Bills Within Bills

A leaked HM Government document disclosed this evening suggests that fears of marriage defenders over various and diverse implications of the 'same-sex marriage' proposals are not entirely unfounded.

The document lays out the various bills that will not have to be brought before the House of Commons for discussion, since all have been catered for under the proposal for 'same-sex marriage'.

These dramatic and revolutionary hidden bills are as follows:

Church of England Get With the Programme Bill
Royal Family Get With the Programme Bill
Age of Consent Reduction Bill (otherwise known as Tatchell and Harman's Law)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Bill (aka When Two Tribes Go to War Bill)
Renaming of STIs and new NHS Dictionary Bill
Official Clothing Assessment Bill (aka Okay, So Who is Wearing the Trousers Here? Bill) 
Get with the Programme Assistance for Teachers, Clergy, Parents, Public Sector Workers Bill
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd Family Law Bill
LGBTQUABI Whatever Floats Your Boat Literature Dominated Public Libraries Bill 
Isle of Wight Re-Education Centres Bill
Foreign Immigrants Marriage Views Screening Bill
Religious Pathology Investigation Bureau Bill
Re-naming of Parents Bill
Ministry for Scripture Interpretation and Truth Bill
Re-Parenting of Children Bill
Child Removal for LGBT Placement Bill
Philosophy, History, Literature and Culture Rewriting Bill
Graphic Pornography for Minors and Encouragement to Dabble Bill 
Reappraisal of Shakespeare's Works Bill
LGBT History Revision Bill (aka Wilde's Law)
Theatre and Entertainment Revision Bill (aka, Julian Clary's Law)
Domestic BBC Psychological Warfare Against Unarmed Combatants Bill (aka Tavistock Bill)
Reproductive Farming and Human Cloning Bill 
Mass Media Government Conformity Bill
Domestic Defence and New Media Monitoring Bill (aka Turing's Law)
Telegraph Blogs Screening and Censoring Bill (aka Comment is Free as a Slave Bill)
Charitable Organisation Tax Exemption Exclusion Get With the Programme Bill
Male Breast-Feeding Pill Bill
Multi-Marriage Incest, Bigamy, Horse Marriages Bill 
Military Establishment and HM Prisons Marital Bunk Bed Bill
Linguistic Monitoring Unit Bill
Works of Dante Burning Bill (aka Fry's Law)
Official Government Dictionary Bill
Dangerous Thoughts, More Dangerous than Dangerous Dogs Bill
Same-Sex Wedding Songs Re-writing Bill
Anti-Social Bigoted Behaviour Bill
Abolition of Adultery Bill
Consummation: Who Needs It? Just Get With the Programme Bill
Road Closures for Social Engineering Works Ahead Bill
Gender Equality, Sexes Sameness, All Much of a Muchness Bill
Menacing Persons, Marriage Terrorists and Non-Compliants Bill
Marriage Licences Bill
Military War on Russia to Defeat Homophobic People's Bill
Licence to Breathe Bill
Year Zero Population Strategy Bill 
Abolition of Death, See We Can Do Anything Bill
Here's More or Less What's Down the Road, Archbishop Take Note Bill 

Unbelievably, this was only page one of the seven page document, as only the first page was disclosed. One campaigner, who wished to remain anonymous in case anyone should learn of aspects of his personal life spoke of the revelation while hanging out some dirty linen, "Not content with destroying the word 'Gay', now they want to destroy the word 'Marriage'.This is incredible. If they tried to introduce any one of these bills, it would be slung out and people would be in uproar, but because its all under one 'mega-bill', they think they can get away with it."


Genty said…
Stick no bills.
umblepie said…
Clever, but true!