Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brighton Homeless Man in Court for Candle Accident in Church

Persecuted: St Jude Thaddeus - but not for having a flaming head...
A Brighton homeless man paid a visit to a local Brighton Anglican church. Lighting a candle or two for some friends, he leant over to say some prayers.

At the time he was wearing a 'Santa hat'. The hat turned out to be highly flammable and it caught light on a candle.

With his head on fire, the man exclaimed, "B**tard! My head is on fire!"

The Brighton man, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, is to face Court for a breach of his ASBO for having shouted in a church and causing a disturbance to others present.

Discussing his bewilderment at having to face a Court for his behaviour in the event, the man said, "If your head was on fire, wouldn't you shout too?"

This is a true story.


Patricius said...


Anonymous said...

I blame the Anglicans for aping us Catholics. Candles how are you !!!!
Next the frauds will claim to be celebrating Mass - that "Dangerous fable and blasphemous practice" according to Anglicans!
Still trying to deceive people!

Singalong said...

On the face of it, this is very unjust. Who brought this incident to the notice of the authorities? Was it during a service? Poor man! Where is Christian compassion? Would we Catholics be just as bad?

Tim said...

He sounds like a real hot head to me.

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