one of the most authentic Michaelangelo pieces I have seen. They say this was among his most authentic paintings, unlike some others that he painted.'

Comforting, it is, that Fr Lombardi will be able to give us an 'authentic account' of what His Holiness meant by that statement!

Regarding His Holiness's 'spontaneity', I would posit that there is a certain wisdom in not acting on impulse consistently, whoever you are. You might, for instance, as Pope, or in any position, or walk of life, make a terrible gaffe that leads to confusion or spread a degree of error. Perhaps His Holiness has a lofty opinion of Papal infallibility that leads him to think that the first thing that comes into his mind is precisely the right thing to say or do.

Also, why was the message to the Pope of 'the other wall' written in English? English is hardly Pope Francis's first language and neither is it the first language of those living in the Holy Land. Makes for a great picture though, doesn't it?

He's Only An Auxillary Bishop, He'll Never Get Promoted...

A commenter called Alison Muir left a comment on my blog after my glowing report on Bishop Athansius Schneider.

The comment, at which I burst out laughing, read...

'He's only an auxillary bishop - so hardly one at all really. He's certainly never going to get promoted.'

Where to begin with this appalling understanding of Catholicism?

St Catherine of Siena was only a nun.

St Therese of Lisieux was a Carmelite nun.

St Francis of Assisi was only a layman and then friar.

St Dominic was only a priest and preacher.

St Anthony of Padua was only a priest and friar.

St Athanasius was a Bishop. While heresy swept the Catholic Church like wildfire, among Bishops, he alone held out against Arianism and stood up for Christ. How many of the other Bishops of his day have their own feast days?

How much time have you got, 'Alison'? I haven't got all day, but I would need quite a few in order to list the highly influential Catholics who have changed the course of the Church despite being men and women of far lower rank than Pope.

Still, with a comment that reveals an understanding of the roles of the Pope and Cardinals to be about power, rather than service, it is good to see that liberals do not consider this Bishop to be a 'careerist'! I concede that being faithful to Christ and the Magisterium may not reward prelates with a 'promotion' in today's Church, but really, that comment stinks of clericalism.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend

I just booked a nine-seater vehicle today to go to Ramsgate to the Shrine of St Augustine tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the car rental place is closed tomorrow because its a bank holiday. Anyone have any ideas other than the train?

I don't suppose there is anyone living near (or even not that near) Brighton who has a vehicle (it doesn't have to be a nine-seater!) who fancies driving to Ramsgate to pay a duel visit to the Shrine of St Augustine and to go to Mass celebrated, I think, by Bishop Athansius? If so, drop me an email while I start praying. I'd be happy to pay! However, if that's a no go...

Bishop Schneider will not be celebrating Mass but will be preaching at the 6pm Mass at the London Oratory for St Philip’s Day.

Unless a Miracle happens, I expect that, God willing, I'll see you there.

Update: I can hire a car from Gatwick. Pray for us!

Saturday 24 May 2014

And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea...

H/T Roy 'Get out of the water!' Schneider

Analogous to the precarious situation of Holy Mother Church?

Warning: Graphic scenes of shark-related horror are in the video above.

Heresy is like a great white shark in the water, seeking to devour the truth and with it the children of Mary and Jesus, encouraging people to embrace falsehood!

Lord, grant that Your Church may enjoy true liberty and exaltation,
and that the shark of heresy may be kept at bay, or speared and then blown up!

One of the best lines in a movie ever.

This is how to deal with heresy when it seeks to devour the barque! Go, Schneider, go!

Reflections on a Humble Bishop

What efforts men will go to, to proclaim their humility!

I have not been so impressed and excited by the words and example of a Bishop as I am about Bishop Athanasius Schneider for a long time. That said, there are not many Bishops who one can get excited about unless it is to be in a rather negative sense.

In England and Wales, everything is rather negative, Bishops seem so embarrassed of our Faith. I was expecting to work today, so I could not go up to London, but it rained so I was not called in. That's the world of catering for you but that means I was unable to get up to the one day LMS Conference with Bishop Athanasius today.

However, with the humble Bishop still gathering crowds, all is not lost, as he will be at the Shrine of St Augustine in Ramsgate on Monday. Guess who is considering hiring a car. There's a plenary indulgence waiting for the man who does, assuming I don't crash on the way.

Bishops take note: Clothes maketh not the man!

What is refreshing about Bishop Athanasius is his total lack of embarrassment about his status. He does not pretend to be something he is not. He is a Bishop. He behaves and acts and talks like a Bishop. He is a Successor to the Apostles. He behaves and acts and talks like a Successor to the Apostles. He is Apostolic! He allows, no he even encourages the Faithful to kiss the Episcopal ring because he knows that every Bishop is a Shepherd set over a flock who is a teacher and a link to Christ Himself. There is no faux-humility that other prelates like to spread around themselves like aftershave. He vests like a Successor to the Apostles. The Vestments, his manner and demeanour let you know that you are in the presence of a Successor to the Apostles and yet it takes no great effort on his part. It is as you would expect a Bishop. He does not have to go out of his way to show you how humble he is. And yes, he arrived on the coach arranged by the LMS, with those travelling on pilgrimage.



Imagine stepping into a Catholic Church and hearing this. Music breaks down walls. Music like this can break down thick walls of prejudice against the Church. At the Church I attended last week, this sublime music was sung during the Offertory. Why is it not sung in all Churches at its proper time in the liturgical year? Any era in the Church that rejects this music is positively insane. Only a Church that wanted to kill itself would do so.

Friday 23 May 2014

I Refuse to Vote for this Man...

