Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pope Dawkins I on Infanticide

While the majority of British people most likely spat their cornflakes out this morning while reading the newspaper reports of the medical 'experts' who wax lyrical about the morality of new born baby killing, I think it will be a long time before we hear a moral objection from Pope Dawkins I condemning it. An eternity, that is. I was wondering whether Dawkins hates Christianity so much that he just assumes the opposite moral position to what the Church is going to say, at all times - even about legalised baby killing. Unfortunately, I think that, being cut from the same cloth as the eugenicists of the 1920s - 40s and being the social darwinist that he is, his moral positions go deeper than opposition to objective morality for its own sake. He really believes we should be able to kill disabled newborns. The question is: Is Dawkins speaking infallibly only when he's chatting to Peter Singer? The other question is: Will Pope Dawkins I be able to take the faithful with him on infanticide?

Have you noticed that the 'moral debate' on infanticide from Dawkins neglected to mention the mother of the disabled child? He frames the moral quandary in terms of 'we'. What can 'we' do with this baby? Who is the 'we'? The State? The BMA? Doctors acting autonomously to kill newborns? Or is he assuming that the mother is just cool with the disabled child being killed already? I have a feeling that if Dawkins carries on like this, even some of his own followers will leave him and that the majority of British people will believe that while they can't quite get their heads around the 'sky-fairy myth' believers, that Dawkins is starting to make even the nuttiest Christian look reasonable, sensible and mentally sound. What's the point in 'experts', 'thinkers' and 'ethicists' if they are psychopaths who should be sectioned? In Dawkin's views, we see a perfect illustration of where not just abortion, but atheism itself ultimately lead us. They lead us to eugenics, abortion, infanticide and, most likely, gas chambers. Don't say the real Pope didn't warn you, Great Britain, when he came here last!

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