Saturday 31 March 2012

Not One of Ours...

The Press Association are reporting that this man (pictured left) was a pro-lifer who paraded his chest, emblazoned with a Cross, in an antagonistic gesture towards 'pro-choicers'.

Read Dr Joseph's Shaw account here in which he confirms that this man was most definitely not one of ours though, frankly, I think the image itself tells you that quite plainly.

The Press Association didn't manage to publish this image with their 'story'. Oh well, I guess journalists just make these mistakes sometimes...

Well done to Dylan for picking up on the fiction in the first place.

Woman's Hour

Instead of going into yet more detail about yesterday's events at Bedford Square, I'll point you in the direction of some good reports on the evening vigil...

A Reluctant Sinner has some interesting thoughts on the evening and has done a report on some pretty (really rather) inaccurate reporting by the Press Association.  

Dr Joseph Shaw of the LMS has some great photos which put paid to the predictable untruth that there were 'at least double' the amount of 'pro-choicers' as there were 'pro-lifers'. It looked even St Stephens to me.

There are more fine reports as well, just look down my sidebar to read them. Moving on slightly though, Woman's Hour this week covered the 40 Days for Life vigils and the 'new era' of pro-life activism in the United Kingdom. I haven't listened to it yet, as I am still waiting for 'Man's Hour' to be introduced by the BBC. It should be, in the name of Equality, if nothing else.

Woman's Hour, this week, also covered the issue of marriage in a phone-in. Somehow (Isn't that just life, eh?), the phone-in embraced a wide range of callers and the issue of 'gay marriage' just kept coming up. It was almost as if the BBC wanted 'gay marriage' to be mentioned rather a lot. The grossly suspicious side to me believes that in 'phone-ins' the BBC station a group of people paid to tell porkies in the studio next door, but that's just when I'm feeling narked off with the state of things. What was interesting, if saddening, was the fact that one lesbian caller rings in and says she is in a civil partnership with her 'partner'. Her partner, it turns out, is a 'deeply committed Catholic' who wants the two of them to get married!

Just how deeply committed to the Catholic Faith is someone who clearly doesn't believe what the Church teaches about marriage? Before that, another 'devout' Catholic calls in and says that even though she is married happily to a man, she agrees with 'gay marriage' too because its all about love and commitment and sharing. I wouldn't mind if these people introduced themselves as 'unbelieving Catholics' or 'heretical Catholics' or 'dissenting Catholics', it is just weird the way they introduce themselves, or are introduced as 'deeply committed Catholics' before making it plain they either have no clue as to why the Church teaches what She does on human sexuality, or they just totally disagree with it. Anyway, if you listen to it, you'll see what I mean. To cap it all off a woman vicar gets on the line to defend natural marriage, only to root her argument solely in Scripture, rather than to remind listeners that marriage is rooted, as Archbishop Vincent Nichols said, in our nature. Depressing phone-in!

Friday 30 March 2012

40 Days for Life with Bishop Alan Hopes: Summary

I've just got back from Bedford Square and here follows a brief report. I'll go into more detail tomorrow.

I think the numbers game - and let's face it, this was never about numbers, nor was it a game - has been misreported already.

40 Days for Life vigil attendees were by no means 'vastly outnumbered'. We were huddled in a large circle, whereas protesters were behind a fence and the lines were not, from what I could see, particularly deep.

I couldn't actually hear very well what Bishop Alan Hopes was saying through a megaphone because the wailing, shouting, jeering, drumming and screaming coming from the pro-abortion protesters was so excruciatingly loud. We just got on with praying the Stations of the Cross and saying prayers for the unborn and all at risk of abortion and all affected by it.

You'll be not too surprised to hear that the chants and slogans of today's abortion rights people are not much different to the previous generation's. The one about the 'Church and the State' is still there. 'Keep your Rosaries off my ovaries' is still going strong. Anyone would have thought that the slogans were peddled out by an aging Tablet reader in Eccleston Square. 'Keep your Pope away from my pussy' was another, so now our beloved Pontiff is accused of cat burglary as well as orchestrating the world's largest pederast network.

One woman spent about half an hour prowling around those keeping vigil shouting at men and women, from whom she was about a yard away, "Stop harrassing women", when, in fact we were just praying and she was, yep, harassing women (and men). A new slogan was, 'Keep your Eucharist out of my uterus' or something, as if we desire to thrust the Most Holy Eucharist down anyone's throats or other orifices, or put our Rosaries anywhere near anyone's ovaries. That would, I believe, be both sacrilege and a grave invasion of the human body which can only be rivaled by a 'Gynaecological Surgeon' taking implements, shoving them up a woman's vagina, killing her child and dragging it out by the feet.

When the 40 Days for Life vigil-keepers sang the 'Ave Maria' repetitively, there were, at times, strange periods of silence from the pro-abortion protesters. I don't know whether Our Lady just got them to shut up or they liked the singing and found it rather beautiful. It was very odd, those moments when it felt like the shouting, screaming, chant and slogan-singing, drumming, angry and aggressive mob looked rather deflated and as if they were thinking of packing up and going home.

It's hard to find moments of humour in such a solemn vigil for the unborn and all affected by abortion, but I must say that, despite the fact that 40 days for life were haranguing and harassing no woman, the pro-abortion crowd started shouting at us to "stop harassing women" when people were singing the Ave Maria gently over and over. Yes, the only woman we were harassing all evening was the Blessed Mother of God!

In conclusion: Drumming, shouting, screaming, slogan-shouting, whooping, slogan-singing, football-terrace like chants, banners about abortion, harassment of those who hold the opposite view to yourself, turning out in great force and being genuinely intimidating and making an almighty commotion that means that the voices of those who oppose you are barely audible - these are all tactics which we as pro-lifers can learn from the 'pro-choice' movement in the UK. Probably best we stick to silent witness, vigil and prayer, I think, because the only thing you really learn from listening to the pro-abortion protesters is a lesson in hatred. The hatred was all theirs, of course, by the end, I think most pro-lifers felt pity for them. I was told there was a particularly loud screeching 'wail' from the pro-aborts at the announcement of the Station of the Cross at which Our Lord died.

Oh and the other slogan that was repeated over and over again by the pro-abortionist government supporters who turned out in force, but with little charity, was "40 Days for Life, go home!" Has nobody told the pro-abortionists that 40 Days for Life are going home in two days, when, er, 40 Days for Life ends? It seems odd to turn out in such number to tell us to 'go home' when if they'd just left it a day or two, the rather low-key vigil keepers would have done exactly that anyway. Still, logic and reason isn't one of the great gifts of the pro-abortion movement in the United Kingdom, is it? From what I could see tonight, they're just an angry and aggressive mob who behaved as if they were not only children of the Devil, but of the State as well.

"Shame on you! Shame on you!" they cried. Hang on, isn't that what some US pro-lifers in the seventies used to shout at women going into abortion clinics? My, how times have changed and yet the times, they are-a-changin'.

