Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Help Me to Meet the Prime Minister

Well, in light of recent news, I'm starting a new fundraising campaign. I'm trying to raise enough money to gain access to David Cameron. The hope is that if I raise enough money, I'll be able to donate to the Conservative Party and get to eat dinner with the Prime Minister. Over dinner, we can talk frankly about 'gay marriage'.

All I need is £250,000, though I'll need a little more to cover my train fare up to London. So far I have raised enough to take Mr Cameron out for lunch at a pub for burger and chips. I know this will work. Help me to influence Government policy by helping me to raise £250,000 to have dinner with the PM. There is an outside chance that Stonewall paid more, so we should aim for £500,000.


georgem said...

If it's gay marriage you want to talk about, I'd go for Clegg. He might even tell you who wrote the paper which persuaded the No. 10 policy unit to go for it. He'd be cheaper, too.
Looking at his guest list that's where I'd be inclined to put my money.

Anonymous said...

You really must update your price list! It now costs "only" £50,000 for lunch with Cameron, THEN add additional £250,000 to the Conservative Party. I could throw a party for much less than that! But probably best (morally and financially) to throw out at next election

Anonymous said...

There's definitely something dodgy going on with this consultation, but what is it?. I can't help thinking that Lynne Featherstone looks like the sort of political lightweight that can be thrown to the wolves if it all starts going wrong. Whoever's set it all up seems to me to be thinking in advance. But as Fr Z says in this politically incorrect prayer:

"Crush, O Lord, we beseech Thee, the pride of our enemies: and prostrate their arrogance by the might of Thy right hand. Through our Lord."


Mary O'Regan said...

I wish that I had thought of that idea first, Laurence. Well done for writing a witty, succinct post.

And as you say EFpastor emeritus, it now "only" £50,000 for lunch with Cameron. You could buy a house in recession ruined Ireland for that.

gemoftheocean said...

Heh. Cameron and Clegg? Why eat with peasants? I gather you can weasel your way in to one of the Queen's garden parties if you chalk up enough do-gooder brownie points somewhere. She'll even spring for cakes and goodies. Maybe you'll be in luck and Cameron will be there too, and you can manoeuver him into the lake behind Buck House. Say 'hey' for me.

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