Friday 30 March 2018

Pope Francis is an Incredibly Stupid Fool: Offended? Read on...

"Okay, let this disappearing thing commence!!"

“They’re not punished. Those who repent obtain forgiveness and enter the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who don’t repent and can’t be forgiven disappear. A Hell doesn’t exist, what exists is the disappearance of sinning souls.”

Well, obviously (cough), there's no way (Hosea!) the Pope said this. Indeed, given that Eugene Scalfari is so 'creative' with the truth and apparently just makes up his own mind what the Pope has said from memory having interviewed him, why should we even believe that this interview even took place. If Scalfari isn't a trustworthy reporter of people's quotations, should we even believe the story that this interview happened?

The comings and goings of Vatican communications and denials whenever the Pope gives a controversial interview to Scalfari aside, and putting aside also whether the Pope said it (personally, I don't take anything Francis says seriously now, anyway) its worth examining what he 'probably / possibly' didn't say just in case he said it. Why? Because its so stupid. And here is why.

Our Lord Jesus Christ (important religious figure - founded something called the Catholic Church) taught on the doctrine of Hell, more than any of His precursers and those who foreshadowed Him, more than any of the prophets or patriarchs. St John the Baptist taught on this doctrine to the brood of vipers he encountered. He told people to repent in order to avoid it. Presumably, he had some choice words for Herod on this subject. The Apostles taught this doctrine. The Popes taught this doctrine. The Fathers of the Church did also. Though private revelation, visionaries and mystics have seen this place of 'encounter'. Our Lady of Fatima came to show the Fatima children Hell and the fate of the damned. There is not a canonised Saint in Heaven who has not believed it.

So...what source would or could a Pope or a simple parish priest cite for this idea that Hell, as taught by Christ, did or does not exist? That is the first question. Oh dear. There isn't any notable figure who has ever taught that. Maybe some Jesuit, somewhere. Maybe the head of the Jesuits, somewhere. He can't even cite Martin Luther for this one. So, this idea is one that he has, shall we say, invented, made up (if he said it)?

Now, here is the bit where it gets very silly indeed. If ever the Faithful were asked to consider the possibility that Hell doesn't exist (don't worry mortal sinners, mafia bosses, genocidal maniacs, cannibalists, pederasts, serial rapists and God-haters), in flat contradiction of 2,000 years of Catholic teaching, then all readers of the above quotation might want to consider why if Jesus Christ (Who according to the Church's Faith, is God Incarnate) cannot or should not be believed, why on earth should a mere man who lays no claim to divinity be believed?

For example, if we're going to suggest that Hell doesn't really exist (poor old Satan, rendered homeless by the Pope with not even the smallest cavernous fiery pit to inhabit) that's an interesting proposition and would make for an interesting new teaching. But then if Hell doesn't really exist, why should anyone (including the Holy Father) believe:

(a) the souls of those who die without repentance 'disappear' (pfft / pop /boing)
(b) those who die without repentance cannot be forgiven
(c) those who repent obtain forgiveness
(d) the souls who repent and obtain forgiveness enter the ranks of those who contemplate him

The idea that the souls of those who die without repentance go 'pfft' / 'pop' / 'boing' (a) is a novel one. Were it to be said by a Pope he alone could claim the citation of it. It's entirely new. But as for statements (b) and (c) and (d) these can be reconciled with Catholic thought and the words of Jesus. So why would any Pope, bishop, or priest, since we've all been to that parish where the priest walks desperately around the edge of the Inferno with a sign saying 'Don't worry, be happy' suddenly wake up one day and maintain that certain parts of the Church's teachings on the afterlife are true but not that part. How do we decide which parts of Christ's teachings we shall keep and which we shall discard? Oh, sorry! That's what Popes are for! To decide which of the Lord's commandments are worthwhile keeping and which are too medieval for us.

If we're going to alter what we Catholics commonly call 'The Truth As Revealed By God' revealed through His Church, the faithful witness, we are going to make things very difficult for ourselves in explaining to the great mass of humanity both inside and outside the Church why we are retaining some parts of 'The Truth As Revealed By God' but shedding other parts of 'The Truth As Revealed By God'. That makes the Church look less than credible.