It looks rather like the pro-aborts are far more 'American' in style than us. We shouldn't be too surprised by that, though. After all, it was the Rockefellers of this world that have donated so much money to the cause of abortion across the West, Africa and across the World, who continue to do so and who 'sit back and laugh as the death count gets higher'. I personally believe that if everyone stopped procuring abortion in the UK, the State would enforce it, for this is a war on its own people and population. It is so sad that even anarchists, feminists and 'freedom fighters' are oblivious to that sad truth. Marxists, of course, wouldn't have a problem with it.

Thanks to Sarto for the YouTube video.

Tip-Toeing Around Abortion

I found this advert for a job as a Gynaecological Surgeon at Marie Stopes International in a British Medical Journal magazine. I know that 'employment speak' can be a little 'professional' and often rather ridiculous, but I was interested in how Marie Stopes International can go through an entire advert seeking to recuit abortionists and only mention the word 'abortion' once right at the end. Quite a feat of achievement that. If 'abortion rights' are so intrinsic to human society and so accepted, then why all the pussyfooting around the subject. The language is so vague.

'Our busy centres offer termination of pregnancy, sexual health services and vasectomy and sterilisation in a highly professional environment'.

It all sounds so benign, doesn't it? Marie Stopes are 'dedicated to improving the sexual and reproductive health of clients around the world'. Okay, interesting way of putting it, but how, precisely does an abortion improve someone's sexual or even reproductive health. Last I heard, reproductive health could in fact be damaged by an abortion. Even the NHS says so. Unless reproductive health is simply a matter of taking away unwanted babies. To me reproductive health sounds like the health of the womb itself. Let's continue with the advert:

'Marie Stopes International are looking or Surgeons to provide terminations of pregnancy up to 24 weeks for our Leeds and Manchester Centres as a priority, but we are also searching for excellent candidates in the London region. We are actively looking for Surgeons who already have experience of late term terminations, however, we are able to provide full training within a professional and modern working environment for those without the experience.'

That bit reminds me of those care assistant jobs in the Friday Ad where they say, 'Experience desirable but full training is given'.

'Successful candidates will possess sound clinical judgement and excellent interpersonal skills with a strong focus on team work within a multi-disciplinary environment.'

Bizarre, isn't it?

'All applicants will require full GMC registration with a licence to practice.  Due to the nature of the work involved [that is, abortion], all applicants will require Specialist Registration with the GMC.'

And this is the most laughable bit:

You will be committed to our mission of children by choice not chance [the abortion mission] and promote and live the Marie Stopes International core values: mission driven; customer focused [hang on, I thought Clare Murphy said this wasn't a business - surely only 'businesses' have 'customers']; results orientated [the mind boggles: what could the results be?]; pioneering [eh?]; sustainable ['Sustainable' what? Growth? Not for the baby, but for 'business' perhaps...]; people centred.

And then, just to flout UK equality laws, since there must be out there surely a number of pro-life abortionists...

'All candidates will be pro-choice on abortion.'

Why can't these people just be honest?

'Abortionist wanted: Must have strong stomach and willingness to abandon the hippocratic oath.'

There. That's much better. Much more 'Friday-Ad'. Interesting that they haven't published the salary on the advert, isn't it?

BPAS: Charity or Industry?

A truly excellent analysis today by Caroline Farrow on Clare Murphy, Director of Press and Publicity at BPAS.

Clare Murphy has written an article in today’s Independent claiming that those who are using the language of business and commerce for abortion clinics are insulting women who choose to have an abortion.

For tax reasons BPAS is a charity.  We know what they do for unborn babies. Whether BPAS 'help' women is objectively much contested. Not that it would justify it, but I wonder just how many letters the BPAS receive from women saying, "Thanks so much for helping me. When I needed a shoulder you were there."

Talking of which, I popped up just now to see 40 Days for Life in Brighton. I was told by one of the volunteers there that despite what The Argus may have reported, 40 Days for Life are helping one woman who broke down in tears when she arrived at the abortion clinic. She is homeless and is now going through detox in the hope of having her baby. She is now living with one of the volunteers of 40 Days for Life and receiving true charity and support. She is awaiting placement by the Council, which I expect will mean some form of temporary accommodation. We know what temporary accommodation is like in Brighton. The woman is a rape victim who felt, on arriving at the clinic, that she didn't have a 'choice'.  Having asked BPAS to see a scan and having received counselling from 40 Days for Life, she wants to try and keep her baby. I say 'try' because as we know it is likely that because of her addictions the vultures at social services will be hovering over her when she gives birth. Keep her in your prayers.  I'm thinking very much of going up to Bedford Square this evening to pray and to cover the vigil tonight with Bishop Alan Hopes.

Thursday 29 March 2012

Help Support 40 Days for Life on Friday

40 Days for Life: Bearing witness to the right to life of the unborn child
'Quae est ista quae progreditur quasi aurora consurgens, pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol, terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata?'

'Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?'

Tomorrow, on Friday 30th March, the 38th day of the pro-life vigil outside BPAS in Bedford Square, London will take place.  Bishop Alan Hopes will be there in the evening from 7 - 8.30pm.

The 'Battle of Bedford Square' will be a spiritual battle and 40 Days for Life need our prayers. It is promised by such groups as Abortion Rights that an opposing demonstration supporting abortion will be taking place on the same day, in the same place, in response, presumably, to the success of the 40 Days for Life campaign.

If you can, go. If you cannot go, then dedicate some time to praying that pro-lifers will be protected from what we can expect to be some aggressive and rather indelicate tactics used by the supporters of the barbaric practice of abortion - since barbarism and the slaughter of the innocent is what they are defending.

Pray too for all expectant mothers and their unborn children and let's not forget also to pray for the doctors whose consciences have been seared by their profession that they may turn away from this evil, as well as our other enemies, those who will be turning out to protest against 40 Days for Life. It is said that the Abortion Rights group have gathered a large number set to turn out in opposition to 40 Days for Life. 40 Days for Life expect to be dramatically outnumbered. Abortion Rights appear to be wanting to turn their counter-demonstration into a 'celebration of abortion and women's rights'. Given that the vast majority of people in the UK believe abortion to be 'highly regrettable', that is an approach that may just backfire.

Two letters today appeared in The Guardian, one from the SPUC's Education and Publicity Manager, defending the work of the SPUC in schools and one from a lady called Professor Wendy Savage heading a group of fellow workers, research fellows and gynaecologists who are very concerned that the nature of the public debate on abortion is changing, thanks in particular to The Telegraph's investigation into 'gendercide'. According to Wikipedia:

'Professor Wendy Savage (born 12 April 1935 in Surrey) is a British gynaecologist, and advocate and campaigner of women's rights in childbirth and fertility.

Dr Savage read medicine at Girton College, Cambridge. She qualified in 1960 and was the first woman consultant to be appointed in obstetrics and gynaecology at The London Hospital. She has worked in the United States of America, Nigeria, Kenya, and New Zealand. In New Zealand she set up an abortion service before the law was liberalised. She was an elected member of the General Medical Council for more than 16 years. She was shortlisted for the BMJ Group Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.'
It looks like Professor Savage (apt name) may have been a back-street abortionist in New Zealand before the law was 'liberalised'. Looks to me like one of my more recent guitar efforts might just as well have been written about her. From the back-street, to the front-street, to the GMC and the BMI. Really, her signature is quite telling because that's the real story of abortion in the UK. Pray and offer up your Friday penance for the work of 40 Days for Life. They will have a good escort in the Blessed Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, destroyer of all heresies and protectress of the unborn.