...until he's done the 12-step programme. In order to lead the country you have to be sober at least some of the time. Still, they say it never did Churchill much harm.

All joking aside, I expect that the IPA will be flowing for the next few days for UKIP. Good for them, they have made politics exciting again. The people have spoken (well, 34% of the people have spoken, some of whom voted UKIP) and the overwhelming opinion seems to be one of contempt for the political figures who show such contempt for those who have placed them in authority over them through the ballot box.

I'm not sure whether Nigel Farage is really a 'man of the people' because most people can't afford to drink in pubs anymore. Mine's a San Miguel or two from the corner shop. I think Catholics should join UKIP now, so that they get a place at the table when Nigel starts formulating policy. If nutters are welcome in the party, then why can't we be welcomed too! UKIP are a 'broad church' of the disaffected. I am sure that among the disaffected was very little enthusiasm for 'same-sex marriage' and the many absurd novelties so loved by the metropolitan elite, as well as the creeping totalitarianism that we have come to expect from the powerful policy makers - not that any of them are as frightening as Google.

Congratulations to UKIP, who will have restored the confidence of the 34% of British people who still vote in democracy. What the 66% of British people who don't vote in British elections make of it all, who knows?  All together now...


Fight the New World Order!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Scripture and Slavery

I have written an absurdly long blog post on the Bible and slavery following conversations with an atheist over Facebook.

If you would like to read it, visit The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma.

Say a prayer for this 20-year-old who committed suicide after a short period of unemployment. That a young man should commit suicide due to lack of work is truly terrible and saddening.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Equal in Dignity

Is a statement I can generally agree with. Since this is, in a simplistic way, what the Church teaches.

The Church does not teach anything so blithe and meaningless as:

'We are all equal'.

Nor is equality in human dignity even the focus of so many 'equality campaigners'. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not teach equality and if you can find me a passage of Scripture in which the doctrine of 'equality' is expounded, I will be very surprised indeed.


Yet, I see that even the statement, 'we're all equal in our human dignity' is problematic, since we believe that the dignity conferred on us by right of our humanity - given to us by the Creator - is not the same as the supernatural dignity -given to us by the Creator - conferred on us through Baptism, as adopted sons and daughters of God, nor does it account for the loss of dignity we suffer from mortal sin, or its restoration through grace and salvation.

The equality concept is an extremely dangerous if powerful and emotive ideology. Why can we not just say, all should be treated with dignity, something the State and the French Revolutionaries lamentably fail(ed) to do? The poor, the prisoner, the rich, the clergy, the Queen, the homosexual etc, because whoever a person is, whatever their state may be, whatever their sin, all things are in Jesus Christ, restored, and this glorious dignity of son and daughtership is what we should wish for all people - and if they don't want that - you still treat them with dignity because God has commanded you to love.

Monday 19 May 2014

How to be Taken Seriously by the State

Be a religion known for intransigence and even violent defence of its own interests rather than a religion known for its tolerance and subservience to the State?

It will be interesting to see how Ofsted react to being shown the door at a Luton Muslim school.

Why has no Bishop tried that, I wonder?

The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma Needs You!

This is a reminder to members of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, that the Guild's blog benefits greatly from bloggers contributions.

If you would like to contribute to the Guild's blog, if you are a member, a registered author, please feel free to write something and post it up. If you are not a member but would like to contribute something to be considered for publication, send something over to me at

God bless readers and may Blessed Titus Brandsma intercede for the good success of the Guild's work in apologetics and evangelisation. As well as these works for Christ, The Guild exists to offer support to Catholic bloggers who work often in isolation.

If you are a Catholic blogger and have not yet joined the Guild, contact me if you wish to do so, we are always happy to consider new members. We are stronger together, then we are alone. If you wish to write for a blog but would like to be anonymous, for your own reasons, do not worry, for that can easily be arranged.

The next Guild meeting will be on 26th July 2014, so if you are a member of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, try if you can to keep this date in your diary vacant.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Equality is worse than a Myth. It is a Superstition.

'Equality': A concept so old as to be considered a relic
The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma

‘Equality’ is not a true law, nor can it justly be called a right. It’s dominance of popular culture has rendered it worse than a myth. If people are caught up in the notion of equality today it is because man easily becomes caught up in superstition.

What has given the word ‘equality’ – a word that has never lost its emotive power since the dawn of the Enlightenment - the power and force that it has in today’s society?

We now hear this word, particularly in the realm of gender and sexuality so much and it so dominates the public forum that for anybody to contradict the very notion of equality is to have committed a formal and public act of heresy that warrants public exclusion, potential loss of employment and perhaps worse.

The fear and hatred generated against those who have contradicted the concept of equality is visceral and powerful. Why? What has made rejection of this belief so highly charged? The simple truth would appear to be that the concept of equality has, as if from nowhere, acquired magical power or connotations of divinity that it does not deserve. From out of nowhere, ‘Equality’ has become a god, or a goddess before which those who refuse to burn incense are deemed to be enemies of the State and the people.

What has given this concept such force that it now rivals the Christian Church itself as a belief that threatens to engulf and destroy it and, indeed, anybody else who dares to stand in its way?

For full article, click here.

Friday 16 May 2014

Psalm 15

'For the sorrows of those who run to alien gods are many.'  - Psalm 15

Thursday 15 May 2014

Filthy Cheat!