In fact, it makes Catholics look like incredibly stupid fools, who wake up one morning believing in both Heaven and Hell but the next just inventing some new concept of damnation which is not damnation but disappearance. To where or for how long is not known. What is the nature of this 'non-beingness'. I could do with a nice long lie-in. Is it a bit like that? If the Church is going to alter 'The Truth As Revealed By God' once, twice, three times an apostate, then there is no point believing anything the Church teaches about anything. If the Church is from God and of God and is Holy and Divine then its ALL TRUE. If it is not ALL TRUE then there's not much reason to believe any of it.

98 % of what I write about Pope's interview is not 'fake news'. But you'll have to check with the Vatican Communications Team to be absolutely sure.

Of course, we're all hoping (at least, some of you are) that Eugene Scalfari made up this quote because he is a deaf / incompetent / evil / combination of the three journalist. Even were he to say such a foolish and stupid thing there is no reason for the foolish and stupid Jorge Bergoglio to believe it because he has just made it up. There would be no Catholic who could believe it if the Pope just made it up, because we don't believe in a made up man-made DIY assembled Faith but Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

Unless, of course, Jorge Bergoglio is going to say one day: 'Well, God (whatever that is) was wrong and I am right because I am God's Representative on Earth, so there, and God, Whose Teachings I disagree with vehemently, told me to tell you this because being I am a living Saint Pope who has a hotline to Him and George Soros and He wants you to believe that I am the new revelation of His mercy, which you don't really need because there is no Hell, so it would be better to die repentant because Heaven (whatever that is) is nicer than disappearing (whatever that is), but all the same, don't try to convert others because Heaven isn't that great and Hell isn't bad at all.'

Were this seed of Bergoglian (sorry, Scalfarian!) thought to bear fruit in the Church why would anyone want to join that New Religion? The answer is, of course, they wouldn't. They'd go to their local Church of Satan or Humanist Group or Masonic Lodge or Quakers / Unitarians. Or maybe they'd join the Jehovah's Witnesses, because apparently this is precisely what they believe about the afterlife.

Of course, you'll notice that I have dared to call Pope Francis, the Successor of St Peter, the Vicar of Christ, the Visible Head of the Church an incredibly stupid fool. You're going to tell me that this is very, very uncharitable. You're also going to tell me that a very important religious figure whose Death and Resurrection we commemorate and devoutly recall at this time said that it was a very bad thing to call your brother 'a fool', aren't you? You're going to tell me that this very important religious figure, Jesus Christ, said that such a person would be in danger of something, aren't you? You're going to tell me that Jesus Christ said that anyone who calls his brother 'fool' was in danger of the judgement and of Gehanna, which means Hell, and that this is a place of fiery torment and everlasting agony aren't you? Good. As well as the above, you're also going to tell me all of that plus that a man may not do evil that good may result. Good.

I want Pope Francis to tell me that too.

That would clear this latest mess up good and proper. My phone is on and I am waiting for your call, Your Holiness. Please call me urgently and tell me to repent and explain why.
Let's do this on Skype, you rabid old lunatic Jesuit, you!

I will record the conversation and publish it on this blog and then this scandal will be put to bed to the glory of God.

Until the next Scalfari interview.

Of course, I am only jesting. That's a good excuse, isn't it? You should try that one, Your Holiness. You'll have to ask my communications team to double-check, mind. Despite his best efforts, do not let Pope Francis or his erstwhile aged atheist friend and purveyor of 'possibly fake news' spoil the Sacred Triduum and your participation in the central saving mysteries of our glorious and most holy Faith. The latest interview is a clear episode of psychological warfare, timed, as it is for the most sacred time of the Church's year. At Easter, party like its 2012. Or really any year before. It won't be 2013 forever. One day this pontificate will simply 'disappear'.

Boing! Pfft! Pop! Wheeee!

Jesus Christ did not offer His Body, torn and lacerated, nor pour out His Precious Blood upon the Altar of the Cross to save us from 'disappearing'.

Image result for crucifixion of christ

He did not rise victor from the tomb to vanquish 'non-beingness' but Death and all of Hell. 