Charismatic Reconciliation Service

I was really quite taken aback by James Preece's recent blogpost on the Flame Congress event, a Catholic youth rally at Wembley Arena. The YouTube video of the charismatic performers is a real sight and a real sound to behold. From what circle of Hell does this cacophany come?!

From the Flame Congress, well attended though it was, you would get the impression that the charismatic-pentecostal direction of parts of the Catholic Church is really very popular indeed with the young. Perhaps it is with some, because it 'empowers' and gives people the opportunity to be part of a 'youth ministry'. I don't doubt for a second, however, that the charismatic movement in the Church is a little dangerous and perhaps flammable.

For a start, apart from Eucharistic Adoration, what does the Flame Congress really teach young people about the Faith. As James says, real Catholic teaching seemed not to be on the 'set list' and he claims that some of the worst things he has heard about it are from people who were actually there - you know - the young people themselves. Last night I attended a local Reconciliation Service which certainly had 'charismatic' elements which I personally found off-putting. The guitar strumming was inoffensive, the hymns were mostly modern and a little on the over-sentimental side. I like Gregorian Chant because it puts you in the frame of the liturgical season, at this time Passiontide, without being totally 'in your face'. There was an overhead projector linked to a computer beaming the words of the hymns onto a screen, something I haven't seen in a church since my Baptist days - days I thought were long behind me in the Catholic Church.

Along with the guitar and piano hymns there was a talk, which was actually excellent, about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, by a monk of Worth Abbey. We were told that Priests would be sitting in various posts around the Church to hear Confessions. Excellent. Not only that, but it seemed that virtually everyone went for Confession. Perhaps, for most, that was the only reason they had gone, which is a good sign of Faith in the Church. Apart from the guitar, which I personally do not think is suitable for Church music, all this was great. Before Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Confessions, however, was a small drama-play in front of the Tabernacle in which two young people came up with signs saying, 'Pride', 'Lust', 'Deceit' and 'Greed' which were then given to a man acting as Our Lord with extended arms to receive these sins and comfort the young people.

And, I guess, that had this been in a school or something, that it would have been an effective way of showing young people that the Lord Jesus is the 'Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World'. Is it suitable in a Church however? Well, we might say that it is or could be, if the Church was packed out with young persons with no understanding of Confession or repentance.  However, aside from the young people singing, playing guitar and doing drama, there were very few young people present. The overwhelming majority of those present were adults, and most seemed to me to be senior adults.

After all, a Benedictine monk had literally just given us a talk on our need for repentance in this holy season of Lent and God's infinite loving mercy. What troubles me about these kinds of services is the sentimentalisation and self-indulgence of the service and, as James says in his post, it ends up treating grown adults, who require an 'adult faith' to be treated like children. I know what Our Lord said about how necessary it is that we become 'like little children' if we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but I'm quite sure that while Our Lord wishes for us to be open to Him and trusting in Him as children are of parents, that He does not wish us to actually be infantilised. It is this infantilisation of the liturgy and of the People of God that personally makes me want to run for the hills.

Then arose a wonderful opportunity for prayer before Our Blessed Lord in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar while Priests compassionately heard Confessions around stations in the Church. However, the Lord Himself had not yet been placed on the Altar before we were told that 'Prayer Ministry Teams' were also in stations of the Church to pray for people who needed 'healing'. Most of these teams appeared to be comprised of ladies who I thought, once again, I had escaped on leaving my Baptist days behind me. So, while the Lord was exposed on the Altar, to my left were two or three ladies 'praying over' a person who wanted 'healing'. Even if we accept that such things have their place, and I am personally far from convinced that they do, the 'prayer team' beside me was facing the very opposite direction to which the Lord was placed on the Altar, awaiting our prayers, our worship and adoration. To be honest, I found that rather scandalous.

There is God Himself desiring to help us to know His love, to receive our praise, being truly present to us in the Blessed Sacrament, and the prayer teams are ignoring Him and basically suggesting outwardly that their prayer ministry is equal to or as important or more important than the fact that God is literally in the House so that we may come before Him in humility, awe and great reverence. The presence of the 'prayer teams' and a lack of real focus on the Blessed Sacrament seemed to foster a community, some of whom, for instance, would spend ten minutes with the Lord and feel it perfectly appropriate to spend another ten minutes loudly chatting to the person next to them in His Presence. I thought that Catholics kept schtum unless it is really necessary to talk, when the Lord is exposed.

And, while I was trying and mostly failing to pray before Our Lord the sentimental guitar, piano music and modern hymns simply did not stop but for a brief pause of five minutes when they decided to spend some time in Adoration themselves, before returning to strum throughout the rest of Adoration. Perhaps some music was necessary to drown out the sound of people's Confessions, I understand that, but it was my understanding that in order to pray well before our God there is some need for silence or at least, music that aids prayer, rather than distracting us from it. I'm sure I sound like a grumpy old man, but it was really very difficult to pray with the loud, sentimental pap going on in the background.

I don't know what other people thought of the whole thing, but from what I could see, it appeared that as it drew closer to an end, that people who made their Confession seemed to leave rather quickly. Is it really necessary to use such Reconciliation Services to such self-indulgent effect? I was reminded of the new Bishop of Aberdeen's thoughts when His Lordship said that so many distractions are placed in our way to 'seek the Face of God'. He suggested, I think, that some of these distractions were to be found in Catholic Churches, and that it is in silence that we find Him. I know that while people are hearing Confessions around the Church, that this presents a challenge, but I left with the distinct impression that creating an atmosphere of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament was not that high a priority on the 'set list'. It seemed primarily to be about our forgiveness, yes, but not about the One who forgives us - the One on the Altar. I left feeling that I had been to a Baptist service in which the Sacrament of Penance and the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar were accepted as valid.

Voris Time: Latin Anyone?

I haven't been watching Michael Voris for a while, but his latest video is a classic. Paul Smeaton gets a mention! Well done, Paul!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Elena Curti on the Soho Masses: Export it to Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh

Coming to a town near you? The Rainbow Roadshow...
Elena Curti believes the Soho Masses are so great at communicating the Catholic Faith to men and women with same-sex attraction that they should be exported to Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and, well, seemingly everywhere where there might be 'a gay' and 'a Church'. Wherever there is a gay, there should be a gay Mass. So now we know why St Pio of Pietrelcina once threw a communist out of his confessional box by force, simply for being a communist...

Elena pines for the day when every Church will have its own Gay Mass for the gay contingent. What could possibly go wrong? And how's this for a cracking start to a blogpost:

'Gay Catholics are called to life-long friendship, the Archbishop of Westminster told BBC2's Newsnight programme last week. It was as far as Archbishop Vincent Nichols was prepared to go in articulating the Church's pastoral concern for its gay members. But he could have referred to the bi-monthly Soho Masses for gay Catholics and their families, which continue in his diocese in spite of complaints to Rome by traditionalists.'

How much further did she expect the Archbishop to go? All the way?