Oh joy! Diego Maradona, the unrepentant cheat from Argentina, unlike that nice Gary Lineker, is rather taken by Pope Francis. Perhaps, we should not be too surprised. I do not wish to revel in the vices of others, but the unrepentant cheat, whose comeback in another world cup was ruined because of his habitual cocaine use, claims to have found something of a Supreme Pontiff after his own heart in the Pope from the New World.
“The Vatican, for me, is a lie because instead of giving to people it takes away. All popes have done this and I don’t want him to do it,” Maradona said during an interview with a Naples TV station, according to Reuters.

“I am disappointed with the Vatican but I believe in you because you are making changes and pointing us towards more human things, things that I would like to see in the Church,” he added.
As England supporters will know and appreciate, Diego Maradona has ever been a rebellious child of Argentina who turns his nose up at any sense of playing by 'the rules'. Rules, or law, do not matter to Diego, therefore it is unsurprising that he admires Pope Francis's often radical, 'alternative style'. Consistent minor acts of rebellion against established law and custom make for unjust football and an unjust Church. In England, we have a strong sense of fair play, in football, at least, if not in wars over disputed territory.

Consistent law-breaking and acts of rebellion are appealling to some, even to the offender, but they tend to spoil the atmosphere for everyone else who is still expected to live under the law, lest they follow the example of the cheat and foster a sense of anarchy. There are rules in football, hence the presence of a referee and two linesmen, who may or may not make the right call in a world cup final against Germany.

Blasphemous, cheating Argentinian: Diego Maradona
Naturally, Englishmen were and remain much aggrieved by the Argentinian cheat's scurrilous work of devilry during that World Cup match when Diego 'handed' Argentina a win - even if his other goal was a work of sublime genius. In many ways Diego became an icon for the moral relativism so lamented by Benedict XVI.

Perhaps Diego in seeking to be an 'advisor' to Pope Francis is looking forward to some kind of dictatorship of relativism in the Catholic Church. Let's hope His Holiness disappoints the aging scallywag who cheated England out of the World Cup and then went on to blasphemously claim that it was all, somehow, the work of the 'promptings' of the Holy Spirit. We are, quite naturally, all praying that this is not a tactic employed by those close to the Pope in the aftermath of the Synod of the Family in October. "It was the 'Hand of God' that destroyed Christ's infallible doctrine!" 

Be careful, Your Holiness, for there may be some among your associates and advisors who are contemplating just such a 'tactic'!

The 'Hand of God' indeed. Let's hope the Catholic Church learns from the dishonesty and flagrant deception of the Argentine footballing legend. It was YOUR hand, Diego, not God's Hand! By your own hand and by your own dishonesty, YOU deceived the World and its referee and then claimed that it was of 'divine origin'! Repent! Lest your sin, the consequences of which were terrible for football, English morale and our world cup chances, drag you to Hell where liars and cheats never enter God's rest! You and all who follow your foul example are at risk of such! There are no lies in God! He is the Truth and He will pay each according to his deeds at Judgement both private and general! Fear Him and do not dare to suggest that in God there is deception, lies, falsehood, or any sense of untrustworthiness!

God will never suggest that that which He has revealed is untrue! Filthy cheat! God does not forget! Nor do the English!

Continues the Argentinian cheat...

“Little Francis, I say to you, I want to meet you and talk to you and I want to say many things to you and tell you the things you have to do for the world. This way we will have a Pope”.

'Little Francis'?! 'Little Francis'?! It's 'Your Holiness', Diego! He may be 'your cup of tea', but he's still THE POPE!

So, let's get this straight. Until the Pope takes advice from Diego Maradona, the Chair is empty!? I know Francis is a cause of concern for many at the moment, but has Diego ever thought of joining the SSPX?

What utter blasphemy! What is this man on!? Just because news broke of a haulage of South American cocaine posted to the Vatican, does not mean that either Cardinal Maradiaga, whose speeches are sometimes rather 'exuberant and over-confident', are into the kind of lifestyle and flagrant disrespect for the law that you are! The cheating scoundrel! I hope this cheating, blasphemous scallywag is not presenting himself for Holy Communion!

I say this in all charity. I guess 'who am I to judge?' is the default position of the referee who takes his eye off the ball and allows disorder, injustice, chaos and moral relativism to triumph. Of course, much of this post is indeed in jest and my own transgressions of the law I acknowledge, but the irony of Diego's endorsement was, for me, just a little too rich to resist By the way, talking of riches, is the Argentinian footballing legend still a millionaire or did he spend all his riches on the poor of Argentina?

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Bishop Athanasius Schneider in the UK

I am so excited about Bishop Athansius Schneider's coming the the UK.

As part of the tour, the Bishop will be coming to West Grinsted on Saturday for a Pontifical High Mass.

Full details of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form are here, along with full details of his whistlestop tour of the UK.

May this good Bishop continue to give witness to the Lord, most especially to the reverence with which we should honour the Blessed Sacrament. Deo gratias!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Fatima: A Feast for Fruitloops

Culture of Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Francis will have theorists worried
Fatima supporters are widely regarded as being a bit 'out there' in the Catholic Church. I think that, in a way, the Fatima children gave Catholics who promote the message of Fatima a good preparation for rejection since they, also, were widely rejected until evidence of the supernatural became more extended, for instance, during the Miracle of the Sun. Still, even after that, a lot of Bishops would say that Fatima is not important. I really doubt that Fatima is not important. The message of Fatima, essentially, is 'repent for the Kingdom of God is near at hand'. If that's not important, then what is?

However, it is kind of to be expected that the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima should become regarded by some - or even many - in the Church - as something of a feast for the fruitloops, because within the Fatima camp are some ideas that are truly 'out there'. I don't know whether Pope Francis celebrated the Feast today - after all, it was an option.

