Born This Way

Rick Santorum with his daughter, who suffers from Trisomy 18
If homosexuality is a genetic 'quirk' in DNA caused by some kind of mutation or hormonal imbalance in the womb, I presume it is a morally neutral one.

Indeed, whether the 'homosexual gene', if it exists, is 'good' or 'bad' depends on the view of the individual.

No such diversity of opinion or neutrality exists for Trisomy 18 and a range of conditions caused by genetic mutations deemed to be 'fetal abnormalities'. The vast majority of these will be aborted. When will we see all unborn children treated equally as our brothers and sisters? When will diversity be respected?


Lynda said…
Thank you for constantly standing against the organised, "legalised" slaughter of our innocent, defenceless children.
Mater mari said…
Hear! Hear! We have a son with PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities) born, ironically perhaps, in 1967 and he is the joy of our lives (along with his siblings and their children, of course!).