Indeed, he could have referred to the bi-monthly Soho Masses, but there is an outside possibility that the Archbishop finds these Masses a little embarrassing at this time, when the dissent emanating from Soho runs in contradiction to Catholic Teaching and while they continue to draw criticism from 'traditionalists' and, presumably, other Catholics of sound faith in Rome. Full of praise for the Soho Masses, Elena opines:

'These, more than anything else, have demonstrated that the Catholic Church takes seriously its ministry to gay members. It counters the argument from those advocating gay marriage that the Church is homophobic.'

It certainly does counter the argument from those advocating gay marriage that the Church is homophobic. If you listen to what some of the organisers actually say, it counters that argument so much that you get the distinct impression that there is very little difference between what supporters of 'gay marriage' believe and what organisers of the Soho Masses believe. Then, as if to finally confirm what many already believed, that The Tablet editorial team is comprised of fantasists, Elena says:

'As for Cardinal Keith O'Brien, what better way to counter the furore that greeted his outburst against the notion of gay marriage?'

Good luck with that one, Elena, love. I think you need a lay down, dear.

And, of course, no Tablet article would be complete without perpetuating the lie that the Universal Church has any support whatsoever, or ever shall, for gay civil unions, even though the parallel Magisterium of The Tablet and (at times, some of) the English Hierarchy can give people the impression that this is the case:

'If we as Catholics are to argue convincingly that marriage is the nucleus of our society, that to tamper with it has implications for the care of children and that civil partnerships are the way to recognise stable, committed gay unions, we need the Church to show support for its gay members. Extending the gay Masses would be a good way to do that.'

I suppose they would be a good way to do that, if, into the bargain, you wished to scandalise the good faith of Catholics, undermine the Church's teaching on sexuality, create breeding grounds for dissent around the country and introduce the Marxist liberation theology of the gay movement into every city and town into the country. Yep, that sounds like The Tablet to me. Love it or loathe it, it can always be relied upon to show us the direction in which Holy Mother Church should be going. Just read The Tablet and remember to go in the opposite direction where the compass is pointing.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Help Me to Meet the Prime Minister

Well, in light of recent news, I'm starting a new fundraising campaign. I'm trying to raise enough money to gain access to David Cameron. The hope is that if I raise enough money, I'll be able to donate to the Conservative Party and get to eat dinner with the Prime Minister. Over dinner, we can talk frankly about 'gay marriage'.

All I need is £250,000, though I'll need a little more to cover my train fare up to London. So far I have raised enough to take Mr Cameron out for lunch at a pub for burger and chips. I know this will work. Help me to influence Government policy by helping me to raise £250,000 to have dinner with the PM. There is an outside chance that Stonewall paid more, so we should aim for £500,000.

Monday 26 March 2012

The Back-Street Abortionists

The Back-Street Abortionists

There was a time you could go and see a back-street abortionist
A time you could go and see a back-street abortionist
Have your unborn baby killed by a back-street abortionist
But we left those 'dark days' behind!

There was a time you’d be imprisoned as a back-street abortionist
A time you’d be imprisoned as a back-street abortionist
Killin' babies was illegal while there were some who supported it
But we left those 'dark days' behind!

Lord Steele had an idea he said,
“Let’s move the abortionists!”
Said: “Here’s an idea! Let’s move the abortionists!”
So we moved the abortionists and for over 40 years
Let them kill babies noon, sunset, sunrise

Oh, whatever happened to those back-street abortionists?
Whatever happened to those back-street abortionists?
Maybe they just became the front-street abortionists
As they were told that they had ‘served their time’

Now you can go and see your front-street abortionist
You can go and see your front-street abortionist
Have your unborn babies killed by your front-street abortionist
 'Cos nothing’s sacred, not even your baby’s life!

Kill your babies at the front-street abortionists!
Kill your babies at the front-street abortionists!
Kill your babies at the front-street abortionists!
That’s the message of ‘Abortion Rights’!
Kill your babies at the front-street abortionists!
Say, “It’s my body!”
As they sling a bag of babies in!
Cry, "It's my body!"
As they sling another bag of babies in!
Into the bin outside!

Kill your babies at the front-street abortionists!
Kill your babies at the front-street abortionists!
Say, “It’s my choice!”
No, dear, its the choice of the abortionist
The one with the pills, hoover, knife
The one who takes your baby’s life
The ones who used to be 'inside'
In those 'dark days' when child murder was a crime

(Optional Extra Verse)

Lord Steele
Here's an idea!
Let's close the abortionists!
Here's an idea!
Let's move the abortionists!
Let's move the abortionists, back where they really oughta sit
In a prison cell for their crime
Until they've really 'served their time'
 Then we can say: 'We've left those dark days behind...'

Public Money and Catholicism

Two days in a row now I have heard Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society discuss public money and what should and should not be done with it.

Whenever something happens in this country to do with Christianity or the Catholic Church we get Mr Sanderson telling the news how outrageous it is that public money is being used to support some aspect of Christianity.

The idea of World Youth Day coming to London has Sanderson is hysterics decrying the idea of public money being used to bring young people from all over Europe to London to listen to the Holy Father at World Youth Day. The idea of public money being used to maintain Britain's Cathedrals has him spitting feathers. When Churches claim religious education is being undermined because the Government don't think its as important as learning facts and figures, Sanderson bleats about public money being used for religious education.

At what point does it become acceptable to say public money can be used for anything but Christianity? I trust that Mr Sanderson has no problem with public money being used for abortion, 'diversity training', extortionate rates of rent set by landlords for housing benefit, war overseas on two or three fronts, sex change operations, cosmetic surgery, embryonic research that yields little in terms of advances in medicine, climate change-related flights of fancy and the vast range of very dubious things that Government spends 'public money' on? The message seems to be: spend public money on anything, anything, but don't spend it on anything to do with religion and in particular, Christianity. It's becoming rather tired. You would think that Catholics and Christians made up 0% of Britain's population. Obviously, Mr Sanderson must have been a little peeved when the people who turned out to see the Holy Father at the Papal Visit put paid to that myth.

An Open Letter to The Argus

I'll be surprised if The Argus publish this letter:
'While I personally do not consider the graphic imagery of abortion to be a sensible approach to protesting against abortion, it is also true that Abort 67 have changed a number of people’s opinions about abortion because they have shown people the truth about what abortion really is. Perhaps that is why the BPAS clinic is so very concerned.

I have seen the vigil outside Wiston Clinic and saw no evidence of any ‘intimidation’ or aggressive tactics being employed by those taking part. All that 40 Days for Life and Abort 67 campaigners do is hand out information about abortion. If the information is refused, then that response is immediately accepted by the campaigners. It isn’t immoral or illegal to give out information. What kind of objectiveinformation do BPAS provide?

The only filming I have seen was when police have shown up and a camera has been used as part of any legal defence which may follow should they be arrested. At a time when The Telegraph have exposed abortion law being flouted by abortion clinics in the United Kingdom it seems odd to run an investigation into a small group of people who, unlike abortion clinics, do everything in the clear light of day.

When I visited the campaigners to see the vigil, someone came out of the clinic to dump ‘medical waste’ into a bin outside the clinic. Inside those bin bags, of course, are the remains of tiny human beings. Maybe The Argus should consider running an investigation into Wiston Clinic and the industry out of which they make so much money?