"Ave Maria! Please take me to the FFI leader!"
What!? Did the Pope just mention aliens?

I found it quite striking that the highest ranking man in the Church, Pope Francis, should have been discussing the idea of baptising aliens should they ever dock here on Earth and say, 'Dominus vobiscum/tecum' depending on whether they have yet been ordained. I expect that it was an 'off the cuff' homily, but conspiracy theorists will just love this. I'll explain why in a second.

Like I say, Fatima is still regarded by many in the Church as something a little bit whacko - not that aliens form any part of the original Fatima message - and despite the huge credibility of the original visionaries, if not, indeed, necessarily all those who take the message forward further - this is probably not a good sign.

If, for example, Bishops believed in and propagated the message of Fatima, they'd all, for example, believe in Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. That would be a great start. They'd certainly do everything they could do warn their flock of the dangers posed to the immortal soul by mortal sin. Fatima, so in many ways, stands in contradiction to the relativistic free-thinking Church of the 21st century which relegates much of what Catholics 'traditionally' believed to antiquity. We've 'moved on' from all that 'mumbo-jumbo'.

Just because he's wearing a tin hat doesn't mean he's mad.
So, because today is a day for 'nuts', people who think 'outside the box' or even people who are 'mad as a box of frogs', let's why not just concentrate on two areas that a high ranking Prelate has been discussing with the Faithful these last weeks that will have many a Fatima nut and many a conspiracy nut rather concerned.

1) The UN, Poverty and Sustainable Development.

Conspiracy theorists, and Fatima supporters are among them, maintain that the UN is the greatest threat to freedom and Christianity in the World. Most of them are American, true, but many a conspiracy theorist would hold that the UN is trying to form a World Government that is essentially communist, godless and with 'green' issues being used to hold the central idea together - sustainable development, if you will. The Catholic Church believes sustainable development is about sustaining the population in order to develop. The UN has other ideas. Less people, somehow, equals more sustainable development.

Yet, so goes the theory, by creating paranoia and fear about 'sustainability' issues - like CO2, emissions, saving the planet, whales etc, you can create a neo-pagan religion that will hold a World Government together. This is why Christianity must be destroyed - preferably from within - before it can be replaced. Agenda 21 is, in the conspiracy theorist mind, the essential manifesto by which World Government can be established, as more powers go to the UN over time, gradually, at a local and national, then supranational level, until the UN sets policy for the whole world. We need the UN, so goes the plan, in order to save the World. Hunger, poverty, war and sustainable development become the issues that will, in this scenario, allow the UN to takeover the World and embark upon a new communistic vision of equality that will see humanity finally 'flourish'. It might need another world war or something, but that's their 'plan' in the eyes of the theorist.

Pope Francis, so far, is not necessarily putting the minds of those who view the UN with such suspicion at ease, since his call to seek 'legitimate redistribution of wealth', in order to end inequality. His Apostolic Exhortation, too, gave some people the tremors.

More than this, Pope Francis is to write an encyclical on ecology, the environment and man's place within it. If the UN think its fabulous, then conspiracy 'loons' will 'do one' seeing the Catholic Church as the vehicle by which the UN will establish a One World Religion. The Pope will, if he is not careful, attract the label of being the 'New World Order' Pope - not just the 'Pope from the New World'.

2) Aliens - yes - that's right - aliens!

Share International's very own nutjob and leading occultist Benjamin Creme claims that space aliens - that's right - aliens - are our space brothers and sisters and that the 'Ascended Masters' of his particular strand of theosophy teach him that one day the aliens will come and help us to establish peace and brotherhood on Earth. Therefore, we cannot say in all this that the 'spiritual' neo-pagans and theosophists have no form here. When 'Maitreya', the 'messiah' that Creme claims will come to teach us how to live peacefully and as brothers and sisters as a new 'World Teacher' makes his appearance on the World's stage, humanity will join forces with these 'space brothers' in a happy dance of joy. Probably to Mozart. They will teach us all their 'wisdom'. Therefore, readers, I think the conspiracy theorists, be they Fatima supporters or not, will have an absolute field day with the new Pope. Sustainable development and now aliens! Yikes! And yet, in terms of global leaders, Francis is not the first to mention something that should make people burst out laughing...

Remember him? The UN and the chief occultists and 'Luciferians' are, according to conspiracy theorists, very closely connected. So far, Pope Francis has highlighted poverty, hunger and recently, aliens, in his homilies and catechesis, albeit in reference to baptism with the latter. God became a Man born of the Immaculate Woman, Mary, to redeem man and woman. Not the little animals and not the little aliens. To baptise an alien would be to deny that God became man.

The Carpenters advance pro-alien philosophy through the majesty of song

Francis is due to write an Encyclical on ecology and environmental protection that could go down well with the UN. His emphasis on 'spreading the wealth' around the globe will have won much applause, if asking them to challenge the culture of death will have drawn yawns and wrist watch glances. I have little doubt though, that conspiracy nuts will be discussing such things as Pope Francis on their forums on the internet, asking whether Pope Francis isn't just preparing us for UN Agenda 21 to go into its final and most draconian stages, under the guise of the 'green concerns', in order to 'safeguard the planet' but is now discussing aliens, which the same people predict will be used to panic humanity into anarchy before accepting them as our 'space brothers' (Pass the bucket!)

I expect internet forums are on red alert.

Thanks for that, former head of the CIA, George Bush. It is only an isolated comment in one homily, but such 'nutjobs' and 'fruitloops' will be wondering whether, with the recent utterances of Pope Francis as well as his general emphasis, humanity is being prepped for something rather sinister such as a great deception that will delude mankind into accepting Benjamin Creme's 'Saviour' as the 'messiah' for these times. Such people will also be wondering whether Francis isn't just a Jesuit from South America, but a CIA agent who infiltrated the Jesuits in South America.

