Friday, 30 March 2012

Tip-Toeing Around Abortion

I found this advert for a job as a Gynaecological Surgeon at Marie Stopes International in a British Medical Journal magazine. I know that 'employment speak' can be a little 'professional' and often rather ridiculous, but I was interested in how Marie Stopes International can go through an entire advert seeking to recuit abortionists and only mention the word 'abortion' once right at the end. Quite a feat of achievement that. If 'abortion rights' are so intrinsic to human society and so accepted, then why all the pussyfooting around the subject. The language is so vague.

'Our busy centres offer termination of pregnancy, sexual health services and vasectomy and sterilisation in a highly professional environment'.

It all sounds so benign, doesn't it? Marie Stopes are 'dedicated to improving the sexual and reproductive health of clients around the world'. Okay, interesting way of putting it, but how, precisely does an abortion improve someone's sexual or even reproductive health. Last I heard, reproductive health could in fact be damaged by an abortion. Even the NHS says so. Unless reproductive health is simply a matter of taking away unwanted babies. To me reproductive health sounds like the health of the womb itself. Let's continue with the advert:

'Marie Stopes International are looking or Surgeons to provide terminations of pregnancy up to 24 weeks for our Leeds and Manchester Centres as a priority, but we are also searching for excellent candidates in the London region. We are actively looking for Surgeons who already have experience of late term terminations, however, we are able to provide full training within a professional and modern working environment for those without the experience.'

That bit reminds me of those care assistant jobs in the Friday Ad where they say, 'Experience desirable but full training is given'.

'Successful candidates will possess sound clinical judgement and excellent interpersonal skills with a strong focus on team work within a multi-disciplinary environment.'

Bizarre, isn't it?

'All applicants will require full GMC registration with a licence to practice.  Due to the nature of the work involved [that is, abortion], all applicants will require Specialist Registration with the GMC.'

And this is the most laughable bit:

You will be committed to our mission of children by choice not chance [the abortion mission] and promote and live the Marie Stopes International core values: mission driven; customer focused [hang on, I thought Clare Murphy said this wasn't a business - surely only 'businesses' have 'customers']; results orientated [the mind boggles: what could the results be?]; pioneering [eh?]; sustainable ['Sustainable' what? Growth? Not for the baby, but for 'business' perhaps...]; people centred.

And then, just to flout UK equality laws, since there must be out there surely a number of pro-life abortionists...

'All candidates will be pro-choice on abortion.'

Why can't these people just be honest?

'Abortionist wanted: Must have strong stomach and willingness to abandon the hippocratic oath.'

There. That's much better. Much more 'Friday-Ad'. Interesting that they haven't published the salary on the advert, isn't it?


Tonia Marshall said...

'Children by choice not chance' - you'd think a stork delivers them!

Clare@ BattlementsOfRubies said...

You are on top form lately Laurence. In the back of the net my son!

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