Woman's Hour

Instead of going into yet more detail about yesterday's events at Bedford Square, I'll point you in the direction of some good reports on the evening vigil...

A Reluctant Sinner has some interesting thoughts on the evening and has done a report on some pretty (really rather) inaccurate reporting by the Press Association.  

Dr Joseph Shaw of the LMS has some great photos which put paid to the predictable untruth that there were 'at least double' the amount of 'pro-choicers' as there were 'pro-lifers'. It looked even St Stephens to me.

There are more fine reports as well, just look down my sidebar to read them. Moving on slightly though, Woman's Hour this week covered the 40 Days for Life vigils and the 'new era' of pro-life activism in the United Kingdom. I haven't listened to it yet, as I am still waiting for 'Man's Hour' to be introduced by the BBC. It should be, in the name of Equality, if nothing else.

Woman's Hour, this week, also covered the issue of marriage in a phone-in. Somehow (Isn't that just life, eh?), the phone-in embraced a wide range of callers and the issue of 'gay marriage' just kept coming up. It was almost as if the BBC wanted 'gay marriage' to be mentioned rather a lot. The grossly suspicious side to me believes that in 'phone-ins' the BBC station a group of people paid to tell porkies in the studio next door, but that's just when I'm feeling narked off with the state of things. What was interesting, if saddening, was the fact that one lesbian caller rings in and says she is in a civil partnership with her 'partner'. Her partner, it turns out, is a 'deeply committed Catholic' who wants the two of them to get married!

Just how deeply committed to the Catholic Faith is someone who clearly doesn't believe what the Church teaches about marriage? Before that, another 'devout' Catholic calls in and says that even though she is married happily to a man, she agrees with 'gay marriage' too because its all about love and commitment and sharing. I wouldn't mind if these people introduced themselves as 'unbelieving Catholics' or 'heretical Catholics' or 'dissenting Catholics', it is just weird the way they introduce themselves, or are introduced as 'deeply committed Catholics' before making it plain they either have no clue as to why the Church teaches what She does on human sexuality, or they just totally disagree with it. Anyway, if you listen to it, you'll see what I mean. To cap it all off a woman vicar gets on the line to defend natural marriage, only to root her argument solely in Scripture, rather than to remind listeners that marriage is rooted, as Archbishop Vincent Nichols said, in our nature. Depressing phone-in!


john-of-hayling said…
Bones - surely you realise that in the press there are only two types of Catholic - devout and lapsed. To frame an argument around being lapsed is a bit weak - so devout it has to be!

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