Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Where Are They Now?

The Rt Rev Bishop Malcolm McMahon, current Chairman of the CES, with his predecessor, Archbishop of England and Wales, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols.

Re: Today's proposed Sex Education legislation in the House of Commons

My Lord

I wish to express to you my horror at what is happening today in the House of Commons.

I am astonished by the lack of Catholic speakers, especially those charged with the protection of our Catholic schools, in the media, standing up to the increasingly secular Government's desire to strip Catholic schools of their Catholic identity.

I find it incredible that you, my Lord, as Bishop in charge with the protection of Catholic Education, are not appearing in as many media outlets as possible, in order to condemn today's Labour legislation for proposed sex education in primary and secondary schools and, also, that you have not appeared to condemn the refusal of the Government to allow Catholic Schools to teach the Catholic Faith unhindered by the appallingly relativistic beliefs of the Labour Government.

It appears to me that the Catholic Education Service [CES] have colluded with the Government in the formulation of these plans and have abjectly failed to secure any real protection for Catholic schools in the Government's plan to have all schools regarding the teaching of homosexuality, the 'option' of abortion, 'access' to abortion, contraception and civil partnerships.

If this is so, then most assuredly those who have colluded with the Government in destroying the future faith and purity of our Catholic children now and in years to come, will surely have to answer to the Court of Heaven. Such a Tribunal on matters of such extreme importance to the future of the Catholic faith would surely have those souls who have acquiesced trembling in dread.

Please can you clarify to me, my Lord, your position on this most urgent and pressing of matters and reassure me that you will vociferously campaign against this Government's latest attack on the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and, more disgracefully, Her children, when the outcome of this repulsive legislation is known.

I remain your humble and obedient servant.

Laurence England

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