Keep Calm and Carry On

Do read the excellent Gentlemind blog raising awareness of the forthcoming Mega-Bill and of the urgent need for legislators and British people to wake up and recognise the sleight of hand being played by Her Majesty's Government in its claim that this proposal merely 'extends' marriage.


gentlemind said…
I actually owe you a big Thank You, as your blog provided me with some impetus. That seems a long time ago..

And thanks for linking to me. I'm appreciative of any help in spreading what i have to say. All i am trying to do is to scrape away the layers of lies, expose the ugliness of what marriage must legally become, and reveal the gleaming truth of what marriage is and can only be. It's not my truth. Everybody deserves to know the truth about their own lives :)

Keep calm. It is all an illusion. They can legally "hide" marriage, but nobody can redefine it.
gentlemind said…
Some time ago, your blog helped give me the impetus to take up my cyberpen. Thank you.

Thanks for linking to me. It's all about co-operation - just as marriage is.

They can legally "hide" the truth, but they cannot redefine it. It is all an illusion. Keep calm :)