Image result for resurrection of christ

This is the Church's Faith.

This is not.

I can't tell you what Pope Francis's faith is or who it is in.

All I can tell you is that, according to his vague commentary on the afterlife, both before and after this 'interview' you apparently have nothing to fear from excommunication.
There's no Hell, apparently, so its just a political tool, after all.

Boing! Pfft! Pop! Wheeee!

May the Lord Jesus by His most sorrowful sufferings, by His unfathomable Death and His most glorious Resurrection, save us from the man sitting at the summit of His Church on Earth and in His mercy save Pope Francis and the flock entrusted to him, from error, Hell and everlasting death.

Sunday 25 March 2018

The Sweet Caress of FrancisMercy

The above video is the latest footage that has arrived during the  Revolution of Tenderness TM

If you can't see the moment of heartmelting tenderness in this video it begins at 1min 45sec in the video below and is over very quickly.

Image result for walter kasper revolution of tenderness

It must be a huge honour to get slapped about and shoved 
around a bit by the Great Reformer.

Feel the mercy!

Some people have received the highest honour the Church can accord, that of being mown down by the Pope's vehicle.

Pray for Henry Sire, author of 'The Dictator Pope'.

Image result for henry sire

Pray for his protection and the protection of all those who are determined to stand in the way of the juggernaut of FrancisMercy.

Until Easter Day, I wish you a blessed Holy Week. 

 Dear Lord, deliver us! 

Wednesday 21 March 2018

The Pope Embraces the Catholic Faith: What Would That Look Like?

As readers know, I do not, unlike many mainstream Catholic commentators, hello Austen Ivereigh, go along with the idea that the Pope can simply change stuff he doesn't much like, such as God's truth on morality and I do not accept for one moment that what was wrong yesterday is made morally acceptable / fine and dandy today simply by the Pope's awesome openness or even firm 'Yes' to sin.

It is becoming farcically difficult to pretend that this is not what Pope Francis's agenda involves for the Church and so for this reason I daily pray for the conversion of Pope Francis to the Faith into which he was baptised which he gives every impression that he has rejected in favour of what we could call 'his own thing'. I am certain that many, many people are praying for precisely the same outcome because Catholics do not want Popes to meet their Maker without them believing the Faith without which their investment in the sublime Office of the Papacy is rendered confusing, useless, incredibly destructive or all three.

As an elderly man approaching 82 and with a sudden awareness of his own mortality, his own mendacity and the strict accounting a man in his Office will have to undergo before the Throne of God the Franciscan 'turnaround' that conversion to the authentic Catholic Faith - that believed always, everywhere and by all - which Francis would undergo would be dramatic indeed. The interior life of metanoia, however, and the privacy of the soul may mean that, if it happens, Pope Francis may not announce his conversion. After all, that would be a terribly embarrassing thing for a Pope to have to do and would render his entire pontificate prior to his conversion a 5 year period of nothingness or worse.

Incoming, from Germany...

It's all downhill from here, Your Holiness...

So, without a public announcement that suddenly, in response to the torrent of graces amid the divine assistance that come with his Office, Catholics might look for signs of Francis's conversion. Here, should that day come, are some telltale signs of the dramatic turnaround the Pope's religious assent to the Catholic Faith might entail...

