Saturday, 17 March 2012


I'm busking even though its Lent. That's bad, but its not as bad as the rainbow on the horizon - 'gay marriage'. I'd like to dedicate this song to all those who find themselves a bafflement to the dictats of the modern World.

That situation used to describe the position of homosexuals in society. Now that position is ours. It is especially the position of those who reject the gay culture as empty and vacuous as the 'straight scene' can be and who, having discovered gay relationships to be unsatisfactory because of the similarity of their 'partner', discover the beauty of difference, complementarity and 'different sex attraction'. Who knows? Maybe people with 'different sex attraction' will one day have their rights to marriage enshrined in law and protected.

Of course, they'll say we're mad for standing against 'gay marriage'...anyway, whatever our condition in life. If you like it, feel free to show your appreciation by clicking the 'Donate' button in the sidebar. I accept loose change as well as notes. Even online buskers don't expect big bucks. God bless, readers.


Tim said...

The C4M petition passed the quarter-million mark today, the Solemnity of St Joseph (whom the Orthodox Church honours as Joseph the Bridegroom). Auspicious no?

Johannes Faber said...

This reminds me of David Bowie's low-voice stuff. It's a good sound boyo.

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