To most people this sounds totally insane, and yet, by all accounts, the Church and the World does sometimes feel like it is going bat-**** insane. According to the conspiracy theorists, the end goal of the plan is to unite all religions under one new world religion under a one world leader, heading a one world government, with one world bank, all dedicated to Lucifer. If you're not prepared to take an oath to Lucifer, you won't fit in.

Happy Feast and may God help us all.

Say a prayer for the nut jobs. You know I have my moments. By all means share this on Facebook or Twitter but we all know those are CIA operations. Perhaps Blogger too. 'They' didn't give us this stuff for evangelisation, but for the database. Let's evangelise while 'they' still allow for it...


Be Careful Now and Mind How You Go...

And don't be like this guy (pictured left).

His Holiness Pope Francis has a little more elaboration on the spirit and the law today here.

While Ed Peters of 'In the Light of the Law', has his own thoughts on the musings of Cardinal Walter Kasper here and here.

A little bit of respect for the law is not a terrible thing, especially Church law, lest Church ministers become like unto the lawless one referred to by St Paul in his epistle to the Thessalonians.

I feel it is important that Almighty God while concerned that we do not become legalistic or pharisaic is not set in opposition to law otherwise there is a genuine concern that the dogma of the Faith really will be preserved in Portugal etc...

Harvard Black Mass Cancelled

Well, thanks be to God and Our Blessed Lady the alternative black tie event at Harvard was cancelled! How can we extol thee enough O Woman who crushes the serpent underneath thy heel!

Mark my words though, the damage is done and there is now no chance I am sending my children to Harvard.

I must say I find it quite disturbing that commenters at the foot of a Time  Magazine article are calling the cancellation a defeat for religious liberty.

Still, Deo gratias!

Our Lady of Fatima, Ora Pro Nobis

"...Jesus wishes to use you to make me better known and loved. He wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart."
Lucia was suddenly sad. "Must I stay here all alone?"

"No, my child", the Lady replied gently. "And would that make you suffer? Do not be disheartened. My Immaculate Heart will never abandon you, but will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God."

As she said these words, the Lady again opened her hands on the three children and communicated to them the same immense light that had overwhelmed them a month earlier. Francisco and Jacinta seemed to be in that part of the light which rose towards Heaven and Lucia in the rays which spread over the world. In the palm of the Lady's right hand, the children could see a Heart, ringed with thorns which seemed to pierce it. They understood this to be the Immaculate Heart of Mary, grieved by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation.

As the Lady rose into the sky, Lucia stood up and cried, "Look!"

"There she goes!"
Maria Carreira later testified that they heard "a sound like a rocket a long way off." The bystanders could see the little cloud of light drift away into the eastern sky. Then they noticed that the leaves of the holm oak were bent in the direction that the Lady had taken as if her garments had trailed across them. They remained like that for some hours and only gradually regained their normal position.'

From Fatima: The Great Sign by Francis Johnston.

A most compelling read. Why not buy it today! The accounts of the Fatima events are gripping, especially on the Miracle of the Sun.

As Catholic Culture cites and Francis Johnson attests there is a clear link between Our Lady of Fatima and the Holy Eucharist. For it was only years before the apparitions that...

'On 30th December 1905, Pope St Pius X wrote the following prayer in his own hand: "Domina nostra Sanctissimi Sacramenti, ora pro nobis" (Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us). Shortly after, the Holy See granted permission for the celebration of a feast in honour of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament for 13 May.

I find this small fact rather interesting, given the nature of contemporary debate in the Church, which is focused almost entirely on the Eucharist. No?

The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima is an optional memorial. Well, it would be wouldn't it!? Every option for Our Lady is surely an option worth taking!

Monday 12 May 2014

Star Wars on When the Situation and Manner in Which One May Validly Resist a Pope

Rumour has it that a new Star Wars is coming out featuring the 'original cast'. No Alec Guinness, though, so I won't be attending any screening.

Let's hope this is not an accurate depiction of the forthcoming Synod, though I wouldn't object terribly if Cardinal Walter Kasper was thrown into the Abyss of deep space right now. That's a joke obviously. May the Lord preserve that Prince of the Church!

I love the way Luke says, "I will not fight you, Father", after having just kicked him down the stairs.

I wish I was like Luke Skywalker. As a Catholic blogger, rather than a person of influence wielding an impressive green light sabre, I fear I'm more of a Chewbacca type, just making angry noises when I think things are going wrong...

Pray for the Defence of the Most Holy Sacrament from Violation

Mother of God, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Eucharist, Queen of Heaven.

Defend the Body and Blood of Your Son from every possible violation!

Reading Between the Lines

Don't forget the 'Gift of Updating the Church for the Modern Age'
Courtesy of Vatican Radio

My comments, in blue.
'"Who are we to close the doors" to the Holy Spirit? This was the question that Pope Francis repeated this morning during his homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta, a homily dedicated to the conversion of the first pagans to Christianity. St Peter and the Apostles did not believe converting people was solemn nonsense, then. The Holy Spirit, he reiterated, is what makes the Church to go "beyond the limits, go ever forward". The limits of what, forward where?