  • The immediate and unequivocal retraction of Amoris Laetitia due to the widespread confusion caused followed by a thorough reinstatement of the teaching Magisterium of Pope St John Paul II.
  • The answering of the Four Cardinals - of whom two died awaiting response - dubia through a document made public for all to see.
  • Disciplinary action taken against those high-profile clergy who abuse the Catholic Faith and their positions of influence to endorse the LGBT and other anti-life agendas within the Church.
  • The restoration of the sovereignty of the Knights of Malta.
  • The restoration of the Pontifical Acadamy for Life and the removal of population control advocate advisers to it.
  •  The promotion of reverent and traditional liturgy in-keeping with the Faith of all time.
  • The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • The immediate cessation of airplane interviews due to the confusion caused in previous flights.
  • The promotion of Cardinal Sarah's liturgical initiatives coinciding with greater papal support, rather than isolation, for his work at the CDW.
  • The appointment of Bishop Athanasius Schneider to produce a Syllabus of Errors that will counter the disastrous implementation of the Second Vatican Council.
  • The training of all seminarians and clergy in the Latin language and the promotion of the Mass of all ages with a long-term strategy to adopt the ancient rite as the universal norm of the Church.
  • The reappointment of Cardinal Burke to the Apostolic Signatura or another high-profile position.
  • Papal support and solidarity with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the public honouring of Fr Stefano Manelli.
  • The regular revoking of all erroneous 'suggestions' or implied ambiguous statements from Pope Francis in order to restore sanity to his Magisterium, so often expressed through mass media outlets. Pope videos would be a good way of doing this.
  • The suppression of the Jesuits.
  • The placing of Germany under interdict until the German Bishops Conference unequivocably accept the Petrine authority and authority of Rome over doctrine and liturgy.
  • The abolition of the widespread custom of Holy Communion received on the hand and the fostering of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament by a firm insistence that the Lord must be received kneeling and on the tongue unless frailty or injury forbids it.
  • The solemn excommunication of the St Gallen Mafia and of all who attempt to rig conclaves.
  • A determination to drive the sect of ecclesiastical Freemasonry from the bosom of the Church
  • A document restating the need for the separated brethren as well as Jews, Muslims, schismatics, and pagans to embrace the divine Faith for their Salvation
  • Cardinal Cupich's red hat to be left on the mantlepiece on his way out of the room.

Many if not most of these ideas for 'signs' of the Pope's conversion are lifted by something I read and thoroughly admired, this 'Letter to Pope Francis from Our Lord Jesus Christ' as given to an anonymous visionary somewhere on Earth. The man who penned it claims to be nothing but a mailboy. Of course, the authenticity of such things would need to be assessed and who better to do that than the Pope? It reads like a wonderful action plan for the restoration of the Holy Catholic Church and who could be a better candidate to do that than the man who tried to destroy Her?

It isn't too late for the Pope to...

I think our love for him as his children demands that we remind him of this. It is not too late if the Pope wants to leave to one side the adulation of heretics and embrace the Cross of the huge responsibility for souls that comes with his Office. Whether the letter is genuine or not, and whether eventually by God's grace Francis renounces his attacks on the Bride of Christ or not, it would be a truly wonderful thing, a beginning of a good and holy work if, quite frankly, the Pope just opened his mail.

'A letter from Jesus Christ, eh? Well, how interesting. I'm sure I'll get around to answering that one day...'

Postscript: I do not doubt some readers will think that linking to a visionary claiming to have a letter from Our Blessed Lord to Pope Francis is a rather imprudent a thing to put on a blog. I already agree with you, but because the times are so desperate and because nowadays Catholics take refuge in a desert with no prophet or prince and certainly no Pope who cares for them or who Shepherds them, but rely only on the Lord Himself and a few of His faithful, besieged and anxiety-ridden pastors, such things are a cause for hope. The Church belongs to Jesus Christ. His victory, with or without this dreadful Pope, is assured. Even to be reminded of this, in these days of darkness and confusion, is a blessing. May your Passiontide and your Holy Week be blessed and may we all seek the bruised, scorned and derided Face of our Beloved Saviour. We hope and we pray, ultimately we know and believe that the Church will rise resplendent in glory one day, all filth washed away, gleaming and pure but in our times, the Passion of the Church is His Passion for He and the Church are one.

Monday 19 March 2018

Anything for Love

Here is a song about Amoris Laetitia seen through the eyes of the holy martyrs of the Church
and one or two others.

A very happy St Joseph's Day... 

Related image all readers of this blog.

And to Benedict XVI

Joseph Ratzinger

Image result for benedict xvi

(Not that I imagine you read this blog...)

Wednesday 14 March 2018

This is What Happens When you Make an Entire Pontificate Hostile to Truth...

Found a couple of gems on Twitter. It would appear that Massimo Faggioli and the Vatican Cleaning Service are united in their concern about the redacted letter fiasco. We have some 'interior continuity' here, I think you'll agree! Benedict XVI also had some mediocre and untrustworthy men hovering around him. Interior continuity is go! Once you've lost the support of the cleaners, though, its all downhill from there, especially when they are responsible for polishing floors.