Maybe The Argus could speak to women who are still haunted by their abortion? Maybe The Argus could investigate what is in those bins? Of course, the truth is not pleasant. It is in the BPAS’s interests that the ugly truth of abortion be suppressed and their practice be defended, but then local newspapers are not there to defend the powerful, but the weak, defenceless and vulnerable. Who could be more weak, vulnerable and defenceless than a baby in a mother’s womb?'

Sunday 25 March 2012

Brighton and Hove City Council and Mears Group: The Perfect Partnership

From The Eye of a Needle

This is the handiwork and Council house maintenance work of Mears. I took these photos recently.

Let me know what you think of their work.

A woman I know was recently moved here by the Council...

Nice touch! Welcome to your new home, with kind regards from Mears Group!

Sorry the place is a dive, because, frankly we couldn't be arsed with it but enjoy a cup of tea in one of our mugs!

Also, here's a brown paper bag in case you vomit once you realise how much money we're making out of this business! Crap decorating, great mugs! Or are the real mugs the poor people who have to live in accommodation maintained by Mears and the people of Brighton and Hove whose Council tax money is going to these cowboys?

Damp extraction?  What, even the weekend before she moves in? Yes! See, at Mears, they really care for their clients! Even though the company grosses huge profits annually, you get a good return because they are prepared to even extract damp out of walls before you move in! Days before!

Novel use for a Council wheelie bin...

'Did you say these guys also do Social Care?' I hear you cry.

Yes! Yes, I did!

See the attention to detail that the Mears boys go into to keep the customer satisfied!

Oh, but the customer isn't the tenant, no, its the Council, and they've already given the Mears the £200 million contract, so, actually, let's not bother with finishing the walls...

Lovely. A dream home. Or is that nightmare? Still, its only a council tenant so let's not bother to paint the walls or remove the existing wallpaper. Let's leave it somewhere in between!

She lives on a pittance on benefits so let her sort out the carpet and decorating. Maybe the local SVP will help.

Nice work, boys!

Sumptuous decorating. Interior decor that anyone would be proud of.

The Mears boys are well worth the local authority's massive expenditure.

What is that expenditure?

Wait for it...

It's £2 million a month! What a snip! These Mears boys are well worth the money! Great job!

Beautiful isn't it?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'When can I move in?'

Poor? Need accommodation in Brighton? Well, Brighton and Hove City Council have just the place for you, all courtesy of Mears, the firm that just loves to give back to the community...unless you're poor, that is. "Oh well, they're only poor, eh? Nobody's interested in what the houses of poor people look like anyway...right?"

Two tone floor-boards? Something old, something new. Like it!

Hmm...interesting. This is like 1970s British home mixed with a flavour of the Med. Or is it Moroccan-inspired?

Whatever it is, its fantastic!

Of course, this is an exception to the rule. Mears usually provide an exemplary service to the Council and their tenants. This is evidenced by video footage I took of the last place at which the occupier of this property lived. She had someone come round to examine it before she left. They told her that they suspected it had subsidence and that it could fall down any day. Still, that won't stop the Council moving someone in now that the previous tenant has been 'upgraded' to better accommodation, also maintained by Mears Group. 'Mears: Making people smile.'  That's their company motto!

I fear Mears will not be smiling when they see this video below and the images above...

Of course, the tenant could have decorated the last place herself with help from friends, or she could decorate the new place too, but, perhaps after having had five children taken into care by social services because she is 'drink dependent', maybe, at some point, she just lost the heart to decorate. And no, its not the same person that I talked with last night.

Five children, all removed by the State and taken into care. Now, that's what I call another victory for women's rights. Where are all the feminists when women really need them? Actually, where's The Argus when you really need them?

'Women's Rights': For Some, But Not For Others...

I talked with a woman who attends the Soup Run last night. Somehow we came to discuss social services, abortion and pregnancy.

She related to me that recently she had thought that she was pregnant. She lives in one of the many homeless hostels in Brighton.

Before taking a pregnancy test at the doctor's surgery, a test which came back negative, her GP laid out her 'options'. Abortion was suggested to her, not something she enquired about, were the test to be positive.

Having replied to the doctor that if the test were positive that she would want to keep the baby, the doctor warned her that, because she is 'drink dependent', that social services would soon step in to remove the new baby and take him or her into care. This is all before the test result was even in. So, before she has even been informed whether she is pregnant or not, her GP was basically encouraging her to abort the child, on the grounds that the child will be 'drink dependent' from birth, but by the same token, advised that were she to give birth that the child would be removed and taken into care (to be put up for sale, sorry, adoption, we can presume) on the grounds that the child would be 'drink dependent' from birth. Does that make any sense?

Not really, but then the eugenic mindset of so many working in the field of healthcare does not make much sense. Why would it? Eugenics is not science but a pseudo-science. The logic of the medical profession is rarely challenged nowadays, but it should be. For a start, the women's liberation movement proclaimed to be a new era of 'women's rights' and 'equality of treatment'. It also promised 'reproductive freedom' for women. Yet, this 'reproductive freedom' should really be re-examined and, if necessary, re-named, since 'reproductive freedom' seems either to indicate the freedom to access abortion - a negative freedom - to 'terminate' pregnancy, or, on the other hand, if truly this term reflects some kind of reality, then it is a 'reproductive freedom' granted to some and not to others. We can safely assume that if this woman was not poor or 'drink dependent', then the counselling given by her GP would be different. That's what status in society grants you - respectful dialogue with those in authority or a position of power. This is a woman and yet, I have to ask, where are her 'reproductive freedoms' and more than that where are her 'woman's rights'. The answer is that they don't exist for her, or rather that, more generally, that they exist for some but not for others.

Secondly, I'm not wholly convinced by the idea that because a woman is drink-dependent that the baby will emerge at birth asking for a can of Skol Super. There may be a period in which a new born baby suffers some form of withdrawal symptoms, but I doubt that there is conclusive scientific evidence that says that every baby born to a mother with drink problems will be an alcoholic. Secondly, we can assume that the advice to abort is because the baby's life will end up just like that of his mothers and that the inference is that this is a life 'not worth living'. Oh, and I forget that she also told me that because she is drink dependent that the baby might have 'birth defects'. What evidence is there for that and why abort because the baby is imperfect? Thirdly, the argument from the GP falls down from his own suggestion that the baby will be removed from her because not only is she alcohol dependent, but this will be passed down to the baby. So, an alcohol dependent baby suddenly loses the genetic alcohol dependency because it is being raised by a middle class couple in Kettering, instead of parents or a mother who drinks in Brighton?

Already, a pattern emerges in which truth is sacrificed for an ideal, or an ideology which says that some women have rights, but others do not. Some women have 'reproductive freedoms', whereas others have the freedom to abort and have their children removed from them at birth by social services. They are even, as was the case for this woman, told by their doctors, who, let's remember, work for the State's National Health Service, that if they are pregnant, it is either a suggestion to abort or the warning that social services will step in and take your baby away. Can you imagine how degrading, insulting and downright terrible that must feel?

