Friday, 30 May 2014

That Awkward Moment...

When you're Pectoral Cross falls into a 'hiding place' the exact moment when you are in an 'interfaith' setting. This is an embarrassment that many Bishops can attest to.

It clearly took His Holiness a long time to realise that his Pectoral Cross had accidentally been hidden.

Why did nobody point it out to the Holy Father?

 Why does it always happen at just the wrong moment! Thankfully, we can rest assured that this was not a 'gesture', authentic or otherwise, and that these things just happen, because it seems obvious to me that any Bishop who hides Christ meeting anyone is some kind of, well, I am not sure quite what!

The mysterious disapperance of the Cross was also a phenomenom that affected others in attendance.

Ah well, there's always next time, Your Holiness. An unplanned gesture that could happen to anyone, or, even, everyone! Quick, put your Crosses away lads, its only polite!

The Father of Zionism

Apparently Theodore Herzl, the 'Father of Zionism' - though I am quite sure the true 'daddy' is the Rothschild dynasty - wrote the following in his treatise calling for an establishment of a Jewish State - one gesture that was certainly planned. More can be read about this here. Sounds like a lovely guy. I can't see why St Pius X refused his requests...what was he thinking?

Pope Francis was walking a tightrope in the Holy Land and decided to stay on the tightrope in his interview on the return, but yet another article hints that despite an unfortunately 'hidden Cross' and a laying of a floral wreath at the grave of the 'Father of Zionism', several Jewish figures remain unimpressed.

You can be all things to all men, but you can't please everyone. So important therefore, that Our Lord gets a 'look in'. Then, at least you know you've done your best to please one Person!


Martina Katholik said...

It seems that a "hiding place tradtion" exists that goes back to the times when he was Archbishop.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words.

You understand EVERYTHING from this ...if you have the barest of Catholic common sense.

What's the use of a Pope like this?

Maybe you won't publish this Mr. Bones - I'll understand..


Cosmos said...

Some arguments, even if they are true, make you look silly if there is any plausible means for denial on the other side.

It's the kind of article that will be cited to discredit later.

c matt said...

I think it may be a safety concern - you know, with that solid metal cross dangling on that loose chain, it is possible the HF could take someone's eye out with that as he moves about. Perhaps we should send him, and all other prelates, some nice safety pins to remove that concern. I'm sure that is all it would take.

Damask Rose said...

I don't know how his is going to read, but I'm kind of glad that the Pope's and other bishops pectoral crosses are hidden in this situation because the Jews here totally hate Jesus. Jesus and his Mother are totally blasphemed in the Talmud and I can imagine that some Jews on seeing a pectoral cross would only, if silently, hurl profanity and abuse at it, insulting the image of the crucified Christ.

Would you really take out a crucifix amongst people who really hate it for it just to get spat on?

I remember what my mother once taught me that I should move away from people who are insulting the Jesus because the Lord here's their insults through my ears.

But, OK, if he has hidden the pectoral cross to pacify Jews it doesn't give much hope to brave people wearing their crosses/crucifix in a toxic workplace does it?

I'll cut the Pope some slack and maybe his cross just slipped behind his cummerbund.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Jesuits at Notre Dame advised . . . The bishops are dressed more like laymen than bishops.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

If he and they, are hiding the Truth to pacify the 'crucify Him' crowd, then that makes he and them part of the 'crucify Him', crowd, or at least participating in a form of ecumenical prostitution.

Zionism is a strange creature and Pius X was more than diplomatic when explaining to Hertzl that zionism and Catholicsm are the twain that never shall or should never meet.

No sooner had they established the state of Israel, within a year they had legalised prostitution and within another five years they had legalised homosexual prostitution - purely for tax purposes I suppose, or perhaps gentile prostitution is fine for Rabbinical Judaism.

Celia said...

I have more than once come across stories of people being asked to remove or hide crosses in the presence of Jews not because Jews 'hate Jesus' but because regrettably many Jews associate it with the Holocaust in which nominal 'Christians', including Catholics were certainly involved. So I feel ambivalent.
What did the last two Popes do? Did they hide the cross for example when they visited Auschwitz?

Anonymous said...

You have to be more careful with your writings Mr Bones!
Anglicans and the High Members of the Political Establishment in England love the art of MOCKERY. And guess who are the victims? the Answer is: CATHOLICS!!!!!!!!
Do you pray for the Holy Father at all? Our Lady loves her priests!
Please more respect for the Supreme Pontiff and Holy Father!

Unknown said...

The Cross will not be a useful symbol in the new world order church.

Seattle Kimmy;-)

Damask Rose said...

Sorry, here's = hears !