The Spirit blows where it wills, but one of the most common temptations of those who have faith is to bar its path and drive it in one direction or another. Quite. And, for instance, the Latin Mass was never formally abrogated. A temptation that was not alien even in the early days of the Church, as the experience of Simon Peter in today’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles shows.
I would like my Baptism in the pre-concilliar rite of the Church
A community of pagans welcomes the announcement of the Gospel and Peter is an eyewitness to the descent of the Holy Spirit on them. First hesitates to make contact with what he had always considered "unclean " and then he suffers harsh criticism from the Christians of Jerusalem, shocked by the fact that their leader had eaten with the "uncircumcised" and had even baptized them. A moment of internal crisis that Pope Francis recalls with a hint of irony:

"That was unthinkable. If – for example - tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here ... Martians, right? Green , with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them... And one says, 'But I want to be baptized!' What would happen?" Pagans are like Martians? Still, is it not possible the Martians would seek Baptism in the old rite?

Rent an usher: A new role for Kasper?
Peter understands his error when a vision enlightens him to a fundamental truth: that which has been purified by God cannot be called "profane" by anyone. And in narrating these facts to the crowd that criticized him, the Apostle, calms them all with this statement: "If then God gave them the same gift he gave to us when we came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to be able to hinder God?"

"When the Lord shows us the way, who are we to say, 'No, Lord, it is not prudent! No, lets do it this way' ... and Peter in that first diocese - the first diocese was Antioch - makes this decision: Who am I to admit impediments?' A nice word for bishops, for priests and for Christians . Who are we to close doors? In the early Church, even today, there is the ministry of the ostiary [usher]. And what did the ostiary do? He opened the door, received the people, allowed them to pass. But it was never the ministry of the closed door, never" If a Satanist comes to the door and asks for a consecrated host to desecrate, do you close the door?
St John XXIII: Note the updated papal garb
Again Pope Francis repeated, God has left the guidance of the Church "in the hands of the Holy Spirit". "The Holy Spirit - he continued - as Jesus said, will teach us everything" and "remind us what Jesus taught us". Fine, but why do I get the feeling the 'Holy Spirit' is to teach us something new, different to what Jesus taught us?
"The Holy Spirit is the living presence of God in the Church. He keeps the Church going, keeps the Church moving forward. More and more, beyond the limits, onwards. Those 'limits' again. The Holy Spirit with his gifts guides the Church . You cannot understand the Church of Jesus without this Paraclete, whom the Lord sends us for this very reason. And he makes unthinkable choices, but unimaginable! The unthinkable on our terms, or the unthinkable on God's terms? To use a word of St. John XXIII: it is the Holy Spirit that updates the Church: Really, he really updates it and keeps it going. And we Christians must ask the Lord for the grace of docility to the Holy Spirit. There is surely some distinction to be made between docility to the Holy Spirit and docility to human whim. Docility in this Spirit, who speaks to us in our heart (and Who has spoken through the Church), who speaks to us in all of life’s circumstances, who speaks to us in the Church's life, in Christian communities, who is always speaking to us”.'

And the Spirit of God has indeed spoken, so many times that one loses count, especially through Scripture and Tradition upheld by Popes. Is the Holy Father possibly hinting at something? Perhaps I'm just a bit 'edgy' but it suffices to say that the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity has never, does never and will never contradict the Second Person of the Trinity, nor the Second the First or Third. There is a Unity to the Trinity of which we can only dream.

I am also reminded of the words of the Holy Father that in terms of female ordination: 'That door is closed'. Just how 'unthinkable' or 'unimaginable' is the 'open door policy' of the Holy Ghost? The 'God of surprises' often surprises us, but He is Unchanging. He is not out to confuse or upend the Church. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I know I am reading between the lines but I can't help but feel like I'm being 'prepped' for something...

At first we thought it was schismatics knocking at the door asking for women's ordination, an end to priestly celibacy and a radical alteration of Church doctrine, particularly in matters sexual, but wait, could it possibly be the Holy Spirit, God Himself, speaking through the heretics?

Let's not stand in the way of the Holy Spirit...or trouble, trouble, trouble for the Earthlings.

Religious Freedom at Harvard University

A quite thought provoking article at Harvesting the Fruit on the Black Mass at Harvard and religious freedom.

It is an open secret that a candidate for 33rd degree Freemasonry has the true 'god' of masonry revealed to him (yes, its always a him) and the name of that 'god' is Lucifer. I don't hear many Bishops or Priests objecting to Freemasonry.

If religious freedom in the eyes of the Church means you can worship what you want then I guess its a bit strange to object to Satanism with all that may entail. After all, according to the psalm, 'all the gods of the gentiles are devils' anyway. If the author of the piece I have linked to is correct, then it looks like one of the documents of the Second Vatican Council has the Satanists covered. Ho-hum. Apparently, the Second Vatican Council is to be one of the few 'non-negotiables' in the Franciscan papacy, so quite how that's going to go down with the supposed 'negotiations' with the SSPX is a complete mystery.

I guess there was a time in the 'bad old days' when a group of Catholics in the vicinity of a black mass would just go along and smash things up, take back the host (whether it be consecrated or unconsecrated), consume it or give the host back to a Catholic priest and happily do jail time for doing so if necessary. Nowadays, a simple petition will have to do. That's how far we've 'progressed'.

Fatima Prayers of Reparation

MY GOD, I believe, I adore, I trust, and I love Thee! 
I ask pardon for for those who do not believe, 
do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.
(3 times)
MOST Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I adore Thee profoundly. 
I offer Thee the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity 
of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, 
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference 
by which He is offended.  And through the infinite merit 
of His Most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners.
(3 times)

Sunday 11 May 2014

What the Devil is He Playing At?

