Monday, 12 March 2012

IVF and Equality

I saw this advert a couple of weeks ago in a tiny publication called 'The Little Times' in a nearby cafe. Does anyone think it is a little 'discriminatory', against the tenets of 'Equality' and even, perhaps, a little racist? My comments in [bold, gold].

'Will you help us to become a Mum and Dad?

This year, after many years of trying, we are hoping for the greatest gift of all - an egg donor to help us start our family.

Could you and would you help us?

[And here's the bit that made me squirm...yes, I said squirm]

If you are Caucasian [not black, asian, chinese, etc], healthy [not suffering any medical condition whatsoever, not suffering any form of disability], under 35 and very special [people who aren't special need not reply], please contact _______________ who will explain what is involved.

In association with the HFEA Licenced Treatment Centre (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority Licenced Treatment Centre).'

Brave New World indeed! And there was all those silly critics arguing that IVF treatment would lead to a eugenic mentality towards childbirth. What silly people they were! Looks like the PC brigade took one look at IVF treament and then looked the other way!

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Lynda said...

Terrible. To separate the biological mother from the conception, carrying, giving birth to, and raising of her child in such a callous, premeditated way, is fundamentally wrong in many different ways. Separating the sacred conception of a person from the sexual act as nature provides, is to show grave disrespect for that person who by his nature may not be owned or "produced" in this way. This ought to be illegal, as it is intrinsically immoral, unjust, and inimical to the common good. However, concupiscence and wielding of power over others to satisfy one's immediate desires, rule the day.

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