Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gorecki: Domine Deus Noster

Wow. Breathtaking. In what was an excellent talk by James MacMillan at St Mary Magdalen Church entitled 'The Future of Music, Modernity and the Sacred: A Composers Perspective', the video of which can be viewed below, James mentioned the name of a Polish composer, Gorecki, who, along with James and others are at the forefront of a new spring time in the composition of sacred music which is in-keeping with sacred tradition.

It is a powerful video for Domine Deus Noster, but contains scenes from The Passion of the Christ and other footage which some readers may find distressing including photography of abortion and apocalyptic footage from the Hollywood blockbuster (or was it a flop?) 2012.  Down with Boulez! Up with Gorecki and MacMillan! Oh, and I was heartened to hear James reads my blog, news which made not just my day, but my year. I'm still awaiting the call from James's agent organising a collaborative effort at a satirical opera called The Tablet, but I know my agent is working on it.

James Macmillan at St Mary Magdalen's Brighton from clare bowskill on Vimeo.

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