This is the cruel injustice and judgment that the poor face in Brighton and in every town in the United Kingdom and it is not only levelled at those who drink or are drug dependent. The eugenic movement that led to the Holocaust and the destruction of countless human lives in Nazi Germany never went away and sheepishly abandoned their causes. They just moved into new areas in which their evil ideology could be made acceptable and palatable. They went into social services divisions, psychiatry, medicine, genetics, the abortion industry and anywhere that they could make an impact on society in accordance with their pseudo-scientific view of humanity.

Ann Furedi, head of BPAS is another example. Prior to her time as head of the BPAS, Ann led the Birth Control Trust, the 'charitable arm' of the Galton Institute (formerly known as the British Eugenics Society). The stated aim of the Birth Control Trust remains to 'spread supports practical initiatives in birth control, especially programmes to increase access to women's health care services in developing countries.' Consistently, Ann Furedi proclaims abortion as a women's rights issue. But what, Ann, if a woman has fallen on hard times, is pregnant and does not want her child to be aborted and does not want to give the child up for adoption. Where are her rights, as a woman, then? We are not naive, however. We know that these are not the kinds of 'women's rights' issues that concern one like Ann Furedi.

Saturday 24 March 2012

The Argus Runs 'Special Investigation' Concerning Wiston Clinic

Pensions and pay: Something worth getting really worked up about...
Well, I have a short while to blog, so I'll cut to the chase.  I had a spare hour the other day, so thought I'd drop by on the 40 Days for Life vigil taking place outside Wiston Clinic, Brighton's abortion house. I had time to pray to the Blessed Mother of God for all inside and outside the abortion clinic and chat a while to the two or three souls who kept vigil.

The first thing I'll say is that the vigil is very low-key. It really is two or three people with some magazines, leaflets and some courage asking if they can give passers by, any passers by, some information about abortion.  Because it was 40 Days for Life, rather than Abort 67, there were no graphic images of dead unborn children on display. In the hour that I was there, women, alone or in a couple, came and walked in and out of the clinic.

I saw my role there as someone who prays, maintains a blog and who wanted to write a blogpost on 40 Days for Life's activity in Brighton. Of course, I don't come at this issue without my own opinion on abortion which is informed by what I see as the natural injustice of abortion, a view also informed by the Church's teaching on the innate dignity of the human person. However, I'd also maintain that, whatever way you look at abortion through the 'kaleidoscope' of the modern lens, it always looks rather ugly. Indeed, even those who maintain a pro-abortion stance regularly call the procedure 'highly regrettable', in a similar way to how the IRA used to call the loss of life in Northern Ireland after another bomb blast 'highly regrettable' even though they admitted to planting the bomb in the middle of a shopping centre and exploded it during the day when everyone was out shopping.

I asked one of the 'activists' there whether they had received much coverage from the local press.  I wasn't quite sure how The Argus would take this issue on and was even considering writing a piece and sending it in after what I saw. Now, I realise just how pointless that would have been because not only do I come to this issue from a perspective which sees abortion as a grave injustice to women and children, but The Argus clearly come to this issue believing that the rather low-key vigil outside the clinic is a grave threat to a woman's natural 'right to abortion'. Welcome to the culture clash of 21st century Brighton and, indeed, Britain. 

Taking a clearly different slant to that of The Telegraph (otherwise known as a proper newspaper) and biding their time, The Argus have finally run a 'special investigation' into Wiston Clinic. Instead of investigating the abortion industry, however, the local newspaper decided to investigate the people outside the clinic. Quite why a 'special investigation' is required into the vigils is anybody's guess, since those who publicly stand against the abortion industry do so in the light of day in clear view of everybody.  In fact, unlike the BPAS, they want people to see what they are doing.  

The Argus paper ran with the headline: 'Protesters 'Intimidate' Rape Victim'. It is alleged that a woman complained of being filmed and 'harangued' by the activists. I don't know whether that is true. Personally, from what I know of 40 Days for Life and even the Abort 67 people, the vigils are really very 'hands off'. Most of the day I spent with Abort 67 a while back was literally asking people if they wanted information, being told 'No' and then me looking down at the ground. The simple reason and need for some 'information' is that BPAS are notorious for not providing women with particularly objective facts about abortion. Why would they? It would be like From what I've seen, that seems to be par for the course. From what I have seen of the vigils, the video camera was only whipped out by Abort 67 when the cops showed up for protection. Nobody was filming on the occasions that I visited for an hour to pray and see what was going on. If that is happening then that is not good, but all I can say is that I've seen nothing of the sort. I'll tell you what I did see though.

Only five minutes on my arrival at Wiston Clinic, I saw a woman walk past a woman handing out information on the facts of abortion who took one look at the woman handing out leaflets, said 'No, thank you', to the information, and told the woman handing out the information, "I think you're absolutely disgusting." Charming, eh? Anyone would have thought the woman handing out the information was advocating the mass slaughter of children or something.

During the hour that I was there someone came out of Wiston Clinic with a bag of 'medical waste' and dumped it in the bin outside the clinic. The three or four of us there all knew what was inside the 'medical waste' bag that had been dumped outside the clinic and it is not pleasant to think about because whatever you think about abortion, you know that your funeral will be a great deal more dignified than that, even if your relatives end up playing 'Life is a Rollercoaster' by Ronan Keating or something equally as awful as your corpse lays in the Church and your Soul awaits prayers. Still, even that is more dignified than 'the bin outside the house'.

As I say, no matter how you look at abortion, it doesn't look good and it doesn't look good when unborn children are dumped outside a house in a bin. More than anything else, it is really depressing. And, for each woman that comes out of the abortion clinic skipping down the road in liberated, radiant glory, there will always be another who goes home with a sense of great unease, sadness and ends up writing letters to her deceased unborn baby and drowning out her memory with vodka and paracetamol years later.

Of course, Councillor Mary Mears (who aborted the Open Market in Brighton, along with the livelihoods of some of its traders, so that it could be turned into flats), local Council leaders and our very own Green MP, Caroline Lucas (who aborted my common sense when I damnably voted for her - don't ask) added their concerned voices to the chorus of disapproval of the protesters in The Argus's 'special investigation', as all and sundry basically called for this behaviour which apparently makes those who enter the clinic, both workers and clients feel 'distressed' to be stopped, if not voluntarily, then by force.

Kindly, The Argus allowed one box in the two page spread to the 'view of the anti-abortionist', but, aside from that, you would have thought that the 'special investigation' might uncover great corruption, intrigue and devastating evidence that the campaigners were doing something diabolically evil, wicked and, above all, unlawful. Unfortunately for the BPAS, who run Wiston Clinic, these are now charges being levelled at them all over the British Press. It's a shame that The Argus couldn't go so far as to walk inside the clinic and do some undercover reportage on what the abortion process is really like. For example, what kind of counselling, before and after abortion, is available from BPAS? Hey. Here's an idea, all you 'roving reporters' at The Argus, you who are so great at 'special investigations' with regard to abortion. Why not get someone to open those bins, grab a bag of medical waste and take a look at the contents? No? I can't blame you. After all, that would be a little too 'distressing' now, wouldn't it, especially for Brighton's readers?  To the powerful of this World and to those who live in darkness, there is nothing so distressing as the light of truth.

