There are men in the World and even Catholic Church today who consider themselves to be modern day Oscar Wildes.

Most of them forget that not only was Wilde married to a woman who he loved (and with whom he had children), but was repentant over his 'gay lifestyle' when he was received into the Catholic Church on his death bed.

Since his conversion at any other time would have caused scandal to the Faithful, were he unrepentant, he would not have been received.


Richard said…
You are probably right, but we don't really know.

Wilde was received into the Church the day before he died of cerebral meningitis. The priest who received him had, I think, not met him before, and by that point Wilde was incapable of coherent speech.

Certainly he had desired to (re)join the Church while he was in prison (although didn't the Jesuits refused him when he asked to be received after his release?).

We must assume that he repented, and certainly the priest who received him was sufficiently satisfied to do so, but given his inability to talk properly we cannot know for certain.