Monday, 26 March 2012

An Open Letter to The Argus

I'll be surprised if The Argus publish this letter:
'While I personally do not consider the graphic imagery of abortion to be a sensible approach to protesting against abortion, it is also true that Abort 67 have changed a number of people’s opinions about abortion because they have shown people the truth about what abortion really is. Perhaps that is why the BPAS clinic is so very concerned.

I have seen the vigil outside Wiston Clinic and saw no evidence of any ‘intimidation’ or aggressive tactics being employed by those taking part. All that 40 Days for Life and Abort 67 campaigners do is hand out information about abortion. If the information is refused, then that response is immediately accepted by the campaigners. It isn’t immoral or illegal to give out information. What kind of objectiveinformation do BPAS provide?

The only filming I have seen was when police have shown up and a camera has been used as part of any legal defence which may follow should they be arrested. At a time when The Telegraph have exposed abortion law being flouted by abortion clinics in the United Kingdom it seems odd to run an investigation into a small group of people who, unlike abortion clinics, do everything in the clear light of day.

When I visited the campaigners to see the vigil, someone came out of the clinic to dump ‘medical waste’ into a bin outside the clinic. Inside those bin bags, of course, are the remains of tiny human beings. Maybe The Argus should consider running an investigation into Wiston Clinic and the industry out of which they make so much money?

Maybe The Argus could speak to women who are still haunted by their abortion? Maybe The Argus could investigate what is in those bins? Of course, the truth is not pleasant. It is in the BPAS’s interests that the ugly truth of abortion be suppressed and their practice be defended, but then local newspapers are not there to defend the powerful, but the weak, defenceless and vulnerable. Who could be more weak, vulnerable and defenceless than a baby in a mother’s womb?'


john-of-hayling said...

the truth is never easy - several years ago Channel 4 had a programme that showed unborn kittens in their mother's womb - doing what kittens do - kicking each other, nuzzling, and stretching their little paws. Although the context was 'odd' my two cats had no problem in recognising little kitties - they were spellbound. An equivalent film of humans would be ethically tricky. It would show, for example, that little unborn children feel pain. If my cats can recognise their fellow kitties - then people should be able to recognise the unborn child as human and not a collection of cells.

Lynda said...

Thank you and God bless you for writing that letter.

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