Then there is the Vatican Post Office, but I guess they lost enthusiasm after the Great Book Heist of 2014 at the officially 'trust us on this' unrigged (thanks for that clarification, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri) Synod on the Family.

Then there's Pope News (not a satirical account apparently, but one does sometimes wonder), who, while having not withdrawn their (whoever 'they' are) vociferous support from Pope Francis the WonderPope TM, have instead just lost it publicly on Twitter.

Oh dear! It appears that one of the wheels has come off...

In all this there's a lesson for the next Pope, if he is watching events unfold. Surround yourself with men of integrity, honesty and moral character and if you must lean on PR at times, as the modern age at times demands, professionalism. It pays dividends in the long run...

A bunch of clowns apply for positions in PR positions in the Vatican.

 'We're no worse than your present guys!', they say...

Tuesday 13 March 2018

The Master of Faint Praise and Understatement

Rev, Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò
Prefect, Secretariat for Communication

Vatican City

February 9, 2018

Rev. Monsignor;

Thank you for your kind letter of 12 January and the attached gift of the eleven small volumes edited by Roberto Repole.

I applaud this initiative that wants to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice in which Pope Francis is just a practical man without particular theological or philosophical formation, while I have been only a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete life of a Christian today.

The small volumes show, rightly, that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation, and they therefore help to see the inner continuity between the two pontificates, despite all the differences of style and temperament.

However, I don’t feel like writing a short and dense theological passage on them because throughout my life it has always been clear that I would write and express myself only on books I had read really well. (Read: I don't want to waste my time on this / I am playing the piano).

Unfortunately, if only for physical reasons, I am unable to read the eleven (small!) volumes in the near future, especially as other commitments await me that I have already made. (Read: I don't want to waste my time on this / I have to play with my cats).

I am sure you will understand and cordially greet you. (Read: I'm saying this very politely).


Benedict XVI

Now, where was I?

Postscript: The Bones Reviews the Letter

Pope Benedict XVI writes as usual with great subtlety. Some people (myself included) have read certain things into his letter that may not really be there ('I am cargo unequivocably on board Francis's Train Wreak') and missed some things which are there. Benedict XVI is responding to the letter which seems to be asking for some kind of preface /foreword, something Benedict for some reason does not wish to provide (he is a terribly busy retired man!) endorsing the book itself.

Firstly, Benedict does not say that he wants to react against 'foolish prejudice' itself that Francis is X and Benedict is Y. He says he applauds the initiative that wants to react against that. You might think that makes no difference, but a subtle difference it is, because this is not an endorsement of the contents of the book. Obviously, the initiative or rather the collator of Francis's teachings is trying to present some kind of continuity (we haven't seen the book either) between the two men whose pontificates are quite, quite different. Benedict XVI makes his point that crude caricatures of these two pontificates are not necessarily helpful. He knows Pope Francis and where he is coming from. He knows himself and where he is coming from.

He sees the publication of this book (which he has no time to read in its entirety, honest!) as an opportunity to correct something he maintains is a misunderstanding. What is that prejudice? That Francis is only X  and that Benedict is only Y. He sees this as a gross caricature of the reality. That is his opinion and he is entitled to it and from his point of view, an injustice is done towards him if he is presented, as he continually is, as a master theologian with no pastoral insight, sensitivity, compassion or understanding, a how-do-you-say, 'Doctor of the Law'.

Apparently, Benedict has heard it said somewhere that Francis is 'only' a 'practical man' (no brains just does loads of stuff) without 'particular' theological or philosophical formation. Why is a Pope raising the issue that questions surround the theological or philosophical formation of his Successor? Is this precedented? No. Could it have been passed over in silence? Yes. Is there some kind of problem here?