And so it was that the Devil, who so loathed the work for Jesus Christ of a blogging Deacon, and who was so enraged that this work was gaining in popularity and influence, because it dared even to name those who were dragging the name of Christ through the mud, inspired some to ensure that his blog was closed down.

The Bishop who was deeply involved in the closure of the Deacon's blog may take another view of that, but I am entitled to my opinion. A spiritual explanation may be one explanation among many, but its a perfectly valid one in the Catholic Church.

That Deacon, however, has a new book out called 'Who is the Devil? What Pope Francis Says'. Few Popes have said as much about the Devil as this one, or, at least, not in such a short space of time. The combat taking place between God and the Devil has been the subject of many a Papal homily.

This would, I would think, have the orthodox-believing Catholic quite delighted. Huzzah! The Pope is taking the fight to the chief enemy! And yet the regular reminders from Pope Francis that the Devil is on the prowl everywhere and that we are engaged in a spiritual warfare with the infernal enemy of God and man doesn't chime terribly well with His Holiness's responses to the sulphurous scent of clerical cologne wafting through Vatican corridors, giving presentations and interviews on why there's basically no need to protest against a Black Mass at Harvard, because the Catholic Church is far better equipped to desecrate the Holy Eucharist than a bunch of Satanists. After all - its what the 'average Catholic' is into.

Sign the petition against the sacrilege here.

Is the Devil receiving a make-over?

Under Benedict XVI, who spoke irregularly about the Devil, the Satanic could be discovered, thinly veiled within the lexicon of the subjectivism and relativism of the age, as well as the disunity in the Church which Benedict markedly noted was caused by nothing other than sin. The refusal of modern man - even the modern Church - to recognise sin, objective truth, natural and divine law would be enough to help a Catholic twig that Benedict XVI knew the Devil was working hard to defeat God's plan for humanity and His Church's mission on Earth.

Under Francis, the Devil is getting more explicit publicity. From his homilies we can decipher that the Devil is evil personified, but as to what form evil takes in the Church and in human affairs, that is a great deal more difficult to perceive.

It comes in general forms, such as ambition, pride, jealousy, gossip and division. Therefore, under Francis, while the Devil is named more frequently, his schemes and wiles are less perceptible. By naming the Devil so frequently, but by ignoring those traditionally big Catholic key areas in which the ancient serpent lures us into mortal sin, or the Church into apostasy, the Devil becomes more shadowy and more hidden than he already is.

'Dialogue', says Pope Francis, is a wonderful thing Catholics should embrace. But, His Holiness says, we should "never dialogue with the Devil". For, "We must always be on guard,” exhorts the Pope, “...on guard against deceit, against the seduction of evil”. His Holiness goes on...

‘It is like a fierce lion that circles us’. It is like that. ‘But, Father, you a little ancient. You are frightening us with these things…’ No, not me! It is the Gospel! And these are not lies: it is the Word of the Lord!'

Now that's what I call trad! And yet, what should make this Papacy crystal clear serves only to make it less so by the astonishingly 'radical' and often confusing style in which Pope Francis governs the Church. I would posit that not an overwhelming majority of Bishops have a firm belief in the Devil, yet here the Bishop of Rome is adamant. The Devil exists. He comes to destroy. Under Francis, is the Devil receiving a make-over? I would suggest the answer is no. And yet, because the terms in which the Devil's activities are referenced are vague enough not to offend many people at all, the Devil is not all that easy to pin down, unless, of course, the Devil's disciples are those who want 'certainty' in matters doctrinal.

See, all Catholics can accept that raw ambition is evil, or that disunity is bad. All Catholics can agree that division is bad and that jealousy and gossip are wrong. All Catholics can agree that the Devil is evil - even those who don't really believe in the Devil can believe that - for were such a figure to exist for those who didn't believe in him - that figure would be very evil. What is less obvious is what in the Devil is the Devil up to in God's Holy Church?

The Devil, the Pope and the Doctrine

The great irony, of course - and it is not a funny one - is that while His Holiness, by virtue of being Pope, can command great authority on the subject of the demonic, orthodox-believing Catholics can palpably sense that there is something rather sinister going on within the walls of the Vatican. From a traditionally-minded - or Catholic - viewpoint, the Devil is roaring through the Vatican with complete impunity, seeking whom or what he may devour and, unless for 2,000 years nearly all previous Popes have been incredibly wrong-headed, that which has up to now been zealously defended - Catholic doctrine, Catholic teaching - is suddenly being presented by men close to the Pope as something that can be renegotiated or revised. Do Churchmen not realise just how much destruction the Devil can inflict upon God's Church and all mankind simply by deceiving both that error and falsehood not only has rights, but the right to 'a fair hearing' from the mouths of Cardinals during a Synod of Bishops under the watchful gaze of the Pope? 'We have nothing to fear from falsehood being aired', I hear you cry. I agree - so long as it is refuted and truth is vindicated.

You might be forgiven for thinking that if the Devil would want to do one thing - just one thing - with the Catholic Church, it would be for it to become something like Oxfam, or something like CAFOD, or something like a political organ to give a voice to the poor and disenfranchised - or a major player on the world stage in defining human development goals for the UN.

The Devil would be perfectly happy for the Catholic Church to become any of these things, so long as the real spiritual power of the Catholic Church is rendered impotent and as long as the Church is no real threat to him. The Devil would, we can assume, be happy for the Catholic Church to be a great many things that benefit mankind, as long as it is not what Jesus Christ created Her, built Her to be - the Ark of Truth and Place of Salvation for men and women.

