Thursday, 25 February 2010

Letters to the Editor

I've been posting some of my articles onto Facebook and have upset three or four people over the past week or two. I count two or three of them as friends. In particular, my article on the LGBT student MPs Question Time has ruffled some feathers.

"You are one very f**ked up, twisted individual Laurence England, I'm pretty sure that most Catholics don't all feel the same bitter and warped way about things as you do. You are a particularly bad advertisement for the Catholic Faith...and I agree with Roisin, you are inciting hatred...This is the second time that I've noticed you spouting nonsense on here - which may just be your views but are in my opinion offensive and potentially harmful (if any one that read this shit actually took it seriously)." Jo, Brighton

"Laurence, as far as I can see you are inciting hatred. Tell me if I am wrong but I am not sure inciting hatred towards any group as ever been recognised a part of any Christian faith? In fact, being from a Catholic family and having being brought in a Catholic community, having attended only Catholic schools, I would say that the majority of Catholics I know, practising or not would find your views abhorent and would be insulted that you are attempting to represent them as their own or as the views of the majority. I think you should think very carefully before claiming to speak on behalf of others, in particular when inciting intolerance or hatred to others." Roisin, London.

Brother, sister, if you can find a quote in that article which genuinely 'incites hatred', rather than states an opinion on how our MPs curry favour with one or two political lobbying groups, at the expense of the Church or even the nation's human life and human freedom, then I will hand myself over to the police for committing hate speech. I'll even do public penance and stand in Churchill Square with a replica hook on my hand. Yet, you will not find anything in that article that 'incites hatred'.

I speak as one who is witnessing the State usurping the right to religious liberty in Catholic schools, nicking the Church's children and indoctrinating them with propaganda regarding sex, sexuality and abortion. I speak as one who is only too aware that the State usurped the right to life of the unborn child through the Abortion Act of 1967.

The Catholic Church now enjoys the status of the 'persecuted minority' in this country, so why attack Her, or even me, a poor sinner ever in need of God's mercy? I have only expressed frustration that our elected officials listen to some campaigning groups, but not others. I can tell you now, brother, sister, that if the Government or prominent elected officials courted with such enthusiasm, the Catholic Church, or campaigned with as much effectiveness on Her behalf, the United Kingdom would be revolt, as the public would not put up with a 'papist' State.

All the Catholic Church wishes to see, ironically, is 'equality' and freedom to proclaim the Gospel. You'll forgive me I'm sure, when I suggest that the expression of that very freedom is what has prompted your anger. There is, as readers will see, far more hatred incited in your words, than in mine.


On the side of the angels said...

am I the only person the planet who did not know about school nurses and connexions in Catholic schools dishing out condoms and the morning after pill and arranging abortion referrals?
am I also the only person who thought that the St John and Lizzie had stopped doing the same after the Pope told Cormac to see it stopped - twice!!!???

Ronan said...

Yes, you're the only person, but you'd think each Catholic school was an oasis of orthodoxy from the clucking over this Sex Ed Bill.

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