1,000 Priests and 800,000 Protestors

Well done to all Priests and Bishops who signed the letter to The Telegraph. There has been some very heated discussion over at The Telegraph on Damian Thompson's blog. To the barricades! Vive Le France!

Yes, the Church is indeed at war with the Government, but we can sense that we are reaching a crescendo as the forces of darkness gather around the men, women and children of this country who are likely unaware of the sinister motives that lay behind these proposals.

The outburst of opposition in France goes to show that despite the victory of 'Reason', the impact of the Enlightenment has not yet convinced the eldest daughter of the Church that marriage is a dead institution. As Pascal wrote, 'the heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing.' Perhaps they remember the tyranny that followed the age of Reason and the bloodshed of the guillotine and have learned a thing or two.

The passionate display in protest against the Government's take-over of the institution of marriage in France is unlikely to be seen in England, but it does no harm to pray for it to happen. We can count ourselves among the front line of the resistance to a vicious attack on marriage, the family, children and the Church in that precise order. Let us do all that is within our power to serve not just God and the Holy Church, but defend the interests of British families, men, women and children. Let us fight the good fight for Christ, for Queen and country!

Let us make no mistake of what is happening here. All people of Britain are being played in this war - including the homosexual community. A Government that couldn't care less whether its unborn citizens or its elderly citizens are put to death on the NHS sure has no interest in caring for the 'rights' it now proclaims to be championning for homosexuals and lesbians.

A government that deliberately penalises women who stay at home to raise children has no interest in securing rights for women. Now, at the peak of its arrogance, the personnel of the British State deem that they can change the fundamental meaning of marriage without public resistance! They must think us to be outright fools! Once the State has used the gay community to its advantage and taken over the institution of marriage completely, divorcing it from its true meaning, it will only be a matter of time before it turns upon those who aided its takeover.

Let us be quite clear. The Government does not care for rights. If it ever did, it does not now. It cares only for control. This is a power grab for total control of the institution of marriage and, indeed, the population. The Government is making itself the sole authority of morality and human rights, divorced from any notion of the common good of society, children, families and the vast majority of the nation. Who knows where such power-hungry tendencies will lead this Government next? Licences to be issued for who can marry and who cannot?

People who believe the Government wants to simply 'extend marriage' to gays and lesbians are not looking past the Government's rhetoric and propaganda. Surely, the prime reason the Government wishes to redefine marriage is to achieve total State control of the institution itself. The architects of this proposal know such a law will destroy the inherent meaning of the number one force for social cohesion in the country, even if the number one force for social cohesion - marriage and family life - has been weakened severely.

Once the State has total control of this institution, the Government can control and even manage marriage and will exercise this new power, assuredly in time, ruthlessly. Only people get married. Therefore this is not just control over marriage by the State, but State-engineered population control. This is the primary reason why marriage is under attack. Marriage and the family are the key institutions that bind people together to form a bond which is not with the State. In order for people to accept total State dependence and to form a relationship with the State as master, and they as slave, these key institutions must be destroyed. The Family and the Church are the enemies of those who wish to build a communistic power structure. In this scheme of things, everybody, every man, every woman, every child is being played. Therefore, let us tell all that we can, that the Government has made itself now the chief enemy of every man, every woman and every child of the United Kingdom. What legitimacy it once had, it is throwing away. What legitimacy it had has all but vanished.

Vive la Resistance!


Julia Hammond said…
Your eyes in the video make look like you're stonned, are you?
Lolalola said…
Reminds me of Lord of the Rings. The battle commences!
Andrew Rex said…
Lawrence, I'm concerned about you. Is your mental-health deterioating? Your latest posts suggest increasing paranoia and are boardering on the bizzaire.
pelerin said…
Good to see that at least one newspaper here covered yesterday's demo in Paris although their description of 'heavy riot police presence' seems a little strange and perhaps gives the wrong view. Yes there were the CRS 'riot police' standing in twos and threes at the side of the road mostly chatting and even exchanging smiles with us.

I had decided to take part in it as I was there for the weekend and strongly supported the aim of the demo. It was an amazing experience with a carnaval like atmosphere, lots of music and banners showing that people had come from many regions of France - I spoke to people from as far away as Marseille and Bordeaux. One lady I spoke to had got up at 3 in the morning to come by coach, another coach had left at midnight. I heard that there were some 900 coaches organised. Many of the demonstrators were of 'a certain age' - one lady proudly told me she was 83 and she kept up a good pace.

There were many young families too and even small children were walking the over three hours it took to reach the Eiffel Tower. And were we glad when it came into view!

The official police figures gave 350,000 but today newspapers were quoting 800,000 to l million were taking part. In fact there were so many that the tail end of the three converging marches were not even allowed onto the Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hundreds had to be content with viewing from a distance.

An hour and a half after we set off from the Place d'Italie we were told that they had still not all left the Place. Some people climbed onto the street benches just to see the demo stretched out in front and behind and were shaking their heads in disbelief.

Whilst it was good natured in every respect and both the political Left and Right were represented with many Mayors conspicuous with their tricoleur sashes, they all knew what they were demonstrating for - that the President would change his mind about bringing in Same Sex Marriage which would inevitably lead to SS couples being allowed to adopt or have what the French term PMA or Medically Assisted Pregnancies. (The French Government have now disassociatated PMA from gay marriage as they know that it is even more controversial)

This demonstration was an extraordinary coming together with one mind of many different sections of French life. What a pity something similar has not been organised here in Britain. I am very glad to read about the Daily Telegraph letter. But why has something like that taken so long to come to print?

Lynda said…
I've read police and others have reported up to 1.3 million at the Paris rally. Vive le mariage!