Friday, 16 March 2012

Contents and Conspiracies

Blessed Titus Brandsma, Martyr of Dachau, for speaking out against Nazism
I've been beavering away at writing, in sections, a gigantic blogpost for the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma called Dystopia.

In order to turn it into a book, as I would like, or even just a coherent blog, it would need a great deal of time and a great deal of energy in order to rework it.

Before I start writing I pray to Blessed Titus, victim of the Nazi regime and martyr of the Church, for inspiration. The idea is to look at the trends in State and society over the recent past, the present and to make a projection into the future of what both State and society will resemble.

Part 1: The Trends

1. Society, Morality and the State
2. Fertility and the State
3. Sex Education and the State
4. Aldous Huxley and the Prophetic Brave New World
5. The Sexual Revolution, Abortion and the State
6. Gay Marriage and the State
7. The Modern Eugenics Movement and the State
8. IVF and the State
9. Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia and the State
10. Conscience, the Church and the State
11. The Fourth Estate and the State
12. Divorce, the Family and the State

Part 2: The Projection

1. The State’s Ownership of Society and Morality
2. The State’s Ownership of Fertility
3. The State’s Ownership of Sex Education
4. The State’s Ownership of Information, Speech and Language
5. The State’s Ownership of Abortion
6. The State’s Ownership of Marriage
7. The State’s Ownership of Reproduction
8. The State’s Ownership of Life and Death
9. The State’s Ownership of Conscience and the Church
10. The State’s Ownership of Personhood
11. The State’s Ownership of the Fourth Estate
12. The State’s Ownership of Family Life

I know its highly unlikely I would ever get a book deal anyway, because I'm a nobody, but I then considered that perhaps just publishing the contents page would be enough to get the message across. I wish to God that we were not living through a period of transitional phase putting in place the essential building blocks for a new totalitarian era, but every Government in the West, bar Hungary and Poland (who will come under increased attack from supranational institutions to acquiesce), is falling into line, including our own.

Of course, some will call me a conspiracy theory nutjob, but, then, I'm not the one who wrote Ecoscience, a book outlining how the Governments of the World need to form a 'Planetary Regime' which would regulate every aspect of human reproduction, including the issuing of 'childbirth licences' to mothers in order for them to have children. No, that man is called John Holdren, who wrote the book in 1977 and is now President Obama's 'Science Czar'. I am a little surprised that the US Bishops have not publicly mentioned the fact that an unapologetic eugenicist who wrote a blueprint for the total enslavement and culling of the human race is operating in the White House team bringing 'Healthcare' to the nation, but then, perhaps out of charity, the US Bishops don't 'name names'. They should. Every citizen of the United States should know exactly who John Holdren is and why he is where he is.

For those in America, Holdren's inclusion in the Obama administration should, surely, be alarming. It also makes President Obama's Healthcare Bill look a little like a blueprint for future State control of human reproduction. How interesting it is, that not only artificial contraception and abortifacients are part of the HHS proposal, but also sterlization. One of the key figures in Obama's White House team advocates not just sterlization, but forced sterilization.  How easily the United States could slip into the eugenic dystopia of communist China, with just a slight change in the law that alters abortion, artificial contraception, sterilization and 'end of life' care plans from being 'voluntary' to 'mandatory'.


Lynda said...

Very ambitious. A big project, but doable, especially if you were to concentrate on one or two threads holding these phenomena together, in practical, as well as philosophical terms - maybe focussing on key players in certain States and international fora, and their interrelationships. You've already shown that writing exposes, of the people pulling the strings of the ideological disvalues indoctrination programme, is your forte. I pray you'll achieve your goal.

Johannes Faber said...

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