The Truth is important because Jesus Christ is the Truth. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth that saves, the Truth that sets us freeand our relationship with Jesus Christ is far more important than anything else, for it will, ultimately, determine whether we go to Heaven or to Hell forever. Our relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ is more important than all other human relationships. For the Barque of Peter to even begin countenancing throwing overboard Catholic teaching for the sake of even 'pastoral necessity' would be suicide for the Catholic Church and a stunning victory for Satan. Right now, it is the fear of this that is keeping many Catholics awake at night.

The Devil obviously wants to destroy the doctrine of the Catholic Church and lure men and women away from Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. The really alarming question is: Why doesn't this seem to bother Pope Francis too much at all?

Saturday 10 May 2014

Unity in Dissent

It was nice to be reminded by Pope Francis that, though we are all called to be Saints that the Saints are sinners sanctified by God, made holy by God. It reminds us that without sanctifying grace everything is impossible for us, but that, with the grace of God, everything is possible.

I cannot help but feel inspired by these great heroes of God, these heroes of the Church and I will always pray to these great heroes and heroines of the Church for special graces. The intercession of the Saints is powerful before God's Throne.

Saints and Heroes

I was slightly taken aback by Pope Francis's slightly reduced vision of the Saints. I cannot help but feel that the Church has honoured these for their Christian heroism. Of St Paul, His Holiness says...

“One morning, 3, 4, 5 soldiers came to him.. they took him away and cut off his head. Simply. The great man, who had gone out into the whole world, ended his life in this way.”
Seconds later, of course,  the Church would cherish Her belief that the soul of this brave apostle of the Lord was translated into Glory. His Holiness also draws upon the example of St John Paul II who carried his Cross obediently even though in his body he had deteriorated so drastically before death. I'm a little confused as to why we should not say that St John Paul II 'heroically' carried his Cross and St Paul heroically had his head chopped off for Christ and His Church. I've been present at the bedside of Christians who I have greatly admired for their holiness and virtue. The manner in which they lived and the courage with which they died was, in my eyes at least, heroic. If a Catholic is valiant, why cannot we call them heroic? If we can call them 'great', why not, 'hero'? I guess that with Jesuits, nothing is quite allowed to be quite what it is.

St Thomas More: 'I was going to stand up Christ, but then I read a Kasper interview and he said 'don't worry'...

Dr Joseph Shaw has a good piece on Cardinal Kasper and the average Christian here and here. The pastoral approach to doctrine, from the Hierarchy and seemingly the Pope himself, is quite troubling. The Church, in preaching the whole truth is doing every Christian a great service not only in delivering the truth of Christ but in calling men to virtue, to turn towards the only Good we have, which is God.

The average Christian

The 'average Christian' and his behaviour is a little unquantifiable and entirely subjective. We may be average but we are always called to something better. That something is union with God. The 'average Christian' might be looking at porn on a daily basis or kicking homeless people in the mouth when they pass them by, but is the Church simply to aim low and hope for the best in seeking the conversion of sinners or aim high and let the truth speak for itself? The Church's Hierarchy might think it is asking a bit much of Catholics to reject Satan, but come on, we really are meant to reject Satan.

'All have fallen short of the Glory of God', as St Paul said. We all do fall short. The gulf between us and God's goodness is unfathomable. We all need repentance. We are helpless without Jesus. He Himself said so. Church Hierarchy suggesting that its all asking 'a bit much' to call people out of sin and towards justice and holiness sounds a little like the Church's Bishops and Cardinals - some at least - are prepared to throw in the towel. That really amounts to a huge loss of Faith which is staggering. It really makes Christ irrelevant. No need for Him to die and rise again if we cannot, with His grace, actually change, is there?

Beneath the clamour and the desire for 'pastoral mercy' towards the Faithful trapped in a particular lifestyle of sin sounds terribly kind, but I cannot help but wonder whether this kind of response to the crisis of Faith in the Church - as well as the crises in marriage and family life - is indicative of a Hierarchy who are each experiencing their own personal crisis of Faith.

I find it rather disturbing and a little diabolical. It is the Devil who says, 'You will never be able to break out of this lifestyle, this sin is yours, you are your sin, give up, give up!' Christ, Who, rose again from the dead tells us something different. It is He Who by the power that raised Him from the dead, is able to help us break out of the tomb of our sins. The Cardinal Kasper approach to the average Christian is to tell him that it is useless to Hope, so you may either give in to despair, or the unholy presumption that he offers you. Just carry on as you'll be just fine. Let the Church 'look after you' without any cost to yourself. Don't worry about what Our Lord said, like 'If you wish to be a follower of mine, deny yourself, carry your Cross.' Don't go changing now, because the 'average Christian' simply can't do it. It's a bit like telling a class of school children that they know they're going to have sex at 13 and procure abortions, so there's no point telling them not to have sex and have abortions. I would have thought Pope Francis would call it 'spiritual worldliness' but it seems that is something that's purely material.

"No! I won't stop gambling! Kasper says average Christians need not!"
Oh but as for making Heaven on Earth by changing human structures and creating a man-centred utopia of justice and virtue, well anything is possible! Just don't go changing now! Within the Catholic Church, the vultures are gathering around true Christian doctrine.

Those who hold fast to it might not feel terribly welcome in the short term. More and more, Church unity will be found among those who dissent because dissent and unbelief is the 'powerful majority'. Unity has never been founded on dissent or error but on Christ, the Truth. It only leads to pain and suffering and schism to build on anything else and, indeed, they labour in vain, who do not have the Lord as their builder.

The Pope Who Won't Be Buried

It has been a long time since I have put finger to keyboard to write about our holy Catholic Faith, something I regret, but which I put larg...