Ann Furedi: 40 Days for Life are 'Haranguing Women'

Ann Furedi is seething about 40 Days for Life.

That means that it is going well.

Read Caroline Farrow's excellent piece on why 40 Days for Life is making the BPAS feel hot under the collar.


Lynda said…
Of course the abortionists and abortion promoters are seething!: attention is being drawn to the true nature of what is being carried out in these mills - the systematic, bloody slaughter of innocent, defenceless babies in the sacred space of their mothers' wombs, in the hundreds of thousands a year; the public recognition of the right to life of the baby; the highlighting of the terrible physical, mental and spiritual damage done to the mothers of the babies; the acknowledgment of the pain caused to fathers, grandparents, siblings and other family members; the terrible injustice and responsibility incurred by all of society; and perhaps, worst of all - the saving of babies from their would-be killers, the saving of mothers and fathers from the horror of being involved in their child's gruesome killing!

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