The Fourth Estate has a moral duty to speak truth to power, to defend the weak and innocent and to uncover injustice as the mighty wield power over the vulnerable and defenceless. The Argus seem to actually believe that in this case that description is fitting for a couple of guys and ladies in rain macs outside an abortion mill, rather than the huge 'charity' making loads of cash out of killing unborn babies at the taxpayer's expense. The clinic itself, according to The Argus, re-opened in 2008 following a £2 million refurbishment. Gosh. The BPAS aren't short of a bob or two are they? That must have been quite some re-opening day. A real treat for all the family. The Argus reported the fact that this new refurbishment meant that the clinic could perform over 1,500 abortions a year as if this was somehow something for Brightonians to celebrate.

Welcome to the culture clash of 21st century Brighton. Welcome to the culture clash of 21st century Britain. Welcome to the sickening neutralisation of the Fourth Estate and our local newspaper which has been co-opted by the powerful abortion lobby of the BPAS and their very wealthy and very influential supporters.

Clearly, in modern Britain, with all the cruelty and barbarity of the modern age, there is really only one thing worth protesting about at The Argus. And that is, yep, you guess it... pensions and pay. Tell you what: The day I see The Argus siding with the weak, the innocent, the poor, the defenceless, the downcast, the outcasts, the cruelly and unjustly treated and oppressed of this World, and against the powerful, the rich and the big businesses that make money out of despicable injustice in the city of Brighton and Hove, then I'll stand up for these shoddy excuses for journalists and their pensions and their pay. That day seems a long, long way off. The ironic thing is that inside paper in the centre spread 'investigation' piece is a weekend magazine with Joan Baez, the famous 60s protest singer, on the front. I don't know what Joan thinks of abortion. I think though, that this song, could be dedicated to the innocent unborn babes who we pray and hope reign in Heaven with Christ forever and forever young.

Still, if or when the Council create a bye-law decreeing that you can't loiter with information outside an abortion clinic, at least the new law on 'approaching people', causing people 'distress' and 'haranguing people' will mean I can walk down the street in peace without getting approached by someone wanting my debit card details for their obscure rainforest charity and, unlike pro-lifers, not taking the word 'No' for an answer. Maybe politicans and their workers will stop coming to my door asking me to vote for them as well. Hope springs eternal...

Thursday 22 March 2012

However You Look at the Kaleidoscope, the View is Treason

In other words:

"Thank you for coming to give an address to Parliament, your Royal Highness. As you know, Parliament is going to redefine marriage no matter what you may think of it because we've got the power, not you. You are a Christian Queen, but this is no longer a Christian country. We've moved on, so up yours, Ma'am."

Fr Tim Finigan reports on the 'sublime to the ridiculous' nature of John Bercow's astonishing speech to the Queen. I post it here, just in case you missed it. Quite bizarre. If only newspapers reported stuff like this...

'John Bercow is the Honorary President of the Kaleidoscope Trust “Working globally to promote a sentiment for diversity equal rights for all.” He launched the Trust on 13 September last year at a Reception at the House of Commons. Kaleidoscope has been selected as the Official Charity Partner of World Pride 2012. In his endorsement of the Trust, David Cameron referred to its principal focus:
Our country has made real progress on LGBT equality and, without forgetting how far we've still got to go domestically, it is right that we should now increasingly turn our attention towards bringing about change abroad.
In addition to the endorsement from the Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, the Trust has also published endorsements from Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat party leader; Ed Milliband, Labour leader; Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland; Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales; Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party; and Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security.

The Kaleidoscope Trust has made no secret of the plug given to it by the Speaker on the occasion of the Queen’s Address to Parliament on Tuesday.

So the Kaleidescope reference which David Cameron joshingly took up at PMQs the other day, as though it were merely a rhetorical gaffe, would have been known by all of the political leaders as a reference to the organisation that they have endorsed. Leaving aside any evaluation of the philosophy of the Kaleidoscope Trust, it does seem audacious to plug one particular organisation in an address to the Queen on a historic visit to Parliament on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of her accession. A correspondent has suggested to me  that the French have a good expression for an in-joke (which Her Majesty probably didn't understand) made in a formal address to the Sovereign: lèse-majesté.

Just on what is possibly an entirely unrelated matter: while googling around, I found an interesting post on Guido Fawkes about members room bookings. (Guido's interest is in the corruption invoved. He says "Some MPs have been trousering thousands from lobbyists and commercial interests to act as a room booking service.") My eye was caught by this entry:
Bercow hosts Masonic reception for 145. Gray’s Inn Lodge Ladies Night (Jun ’06)
I'm just saying...'

Wednesday 21 March 2012

God, Prayer and Football

Prayers were said for Muamba 'from Bolton to Barcelona...'
Well, the United Kingdom might be the World's newest atheist State according to some, but that is news to others.

Recent days have seen tabloid newspapers with words like 'God is in Control' and 'Pray for Muamba' emblazoned across the front page.

British people and the World has responded with prayer for the young footballer who apparently basically died on the football pitch, only to be brought back to life an hour later and find himself in hospital, though reports are now emerging that the player is 'fine'.

The Telegraph is reporting his recovery as 'miraculous' since these are the words used by his doctor...

Dr Andrew Deaner described Muamba's recovery as "miraculous" after he was effectively brought back from the dead after the player's heart had stopped for over an hour.
"If you're going to use the term miraculous, I guess it could be used here," said Dr Deaner.
Muamba, 23, remains in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital where he had been in a critical state since Saturday evening. However, early signs of a recovery continue and the footballer on Monday night told Bolton's team doctor Jonathan Tobin he was "fine".
Dr Jonathan Tobin, who visited Muamba on Monday evening, said: "I'm glad to say that the early signs of recovery have continued. I went to see Fabrice last night. I went in and he said 'Hi, doc.' "I asked him how he was and he said 'Fine'." 

Dr Tobin said the player had asked him what had happened. "I explained to him what had happened," he said. "That's the sort of level of communication I have had with Fabrice."

It took 15 shocks to get the player's heart started after he collapsed, he said. Speaking at the hospital in Bethnal Green, east London, he told of his reaction when he first realised the player was in trouble. Going through his head was the thought "Oh my God, it's Fabrice", he said.

He described how a paramedic had held his hips as he stood in the ambulance trying to treat the footballer on the way to the hospital.

Medics worked on Muamba for 48 minutes between his collapse and arrival at the hospital, Dr Tobin said. At the hospital, doctors worked on him for another 30 minutes before his heart started beating again. "In effect, he was dead in that time," Dr Tobin said.

Dr Tobin admitted he broke down in tears in the hospital corridor when the seriousness of what had happened to the player hit home - and added that he had feared the worst. Dr Deaner, meanwhile, added that he had visited Muamba in hospital where the player was able to make a joke. "I whispered into his ear 'What's your name?'" Dr Deaner then said: "I said 'I understand you're a very good footballer'. And he said 'I try'."

Don't imagine that this will have any hardcore atheists re-thinking their views, mind. After all, Our Lord Himself said in His parable of the rich man and Lazarus, that even if a man should 'come back from the dead' that they will still not believe. Say a prayer that Muamba makes a full recovery and continues his playing career.

