Bishop Athanasius Speaks

I found this on Gloria TV. I think the interview could be quite old. He speaks very beautifully on the matter of Holy Communion.


Jacobi said…
Bishop Schneider is increasingly emerging as a profound thinker and teacher in today’s chaotic and declining Catholic Church. He should be listened to carefully.

It is now clear that the most successful (among many) of the post Vatican II attacks by the Relativists has been on the doctrine of the Real Presence. The queues at Mass to receive, of people most of whom have not been to Confession in months, and the casual methods of reception by the majority shows how successful the Relativists have been, and how the Church has failed to defend this critical and central doctrine.

In the USA, where orthodoxy has been measured (see Voris 30/04/14) things are very, very serious, as I suspect they are in this country.

When are our Hierarchy going to wake up?
Anonymous said…
There's no confusion about anything the good bishop says - one can rely on it always being clearly in conformity to the Deposit of Faith. Lord, protect him. And that's even though the English translation of Corpus Christi and Dominus Est is not great - still there is no confusion on any issue material to the Faith. If I weren't ill, I'd offer my copy editing skills in respect of the English editions!
Supertradmum said…
Interesting that you put this on when I put a photo taken in Dublin with me and the good bishop earlier last week.

Pray for more like him.

viterbo said…
"We cannot be silent, especially I, as bishop". Deo gratias. "[today's communion] would be a horror for the ancient Church". It's a horror for many (or maybe not many) in the Church today.
When I read Dominus est, I asked my parish priest if I could receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue; which put him in a state of horror. It 'was against local custom and.....(he went on for a while)", finishing with, "besides, it's icky" (the latter verbatim and said with earnest seriousness). What is one to do with this sort of presider? If seminary formation fights against the priest as priest and the Mass as Holy, the horror will continue.