Harvard Black Mass Cancelled

Well, thanks be to God and Our Blessed Lady the alternative black tie event at Harvard was cancelled! How can we extol thee enough O Woman who crushes the serpent underneath thy heel!

Mark my words though, the damage is done and there is now no chance I am sending my children to Harvard.

I must say I find it quite disturbing that commenters at the foot of a Time  Magazine article are calling the cancellation a defeat for religious liberty.

Still, Deo gratias!


Larry Betson said…
Praise be Jesus and Mary! However, I heard they still had it, just not at Harvard. Which really should be no surprise. If we think that Black Masses aren't going on daily in all parts of the world then we need to think again. So, pray for these lost souls that they will be converted.
viterbo said…
This from those who organised the protest:

"As you may know, your TFP Student Action gathered over 44,000 signatures against the black 'mass' in just 3 days. We also joined with other Catholic groups last night to pray the Rosary and offer reparation on the street in front of the Harvard University building where the sacrilege was to be held."

instead an intended sacrilege was turned into a rare and great moment of true evangelisation:


p.s. note Our Lady of Fatima is with those praying the Rosary. Living proof that, despite the best efforts of vaticanistas 'sentire cum Ecclesia' is alive and well in Catholics (maybe of fewer number), but still.

Deo gratias!
Anonymous said…
When a state is not run on objectively-true principles, it is tyrannical.