Liam Ronan said...

I realize I'm a tad late with this posting, but there was an insightful article published on 31 May 2014 by 'Rorate Caeli' which is instructive particularly as it puts forth two very recent columns by Antonio Socci and Vittorio Messori, both 'vaticanistas' with impressive credentials. The article,i.e. ""Two Popes: Has the Papacy become a Diarchy? Messori enters into the picture, Socci stands his ground", may be read at:

Damask Rose said...

Dear Celia

I'll just retype your comment for you:

I have more than once come across stories of people being asked to remove or hide 'Stars of David' in the presence of Catholics/Orthodox Christians not because Catholics/Orthodox Christians 'hate Yahweh' but because regrettably many Catholics/Orthodox Christians associate it with the Holodomor* in which nominal 'Jews', including Bolshevik Jews were certainly involved. So I feel ambivalent.

What did the last two Popes do?

- Well, I do believe JPII booted the Carmelite nuns out of Auschwitz.

"Archbishop Dolan surely knows Catholics today must defend both the Muslims and their community center from violence and sacrilege. Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek:” doesn’t this mean Catholics should accede to Muslim rights now as the Pope did then to Jewish rights?"

"And why Pope John Paul II ordered the Carmelite nuns to leave the convent they had established at Auschwitz. He was in no way devaluing their heartfelt mission to pray for the souls of the dead. He was teaching them a lesson in respect: This is not your place; it belongs to others. However pure your voice, better to let silence reign."

Did they hide the cross for example when they visited Auschwitz?

- Not sure about their pectoral crosses here, but there's certainly been controversy over Auschwitz crosses. (One wonders how much outrage there would be if these crosses were actual crucifixes?)

Sorry, but I just can't stand double standards.

*I find it galling that the feminist bare-breasted Pussyriot woman could cut down a crucifix (with Jesus falling on his face) that had been erected as a memorial to so many murdered people in that area decades earlier.

A side-note but related in a way. What with JPII's kissing of the Koran, that was history rubbed out in a momentary action, in this instance regarding King Jan Sobieski's success at the 1683 Battle of Vienna defeating the Turks.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@celia. jpii made a convent take down a cross that he decided was 'too near' to the remains of Auschwitz, which is appalling since it was not the Cross the perpetrated the nazi agenda (the nazis were neopagans, not christians - many many Faithful priests and nuns perished in the camps). I think the shoah sensitivity excuse is no excuse. any false religion using any excuse to cause Catholics to deny or hide their faith is anti-christ; but in the name of 'sensitivity' we are being made to become little anti-christs, left and right.

p.s. @Liam, re the link; if Benedict remains in the 'enclosure of St Peter' [“Enclosure” here would not be meant only in the sense of a geographical place, where one lives, but also a theological “place"] - who is the pope, as they asked? One Church cannot have two Peters. If there can be a papal diarchy, why not a triarchy or a tetrarchy? If Bergoglio resigns, he can then 'keep' papal 'power', and the next resignee and so on. If Benedict did intend to keep some of the keys, so to speak, the papacy, as evinced by the concilliar popes is something entirely new. Then it comes back to, can even peter's chair 'evolve' into peters' chairs?

Unknown said...

Bones, I enjoy your mirth, wit, and spleen. A nice dash of each in this post.

Unknown said...

Liam and Viterbo. Having a pope emeritus and an active pope is unusual. I had personally decided to
adopt Fr. Paul Kramer's position that Frank became a manifest heretic with his publication of Evangelium Gaudiuum, that Benedict was coerced to resign and finally that his resignation contained Latin errors rendering it void. Therefore, I just consider Benedict still the pope which would make me a sedevacantist if he died---I can live with that. I would rather be God 's servant than a heretic anti-pope's.

But now you go and throw out the possibility of Frank's resignation and there being 2 pope emeriti and a 3rd active pope. My head is about to explode.

Seattle Kimmy

Unknown said...

Well my head may not explode, but I do feel that
I may internally combust.

Seattle kimmy

Damask Rose said...

Seattle Kimmy @ 10:31m - Great comment.

Liam Ronan said...

@viterbo and seattle kimmie,

Well, Matthew 16:18 records Our Lord said:

"That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church...".

Jesus used the singular 'rock', so having more than one unique human person as Pope does not appear to be remotely possible.

Though the question as put by Antonio Socci still remains: "Who is pope?"

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@ seattleK and damaskrose - heheh - we might 'splode now and then 'cause of the multiplicity of errors - really perceived and perceived as real - but at least our souls are still on the wiggly uncomfortable sword edge narrow Way that Our Lord warned us would be necessary.

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