Similarly, why he feels the need to say 'particular' rather than 'Catholic' or 'general' or 'rich' is left to the reader to construe. Clearly, Francis has a very deep-rooted and also a particular (let us call it a Jesuit) theological and philosophical formation. We know how much Benedict XVI admired the modern Jesuit approach to theology and philosophical formation, because he appointed Jesuits everywhere, didn't he? Tee hee. What Benedict XVI is not saying is:

a) Great Pope, love what he is doing.
b) Pope Francis has a deep CATHOLIC formation, the kind that can rattle off Catechism excerpts, or even agree with them or draw upon the ancient Fathers of the Catholic Faith, or the kind of theological and philosophical formation that roots the one formed in the One Faith that must be believed in order to attain Salvation
c) I will willingly write a preface of your book as an endorsement of the contents, most of which are the thoughts of my Successor.

If a Pope wanted to be effusive about his Successor he wouldn't leave his enquirer without:

a) a half-decent explanation as to why he cannot preface the book, at least not without saying 'I'd love to, but...'

b) Praise for the actual pontificate of his Successor, his Magisterium, teachings, his bold announcement of the Gospel, his moral character, integrity etc, etc, the possibilities are endless.

What really sinks in about this letter is how terrifyingly neutral and understated it is. Almost diplomatic. If I wrote a book about Catholicism and Pope Benedict XVI read it and sent me that letter, I'd feel a little let down, wouldn't you? Benedict XVI, draws attention also to the different 'style' of the pontificates. What does he mean? One was faithful, his? One is a PR-led fantasy on steroids, Francis's? We do not know. And as for temperament, we can only hope, or dare to presume that Benedict XVI has not been witness to Pope Francis's episodes in which his Successor has 'boiled with rage'. I expect he saves such outbursts for his most loyal and trusted friends.

Pope Francis is a man of 'profound' (deep-rooted) 'theological and philosophical formation'. Is this formation dissimilar to the Jesuit Superior General who said Satan doesn't really exist and Jesus didn't have a tape recorder? He has a profound theological and philosophical foundation too. Shame his theology and philosophy don't stack up against the actual Catholic Faith he was baptised into and he believes so much that we call error. Ditto Hans Kung. Ditto Martin Luther, the heretic founder of a new religion that rejects perennial Christian doctrine.

The one thing that does leave me puzzled is the phrase 'inner continuity' but even the word 'continuity' has to be qualified by this mysterious preceeding modifier 'inner' or 'interior'...

My Successor also dresses in white?
There are still regular parties at Cocco's place?
The spectre of an ongoing abuse crisis and claims of cover up still loom large?
The decor is an off creamy white, not magnolia but not brilliant white either?
The Vatican finances are still questionable and still being funnelled by money laundering drug / mafia rackets?
Vatican post still goes whereabouts, my Successor can't trust people around him either?
Homoerotic art is everywhere and is utilised for any given purpose?
PR disasters occur despite the best efforts to avoid them?
Archbishop Paglia has a crazy mural, it has to be seen to be believed?
Germans are still pulling the strings?
Morale in the Curia could be better?

Your guess is as good as mine, but what he is most likely not saying is 'my teachings are his teachings and his teachings are my teachings and the two are the same and 2 + 2 = 5'.

Let the reader understand, there has to be some kind of mysterious 'continuity' between these two pontificates, or it has to be said that there is by Benedict XVI because otherwise if there is no continuity at all we have schism be it announced or unannounced. Who knows what Benedict XVI is prepared to do or say to prevent schism in the Church? Hmm...

Whatever this letter is, it was essentially an opportunity for Benedict XVI to endorse a book collating the teachings and 'theology' of his Successor. He praised the initiative, not the contents of the book. To do so would be hard. It is a gathering of Francis's incoherent, self-contradictory ramblings filtered through some FrancisCamp diehards. History will record he was given the chance to preface a book on the theology of his Successor. History will record that he replied. He said, 'Thanks, but I'm busy. I am sure you will understand.' Those of you who think Benedict XVI is watching on while Francis dissolves Christian morality saying, 'This is fine!' are, I consider, very mistaken, but we are all entitled to our informed opinions.

May the Lord come to the aid of his ailing Church and send Her the prelate who will restore all things in Christ. But if this is not to be...Come, Lord Jesus!

The Pope Who Won't Be Buried

It has been a long time since I have put finger to keyboard to write about our holy Catholic Faith, something I regret, but which I put larg...