Peter Tatchell to Talk About 'Gay Marriage' at All Saints, Hove

He gets around, doesn't he?

I've a mind to go and give him a piece of my mind.

We have the Government reassuring us that this proposal has nothing to do with Churches because Churches won't be required to do same-sex marriages.

Meanwhile, Peter Tatchell is out spreading the Gospel according to Stonewall in Anglican churches...

Maybe I could do some busking outside All Saints. One Man, One Woman and this one, a newie called All of Nature

All of nature withdraws her holy song
Because you've been holding your nature in so long
All of nature takes fright, 
All of nature tells me St Paul was right
All of nature recoils

Can you tell what its about yet? I expect the last thing Mr Tatchell wants is chaps who've got the t-shirt telling the truth about homosexuality.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Muslims and Sikhs Defend Natural Marriage

The Catholic Herald reports...

'The leader of the Muslim Council for Britain has said that he agrees with the Catholic Church’s response to the introduction of same-sex marriage.

Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the MCB, said: “Whilst we remain opposed to all forms of discrimination, including homophobia, redefining the meaning of marriage is in our opinion unnecessary and unhelpful.

“With the advent of civil partnerships, both homosexual and heterosexual couples now have equal rights in the eyes of the law.

Therefore, in our view the case to change the definition of marriage, as accepted throughout time and across cultures, is strikingly weak. In common with other Abrahamic faiths, marriage in Islam is defined as “a union between a man and a woman”, he said. “So while the state has accommodated for gay couples, such unions will not be blessed as marriage by the Islamic institutions.”

Murad’s comments follow criticism of the Government’s proposals from Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster.

The leader of Britain’s Sikh’s community, Lord Singh, head of the Network of Sikh Organisations, also said that the Government’s proposals were “a sideways assault on religion.”

“It is an attempt by a vocal, secular minority to attack religion,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.”'

Full article here. The Telegraph has covered it also, here.

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie...and Free Speech

H/T Catholic Fire

The rule of thumb for autocratic, tyrannical regimes is marginalise and sanction, or silence the Church. Attack its liberty. Then its open season on other freedoms too, like freedom of speech, for instance. Obama has excelled himself in taking aim at both freedoms within a matter of months. Round of applause for Mr Obama. That'll be a five-hour round of applause if communist dictators with a bizarre cult of personality are anything to go by.  Of course, over here in the UK, we're not gloating. We know we're both on the same road...

Monday 19 March 2012

Another Catholic Priest Speaks Out Over 'Gay Marriage'...

Fr Ceirion Gilbert has penned a dodgy article in The Tablet
Unfortunately, the diseased organ in which he has spoken out over 'gay marriage' is The Tablet.

'Dissenter's Weekly' is really bending over backwards to be as 'inclusive' as inclusive can be in this intense and 'heated' debate. Why's it so 'heated' I hear you cry? Because the fires of Hell are lapping up against the walls of Holy Mother Church and The Tablet and its supportive clergy are pouring petrol on the flames.

If you thought Fr Timothy Radcliffe's piece on same-sex marriages was ambiguous in its treatment of the issue of homosexual unions, then wait until you get a load of Fr Ceirion Gilbert. When we have liberal clergy speaking out in contradiction to the Bishops of England and Wales, then we can tell Houston we have a problem. My thoughts, bold, gold.

'"Marriage" is a word, and yet its content is heavily determined by factors of culture and belonging, faith and history. The Catholic hierarchy believe [rightly] that however there is an essential "core" to the meaning of that word that is inalienable and non-negotiable; others (including other Christian communities and, interestingly, many members of the Catholic laity) disagree [But do you disagree, Father?].

As a priest who deals daily with young people, teachers and catechists [to whom you are duty bound to correct error when you hear it], I fear that yet again the Catholic Church is aligning herself with the wrong side, portraying herself as the "defender" of a position and an interpretation of society and humanity at odds with that of younger generations and almost incomprehensible to them in its rigidity and - to use an admittedly "loaded" term, bigotry. [The Church is defending marriage, truth, Herself and society, but that is 'bigotry'. Is this Priest taking brown paper bags from Stonewall or something?]
I sense that once again, as so often on issues of sexual morality [would you care to elaborate?], that there is a gulf between the diktats of the institution [That'll be 'The Church'] and the "sensus fidelium" [That'll be 'The Schismatics'] , that concept that seems to have almost disappeared in recent years for some reason from the ecclesiastical vocabulary. [Not really, but the concept needs to be understood in its proper sense. That is, in its Magisterial sense.]
I welcome the debate on the meaning of marriage and its role and purpose in a liberal diverse society. [Why? So that you can sow seeds of doubt over the Church's teaching?] But growing ever stronger in my mind is the fear that while as a Church we worry about language and words - Welsh or English or Latin; rock or plainsong; marriage or civil partnership - the message and meaning that we are here to proclaim is passing us by. [Clearly, the Church's message of Salvation is passing some by, indeed...]

Surely if there is one constant and common theme throughout the scriptures it is in the gradual discovery and recognition of the reality of God as a God of an inclusive and all-embracing Love whose ultimate expression is found in the Paschal Mystery of Death and Resurrection of his "Word" incarnate, Jesus of Nazareth. [Nobody says Our Lord doesn't love homosexuals. Indeed, He loves everybody and anybody. He is Love. However, sacramentally, naturally, biologically, societally, traditionally, legally and by any standard you wish to take, the State has no right to redefine marriage. That is what is under discussion, Father. Why can liberals not stick to the point?]
[...] Fortunately the letter read out in many Catholic churches over the weekend written by Archbishops Nichols and Smith was far more balanced and conciliatory in tone, although the arguments presented in it in defence of the status quo are not above logical and theological questioning.' [Neither, Father, are your own ambiguous statements in this article above logical and theological questioning. Except, I guess that over at The Tablet, you won't find too many people challenging your article, because, let's face it, they, too, have more or less deserted the Faith of Christ also.]
The purpose and mission of the Church, surely, is to be an effective and coherent witness to and expression of that love in our world and our time - however we do it, and in whatever language, for everyone. [Bringing Truth and Salvation to the World is just a footnote of the Church's mission, then?]

I saw little of that, sadly, in the words of the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh last week. Society sees little of that, sadly, when it sees a church hierarchy that all too willingly goes into convulsions when moral issues are called into question but remains silent when faced with the real social scandals of our time. [Which are? Abortion? The early sexualisation of children through explicit and amoral sex education programmes?]

But I do see it in the people, young and old, who still come faithfully to fill the pews and celebrate the mystery of a love that defies all our definitions and the limits we place on it [the mystery of a love indeed that, unlike you, does not deny Truth and Mercy to those with the condition of homosexuality]. I see it in their acts of sacrifice and solidarity, in their innate sense of dignity, justice and a shared and sacred humanity. Perhaps when as a Church we begin to speak about that a bit more, the world will once again sit up and listen.

Helpful, eh? Apparently, Fr Gilbert is Director of Youth Services in the Diocese of Menevia in south Wales, and editor of the diocesan magazine. God help Menevians and Tabula Delenda Est.

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